Look to Germany

by Walter Mueller

1 November 2004

History repeats itself! Look to Germany today and you'll find all the circumstances after WWI. Economy is crumbling, unemployment at an ever high (Opel just fired 10,000 workers), and the social structure is collapsing.

And again, the Jews are running Germany and are on top of the food chain. The Jews run all big companies, news business, entertainment and real estate, as well as the politicians.

This time, this was all accomplished with mostly the help of the United States of America. With their help, the Jews developed a plan that they thought would make them safe for the next few hundred years. The holocaust lie, the de-Nazification program, and new immigration policies, which brought millions of colored people to Germany.

But that wasn't enough. Even laws have been enacted that punish the German people with prison if they criticize the Jews, question the holocaust or Israel.

The holocaust has become the new religion of most of the world. It looked like, on the surface, the Jews had planned well this time.

But once one takes a look beneath the surface, a volcano like eruption has started, which will explode one of these days.

The German people are tired of seeing their political activists being picked up and thrown in prison. They are tired of the immigration policies and the constant guilt trip that is being put on them.

The Jews know that. Their propaganda campaigns have increased - especially in 2004. They claim increasing anti-Semitism and hate crimes. The news networks in Germany declared 2004 as the "Year of Evil." For 365 days, the Germans are treated to their "evil past" of Halloween.

German Nazi leaders are being dragged once again through the mud, beginning with Goebbels, Himmler, Mengele, Hitler, and by the end of this year a three-part documentary, entitled "Hitler's Priests," reviving psychological warfare on the Germans, reminding them that they are all guilty and need to suffer.

Is it working? I think not! A rebellion has formed in the underground in all parts of Germany. In the contrary to their apathetic counterparts in the U.S., Germans are organizing and waiting for the new charismatic leader that will take back the country. Sure, there are a few names to throw into the hat: Horst Mahler, Guenther Deckert, Udo Voigt, and a few more. But, I personally think they are just the messengers, paving the way.

In just a few months, the Germans are being forced to watch the biggest holocaust memorial to open in Berlin. Already several permits have been issued for huge demonstrations against it.

The Jewish community in Germany, of course, is worried sick. They know they have "überspannt den Bogen" and now they are frantically trying to do damage control. With the help of their homeland - the United States of America - Germany is facing more pressure than ever on a diplomatic level.

Israel's Prime Minister even suggests that the Jews in France should leave for Israel.

The power base of all evil and the center of operation is the United States of America. There the Jews have succeeded. With the gigantic propaganda tool of Hollywood, the U.S. produces more holocaust movies than any other nation, maligning the German nation.

In just a day, the American people have the choice between an evil crook and a more evil Jew, to elect to the Oval Office. One a former drug addict and alcoholic, and the other a self-admitted war criminal, No matter who wins, both are the puppets of the Jewish power in America. It is clear that help or changes will not come from America. One has to look to Germany.

The European American population in the U.S. is fleeing in increasing numbers into the Midwest, abandoning former inner cities, like L.A., New York, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Atlanta. The once beautiful coast of Northern California has become the biggest shitter for the Third World immigrants. The state has been forced to close several public beaches, due to feces contamination.

There is a movement, but most of it is riddled by infighting or inept. But don't take my word for it. The ADL recently updated their "Extremism in the U.S. Profiles" and it reads like a sad obituary of a bunch of losers.

For them, American revisionism and white activism is dead. The IHR, once a flourishing institute for revisionism is only a shadow of itself. The formerly IHR Journal is defunct, and even revisionists themselves have become ardent critics of the IHR, one can read at the ADL.

Russ Granata died, and his work has disappeared from the net. Ernst Zundel, once considered one of the most dangerous "holocaust deniers" rots away in prison. Hans Schmidt, revisionist giant, had a stroke and his family suspended all of his work.

Bradley Smith, once feared by the ADL, is merely making a dent. Codoh is never updated and his book can't sell. Once dangerous, but now nothing to worry... kind of writes the ADL.

Willis Carto, riddled with lawsuits, lost most of his spirit.

Dr. Bob Countess seems to have disappeared from the landscape and Arthur Butz barely shows up on the Richter scale.

However, the ADL does mention to look out for a one Germar Rudolf. He is upcoming and a new danger for the ADL.

It doesn't look any better in the white nationalist movement, according to the ADL. Butler dead, Pierce dead, Matt Hale in prison, and the new ones don't count. The National Alliance, once the biggest and most dangerous neo-Nazi group in the U.S. has turned into a Kindergarden. Infighting has destroyed this once growing organization.

More white nationalists are in prison for crimes that have nothing to do with the movement. Trying to kill his own mother, killing a 14-year old boy, bankruptcy, larceny, and the list on the ADL website goes on and on.

What about David Duke? His momentum is long gone. Escaping his creditors to Russia for a while, returning to the U.S., facing up to his corruptness, going to prison. No, he isn't any danger for the ADL.

The ADL says that the competitive environment of revisionism has worked well for them.

Of course, the ADL doesn't know everything and hides away those who are really dangerous because they can't pin crimes and violence on them. What are they going to write about Dr. Töben? That he is a holocaust denier, that's it. What about Chris Miller? That she does a lot of charity work in her town, but is a hater? Interestingly, they also left out Alex Linder, who I believe will be a future powerhouse in white activism.

Michael Santomauro also doesn't show up as well as Michael Hoffman and myself. The Jews know that they are still very active, however, not as dumb as some of the extreme white nationalists.

No, there can't be any help from the U.S. It will be Germany again that will lead the fight to free its people from the oppression of the Jews. This time, the circumstances will be more dangerous to the Jews than ever. It's not only Germany anymore. France, Sweden, Holland, Austria, Finnland, and many more are fed up with the abuse by the Jews.

Recent election in Germany and other European states are a great testimony of things to come. The Zionists and the Jews know this. That's why they are frantically trying to form alliances with the U.S., England, and get rid of all the enemies in the Middle East.

By Wednesday, you will find out that it really doesn't make a difference on who sits in the Oval Office in the United States. It will not be the American people who make policies. So look to Germany!


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