Nigger Reich Legal News

by Madder Max

21 September 2004

Alexander Pring-Wilson, 26, fluent in 5 languages (none of which are Spanish), was a Harvard Grad working on an advanced degree in Slavic and Russian studies at Harvard and planning to attend law school in the fall.

All that changed on the night of April 12, 2003 when, after an evening of drinking whiskey and sodas with some girl friends at a local bar, he was accosted and attacked by two Puerto Rican punks.

What provoked this attack? -- Pring-Wilson was walking by himself, obviously drunk and the Rican scum wanted to "fuck up a White boy." Well, considering the gelded nature of the White male in today's America, this sounded like a fine plan and a good time to these Rican mongrels, so they began to taunt Pring-Wilson from their car, in which they were waiting for their pizza order (why not work up an appetite).

However, these animals miscalculated, because Pring-Wilson, obviously aware of the dangers of his "multicultural" surroundings, had the foresight to be carrying a knife on his person.

Out of the junker the Rican animals came - Michael Colono, 18, with a rap sheet as long as your arm, at least one illegitimate mongrel and a desire to work over this impaired Whitey. Along with Colono, came Samuel Rodriguez. They jumped Pring-Wilson and knocked him to the ground -- Pring-Wilson got up and, knife in hand, made swiss cheese of Colono.

Realizing they weren't up against some Kansas wimp, they jumped back in their heap and took off. Colono was taken to the usual ER room at the local hospital, the usual dumping ground for Ricans, where he did the world a favor by dying.

Unfortunately, Pring-Wilson didn't have the good judgment simply to go home and sleep it off. No one would have connected this intelligent Aryan male with this type of an incident and the cops would have simply written the incident off as just another killing between Ricans.

No, poor Mr. Pring-Wilson actually called the cops, placed himself at the scene with a poorly thought out story and went home and left a tape message on one of his girlfriends answer machines about slicing up a Taco Bender -- and now he is facing a life sentence if convicted of the murder charge the Pigs have brought against him.

In a sane society one could ask, "How can it be possible to murder a Puerto Rican?" But we all know the insane PC state of affairs, especially in the legal system.

Of course, the prosecutrix ignores the statement of the Rican mongrels "We fucked up a White guy !", made after they jumped back into their car. The media claims that this is a "class clash" - no mention of the obvious -- THIS IS A GODDAMN SKIRMISH IN THE GROWING RACE WAR AGAINST WHITES.

Could it be possible that if this crumbling system had not allowed all of these Puerto Rican animals into this country this incident would never have occurred? Oh no, Ricans mind their own business and work hard -- they would never accost a stranger, particularly a White guy -- or grope a White female with their gang courage, now would they?

Well, the legal moral is, if you have to kill a system-protected animal to defend yourself and there are no witnesses that can finger you -- LEAVE THE SCENE AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Next column: Nigger Basketball player / rapist in Georgia goes free, does this represent a legal trend?


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