Yet Another Scenario for the Struggles for America's Future

by Stojgniev O'Donnell

23 September 2004

No, it's definitely not true that history reached its climax a few years back. History is healthy as ever, bursting its britches with new trends and developments. It is clear to me and to many others today that the United States, Israel, and the rest of the Middle East are not going to maintain the status quo much longer. Perhaps I'll see a revolution in my lifetime, or if not, then at least sometime in this century.

I was once a philo-Semite, in part because I never liked the simpler conspiracy theories of the type that often involve Jews. My eyes were opened to the Jews twenty-five years ago through the help of an anti-communist trade union lawyer who had escaped communist Poland. He and I are still friends, and during my visits to America I stop by to see him. He asked me last week: "What do you have against blacks?" I responded candidly that I do not hate blacks. God made them, just as he created me, for some purpose. "But I do not want to live among them," I explained. "I do not share their culture, nor do I want my children educated with them. I believe I have an inalienable right to live and associate with whom I chose. And I chose to live apart from blacks".

My colleague has experienced some real-life demons. He suffered his share of problems from the Jews, in Poland and in America. He swears that it was a local JDL activist who one night ten years ago fired a shot through a window in his home, just missing his head when he leaned over to pick something up from the floor. And yet he cultivates chance acquaintances with black Americans. Though he lives completely isolated from them, he will tell you that during two decades in America he has had few negative experiences with blacks.

The point is this - each of us has an identity that has been shaped by experience. We all want to associate with people of similar backgrounds and values. But in America, just as in other states of the New World, as well as in the new multiethnic states of Western Europe, it is no easy task to divide humanity into groups sharing a common or even a similar identity. The people of modern multiethnic states are not easily classified as nations or even as races. You can try it from your desk, but I assure you that, in practice, armchair nation-building will never work.

It may happen someday that Americans of European descent will decide to overthrow their Jewish oligarchy. Not from racial hatred, but just from a sense of simple justice, as it is an injustice that the wealthiest and most influential of America's politicians, lawyers, doctors, university presidents, journalists, museum curators etc. etc. are all Jewish. Europeans increasingly are endangered in America, as they themselves approach minority status, because unlike recent immigrants from the Third World, European Americans are reluctant to wage the demographics war. They don't want the inconvenience of children and families. And with the present states of affairs, the American government and the Constitution oppress Europeans. As white Americans are squeezed from the top by the Jews and from the bottom by colored folk, the only solution seems some type of reorganization of America's population.

America's non-whites still have a strong sense of ethnic and racial identification. Should America fall apart, those groups will try to achieve and maintain autonomy (though only the Hispanics, who will have the opportunity to reclaim the southwestern U.S. for Mexico, have much chance at succeeding). That leaves white Americans, five percent of whom, according to census data, claim their ethnic origins as "American" and thus acknowledge no biological or cultural links to the Old World. How will white America reorganize itself? I can't answer except by assuring you that the majority of European Americans will reject the ideologies and programs put forth by white supremacists and by advocates of "white power". Why? There are many reasons. Some people see those agendas as too simplistic, others as too hate-filled and violent. Many Americans advocating white power have no links to traditional European communities, and their racialism is more fantasy than authentic tradition. In my own belief, one cannot have community without tradition. Another reason why the masses will not rally in the name of white power is Nazism, a movement that has no allure for most European Americans.

When America falls apart, people will go searching for others who share their values and traditions. Those nuclear communities will mirror social networks already existing at the present. Symptomatic of contemporary America's hedonism and idleness, whites in some places will be divided into separate groups of gun owners; fans of a particular sports team; homosexuals; and fans of a musical genre. For those are some of the common identities in white America today, as few whites are conscious of any ethnic or racial identity. New social borders will also arise, especially if there is widespread violence or mass relocations.

If white Americans succeed in cleansing their homeland of Jews, they will have won the greatest victory. Such a feat should inspire them to develop a new community where they can nurture values common to their European heritage. They will require a new government and a new social contract. The definition of the individual's rights and obligations in society will shift. Such a community will need visionaries and leaders, not a white Jesse Jackson, not some new Adolf Hitler.

From a cave in the American Bible Belt...


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