Who Owns America?

by Walter Mueller

December 2004

Real estate is the U.S.' hottest and priciest commodity. California, over the last few years, has seen a real estate boom so big that even poor neighborhoods experienced great equity.

As a property owner myself, I like that trend. But, as my research reveals, half of the Jewish super-rich made their fortunes in real estate and construction. It is one of America's biggest legalized criminal activities. Depressed real estate, bought cheap, then re-developed and sold for fortunes.

You will find this nowhere in the mainstream media. Today, the Jewish community own most of the valuable real estate in the U.S. You ask one of them - they deny it. Just like they still deny that they control the media.

From New York to Detroit, San Francisco, Miami, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Oklahoma, Texas and Ohio.

In New York, the great majority of landowners are Jews. The families of Uris, Menskoff, Dist, Tishman, Rudin, Horowitz, Ravich, Milstein, Goldman and Rose own almost all of New York's prime real estate.

New York Jewish real estate mogul Samuel J. Lefrak alone owns 55,000 apartments and 30,000 condominiums in New York. The Reidus family owns buildings in New York, worth $1.5 billion. Eighty percent (80%) of New York builders and contractors are also Jewish. Most of them a loyal to Israel and have contributed huge sums of money to the Jewish state.


San Francisco - Walter Shorenstein owns one of the nation's largest real estate empires, worth $405 million. 25% of San Francisco's downtown rental property is his. Richard Swig - winner of Israel's Golda Meir Award, founded the posh Fairmont Hotel chain in San Francisco. The Sutro family (Jewish immigrants from Russia) own roughly 1/12 of the land in San Francisco.

L.A. - The largest homebuilder in Los Angeles is Eli B. Raoud. Also a Jew. Albert Truman, another real estate mogul in L.A. purchased 77,000 acres of some of the best land between L.A. and San Francisco. Of course, we cannot forget Frank Lowry, a self-proclaimed holocaust survivor. He keeps a large mansion in L.A., and owns one of the country's largest shopping mall chains: Westfield America. Eight of them on California's West Coast and four in New York.

Sacramento - The real estate market in Sacramento is also owned by the Jews. Frank Lowry and Mort Friedman share the brunt of prime real estate. Friedman, a former advisor to President Bill Clinton, is also the vice-chair of the ADL and an officer of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the U.S.' most powerful lobbying group for Israel in Washington.

In Indianapolis, Melvin Simon is one of the major shopping center developers. Simon owns the nation's largest mall, including the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Seattle's biggest property owner is Martin Selig. Also an officer of AIPAC. He recently sold one of his real estate holdings for $354 million. Selig owns Seattle's largest real estate empire: 8 million commercial square feet, about 90% of the industrial parks and 5 business parks. Selig brags about his large contributions to the State of Israel.

Philadelphia's largest real estate business belongs to Albert M. Greenfield. He is the most influential Jew in the city.

Chicago has Sam Zell. He is the biggest property owner. Zell makes his fortune on slum lording or, as the correct term calls it, "distressed property." If you are ever in Chicago, you can see some of the huge housing developments where Zell has cashed in federal redevelopment money (HUD). Zell operates in many major inner cities. L.A., Reno, Miami, Detroit, and Seattle.

Reno's real estate is owned by Burton Haiter. He is a partner of Zell and is Reno's biggest landlord.

Washington D.C.'s Jewish real estate baron, Charles Smith, controls the city's greatest real estate fortune. His family's total worth is estimated to be $3.5 billion. Smith has advised several Israeli Prime Ministers on business affairs.

Texas: Houston - Jerry Moore is worth over $400 million, owning all shopping malls in Houston (140). Moore is the largest contributor to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the National Holocaust Museum. Jew David Munchberg owns the vast majority of Houston's rental property.

Lawrence Hirsch operates in Dallas, and is the largest homebuilder with offices in 19 states.

Boston's big real estate player is Jew Jerome Rappaport. He just sold his Riverpark Development for $300 million.

New England also has a self-proclaimed holocaust survivor, owning most of the real estate holdings. Simon Konover owns 11 million square feet of real estate. The rest belongs to Craig Robbins, yet another officer of AIPAC, and Tony Goldman.

Utah's real estate is owned by John Price - S.P.Realty. John Price carries dual citizenship (US/Israel). S.P. Realty is Utah's prime real estate developer.

Again: Alfred Taupman in Detroit; Melvin Simon in Indianapolis; Stephen Muss in Miami; Alfie Goldman in Oklahoma; Walter Shorenstein in San Francisco; Phillip and Max Strobelman in Detroit; Sam Lefrak - New York; Charles Smith - D.C.; Richard Swig - San Francisco; Sutro Family - San Francisco; Scott Seligman - Michigan; Martin Selig - L.A.; Jack Benaroya - Seattle; William Levitt - National; Artur Cohen - national; Ben Tobin - Empire State Building; Frank Lowry - 209th wealthiest man in the world; Araon Liegelman - New York City; Jerry Speyer - Thisman Realty; Steve Green - national; Neil Bluhm - national JMB Realty; Guilford Glaser - Beverly Hills; Eli Broad - national; Jerry Moose - Houston; Richard Panzer - Pittsburgh; Jona Goldridge and Abraham Lurie - own 25% of Marina del Rey; John Price - national JP Realty; Shoul Baruch - Denver (son of a Rabbi) owns 448,000 acres of prime real estate in Denver; Mort Friedman - Sacramento County;

So, these Jews own a very large percentage of America's most valuable real estate holdings. Many of them belong to an organization called: Greater New York Real Estate and Construction Division of Israel Bonds. All of them travel to Israel and have received their highest honors. For example, Israel Peace Medal, and the Golda Meir Award. Most of them are members of AIPAC, in fact, David Steiner, head of Steiner Real Estate Group, a real estate empire that oversees millions of square feet of commercial and industrial property, is a former president of AIPAC.

If you thought it was just the media that is in the hands of the Jews - think again!


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