Fuck the Vote

by Gerald E. Morris

31 October 2004


Having seen a little bit of debate on VNN regarding whether to vote in this Tuesday's nose counting contest or not, I thought I would weigh in on this question with a little bit of theory and some empirical observations recently taken to help settle this matter for most folks for good. The long and short of it is: voting is "good for jews." Ergo, we should keep our White Nationalist hands completely clean of contact with that shit.

Lets start with an observation that even a large percentage of Amerikwanz* will concur with: 1.) The Dubya Bush regime is the worst, most corrupt one ever to preside over the Jewnited States. Now at this point I've made no great revolutionary statement. Swarms of bleating and Oi-nking Dimokratz have taken this as their Gospel and are touting THEIR Skull and Bones stooge, Kerry, as the answer to this crisis. Since my test results are based on having provided certain stimuli to precisely such critters, they're worth noting here.

2.) Having obtained concurrence with 1.) it follows that this regime will do whatever it can to maintain its grip on power. Once again, even Amerikwanz will buy this line. But some of them will become uneasy....

3.) The Dubya regime couldn't exist save in a terminally corrupt, psychotic government. To vote at all is merely to recognize and legitimate that government. VOTING IS COLLABORATION!

Observation 3.) is where I lose the Amerikwanz. Let me make it clear here that I don't count every inmate of Jewnited States territory as an "American." I certainly don't include myself, nor do I count you mein Herr Linder or most of the readers of VNN. Jimmy Cantrell blundered onto this truth too: Americanism is a RELIGION! Its a religion based on cutting the dicks of 70% of the newborn baby boys in this judeo-Bedlam. To be an "American" is to be a wanna-be jew! There is ample evidence for this throughout the history of this continent straddling tumor. Long before the ashenazic swarms actually arrived at Staten Island, their little Puritan pud puller pals did all the preparatory work for them. Part of the Puritan legacy is this "liberalism" shit which I've recently stepped into and befouled my sandals with. Groveling to the "Holy 10 Amendments" is another aspect of it. Voting is how the Amerikwan takes its Communion. Its ALL a crock of jewshit!

Over the course of this year, I've hammered on this voting=communion equation quite a bit. It makes a VERY effective tool for quickly exposing the "real Americans." Without exception, they go into hysterics when confronted with the truth about their stupid little ritual and what they're really accomplishing with it. Lets look at some of their time honored platitudes and homilies about voting.

I. "The Founding Fathers fought HAWRDDDD for you to have yore right to VOTE!"

Wrong! The Founding Fuckups fought HAWRDDDD for THEIR right to vote, not mine! When it was over, they formed up an exclusive little club, which I sure as shit wouldn't have been welcome in and which operated to the general detriment of those of my Acadian French ancestors unfortunate enough to live under their heel. Later, when my Irish forebears made the Great Mistake and arrived on this continent, they would have the "right" to eat a ration of shit served up by bible-thumping, jew dick-sucking, masonic Know Nothings all for the "right" to vote for the pigs which the likes of Boss Tweed would tell them to vote for. I'm proud to say that in 1860, both the Daleys and Chatelliers opted out of the "Great Experiment" and fought for the Better Side for the next 5 year. And, rather than sign the lickspittle "Iron-clad Oath" to get his shitty little right to vote back in 1865, my noble ancestor, Numaux Chatellier, literally chose DEATH. Yep, my G4 grandfather died of pneumonia for lack of hospitalization rather than suck up to the thieving pig party which stole his property; the party of Dubya Bush today.

II. "Dwuhh, If yuh don't vote, yuh cain't bitch..."

This stupid little platitude shows the true religious fanatic aspect of Amerikwanism. Of COURSE you have PLENTY OF RIGHT TO COMPLAIN! For one thing, one can complain of how there ARE NO GOOD CHOICES IN THEIR SHITTY SYSTEM! But the Amerikwan, being the smug religious bigot that it is, doesn't want to hear any "fascist" logic like reductio ad absurdum, the fallacy of the lesser evil or the excluded middle. No, at this point the American gets visibly agitated. Their breathing becomes belabored, their skin reddens, they stand up, point fingers and literally scream. I urge all of the Rational Aryans reading this to try my little experiment on your own batch of Amerikwans. I think you will find my theory quite valid in the classic scientific sense. 1.) Its predictive: Amerikwans WILL get upset when you confront them with the worthlessness of their shitty vote. 2.) It's parsimonious: "The vote is worthless. Its purpose is merely to legitimate what the ruling jews want by enculpating the dupes and stupes via their participation." 3.) Its powerful: A theory which asserts that the popularity contests called elections in the Jewnited States are nothing but figleaves to cloak the decisions of Amerikwa's rulers is non-trivial. By all means, I urge you who are reading this essay to go out and try my experiment.

Last night, I managed to confront a few of these droolers at a Halloween party. It never fails. I would start by pointing out how rotten things are. At this, hearty agreement. Then, I would explain how things weren't going to get any better come this Tuesday. Uneasy silence. Then I would tell them flat out how no matter how many idiots vote for Kerry, Bush and his pals have no intention of stepping down from power. The Amerikwan would audibly protest with stupid shit like "But if we get duh Peephole tooogetherr..." And then I would smack them with the final "If you vote, you merely lend your support to a regime which opposes all of Humanity." At this the physical signs of psychosis would manifest themselves. I drove 4 of these monkeys away from me, in varying states of screaming, finger pointing, name calling and so forth. But they ALL ran away as if I were Satan Himself. Which to these idiots, I am.

At least one of these bipeds had kike DNA in it, possibly two. The other two were pure dee WASP. I even got shrieks about "Nazi gas chambers" out of the maybe kike, which also struck me as a fag. Mind you, I said NOTHING about the Trashy Tribe to ANY of my experimental subjects. Lets get this straight. JEWS WANT YOU TO VOTE! VOTING IS GOOD FOR JEWS! They're desperate. This is why they have these big, pathetic billboards up saying "Just Vote" or "Please Vote." This is why they're making the rounds to the public enstupidation centers, the skoolz, filling the minds of children with their semito-sewage to VOTE! Outside of the Jewnited States, Humanity is taking stock of the jew government here and all their little wanna-be stooges, these shitty Amerikwanz. Real Aryans don't vote in filthy little jew-charades, period. Lets have no bullshit excuses about "speeding up the collapse" or "helping out the third parties," "the lesser of evils" or such twaddle. Bush is staying in power and he doesn't need any help, certainly not from any of us. Voters are COLLABORATORS, pure-dee straight up and simple. We know what to do with them....

Gerald E. Morris

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