A Clarification on Jews and Violence

by Stojgniev O'Donnell

3 October 2004

I must clarify my views on Jews. When I wrote that Jews will be decapitated and fed to the dogs, I was not advocating any such turn of events. I oppose all violence towards Jews. I'll not go into my religious beliefs, which I have already explained in "Why I Left America" (published by Celto-Slavic Fellowship of Apiarists in 2003), other than stating that my beliefs are Christian and traditional. By those beliefs it is the duty of Christians to treat Jews always in accordance with Christian teachings.

I am a student of history observing the reoccurring cycles of human events. Those observations tell me that two events are near: the collapse of America and the destruction of America's Jews. America will fall apart, possibly in my lifetime and certainly in the 21st century, from external assault and internal decay. Since the 1960s, cultural and moral relativism reign in America. There are no longer any values, because everything is equal. And as America implodes, its behavior in the eyes of the rest of the world reaches new levels of arrogance and ignorance. America talks about exporting democracy and American values, though Americans already are indifferent towards the near-meaningless American political process. The rest of the world understands well that America is simply motivated by dollars in exporting its Madonnas, Michael Jacksons, Happy Meals, and Disney fantasies, thereby disrupting the traditional societies of the world. The day is coming when America will cry for help and the rest of the world will remain indifferent to its destruction. In identifying America as the great evil of this day and age, I line up beside the world's anti-globalists and much of the world's Muslim population.

As Jewish power has increased dramatically during the past two centuries, the inevitable reprisals against the Jews increase proportionately. Not so long ago it was thought that there could be no greater horror than the displacement of the Jews during the Second World War. But look at the Jews of America today and compare them with those of Germany and other parts of Europe in the interwar period. It's no longer just a matter of dominating the legal profession and producing large numbers of medical doctors and merchants, as was the case in interwar Germany. Jewish power in America today means controlling the media and the entertainment industry; large sectors of the national, state and local governments; finance; education; the arts and all culture-related industries; and nearly every aspect of American life that has an influence on public opinion. The destruction of that Jewish empire will trigger events never before imagined in the world.

For all his talent and all the blessings the Jew enjoys, he has some fatal character flaws. He is greedy, unable to discern that he makes too many unreasonable demands of his host society. In his constant charade of deceit, the Jew never really quite grasps how he is perceived by non-Jews. The Jew furthermore, driven by racism and ethnocentrism, thrives on provoking hatred in his host society. He cannot live without "anti-Semitism," for that is something central to his whole perception of the universe. With his history in diaspora marked by his deeds of treachery, duplicity, conspiracy, arrogance, and racism, the Jew has a talent for cultivating enemies.

America will fall apart because there will be nothing in America left to believe in. The country will fracture, and suddenly the limelight will focus on wealthy, influential, clannish Jews. They will become the first victims of the chaos, despite efforts of others to shield them. We expect that dislike of the Jews will not prevent non-Jews from trying to save them. We have the example of Slavs who sheltered and saved Jews during the Second World War, even though those same individuals before the War were publicly critical of Jews and had been branded "anti-Semites" by the Jews. The destruction of the Jews is not something I wish to witness in my life. Given the opportunity then, I hope I would be able to react by practicing my own religious and moral beliefs.

Never having experienced chaos, why should Americans look for it? Most believe America will forever remain righteous, wealthy, and powerful. But anyone who studies America's decline in the second half of the 20th century realizes that cannot be. Two Eastern Europeans born after the end of the War were lamenting the state of world affairs. One pointed out that his nation had experienced two amazing events that never could have been predicted by anyone. The first was the expulsion of the Jews. In his native region before the War, the population of the towns was predominately Jewish and that of the countryside Slav. The Jews controlled the local economy, and they mocked the Slavs: "Your streets but our houses!" But the Jews are all gone there today. The second unimaginable event was the collapse of communism, and even more amazing, the peaceful liquidation of the Soviet military. Those two men had grown up under communism before going to America, and they had served in the Soviet-supervised army, where they personally witnessed the Soviet military might. Looking at the poverty of contemporary Russia, it is easy to forget the Soviet military power which for several decades kept the world on the brink of nuclear war. And yet that power has vanished today, almost without a trace (though nuclear weapons survive stashed away). Such patterns of history suggest some unimaginable cataclysms for America.

Never have there been any peaceful solutions to the age-old Jewish problem. The Jew is like a moth hurdling towards flame. He is blind to the effects of his actions on the world around him, completely caught up in the behaviors that precede and induce his destruction. If there is anyone who wants to have his cake and eat it too, it is the Jew. Like a fat pimp he wants to soak in luxury and parade in silk, while at the same time he expects to be honored for his Jewish "ethics" and "morality". For all their writing produced in the 20th century, Jews themselves have offered no proposals for how Jewish deaths might have been averted. And personally I have observed greater satisfaction than grief on the part of certain Jews who commemorate Jewish suffering. They derive their inner strength from their understanding of "anti-Semitism". As Jews and non-Jews alike have observed before, the Jewish "Holocaust" is a faith, a vision, something which today Jews cannot live without.

There is no greater act of charity than the actions of those during the Second World War who, defiantly opposed to all the evils which the Jews for centuries had produced in their society, risked their own lives, from religious and moral conviction, to save Jews from imprisonment and execution. (And such acts of charity today have been condemned by some Jews as "anti-Semitism"!) If the Jews had been expelled at one time or another throughout history from many European countries and if the Jews were hated by much of the world, then one might speak of Divine Intervention in human history. Or even a Blood Curse on the Jews. My own secret belief is that the Jews are the ultimate test for humanity. During every period of history when the Jews have been persecuted, there was an opportunity for men to refuse to commit violence against them. Individuals were tested, including men who perhaps had been exemplary fathers, husbands and community leaders, but many failed that test. One can prepare for such a test by studying history.

Unfortunately, in times of chaos when human action often is determined by baser emotions, history evaporates from consciousness. Experiencing what was previously unimaginable, people sometimes lose their heads and react in unimaginable ways. When I write that "...the Jews will be hurled out of the windows of the tallest buildings, creating an impassable waste in the streets below," I relate my own vision of what an age-old crime against humanity may look like against the backdrop of a technically sophisticated society. My point is to prepare others for what I believe will be the greatest test America has ever experienced. I am not advocating chaos. I only warn against its approach.

...from the Old Country


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