Catholicism: Circumcision for the Other Head

by Alex Linder

27 August 2004

alt title: Licking the Cats, Prügeling the Prots

Has anyone noticed that both E. Michael Jones and Sobran have written words in recent months to the effect that the bottom line about Mexicans is not that they're scum, but that they're Catholics? White men seeing value in Mexicans is as delusional as Mexicans seeing Mary in bathtub grime.

These men start by doubting their own minds, and end doubting their own eyes. They don't trust anything but a book...cobbled by the very cohens they in every other context call liars. A siren song sings Catholicism, calling to the cowardice in every man's breast. The fetid peace of conclusions undrawn for fear - Catholicism is for slaves, not freemen.

EMJ's theory that a New Europe will come out of the penises of invading shitskins is less reasonable than the Greeks' theory that a bunch of sweaty clothes and corn left in a corner spontaneously generates mice. But don't believe me, hustle on down to your local railroad crossing and watch for Shakespez's new play on the side of a boxcar.

Every day I wake up I thank God for making me a man rather than a Catholic.

The Catholic sniggers at the Protestant: Every man a Pope!

The Protestant sniggers at the Catholic: Every head a hatrack!

They're both right. And they're both dumb and wrong and founded on a lie, of the Dude Who Came Back.

The only thing you are wise to bow before, Aryan reader, is Objective Reality. A 'religion' many deny, but you'll never see them jumping off cliffs.

Until somebody proves otherwise, go with "reality exists" as your operating theory and you'll never go wrong.


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