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by Fred Reed, correspondents, and A. Linder

25 August 2004

Letters About Jews

In Search Of Conspiracy

August 24, 2004

From time to time I write about the cloacal morality of the media as they go about wrecking civilization and annoying hell out of me. For rhetorical convenience I use "New York" and "Hollywood" as a sort of abbreviation for the news racket and the screen trades.

This column gets a lot email. Some of it assumes that "New York" and "Hollywood" are code words for "Jews," and excoriates me mightily for not saying what I am assumed to mean. Let me give you a typical example, the subject line being "Fred Sees No Jews in New York and Hollywood."

"Dear Fred,

Good greetings.

Your column on Television Tyranny and Degeneration is strong and important, as your columns usually are. But it also shows you're unwilling to mention that Jews dominate these industries--again, as your columns always are scared to mention Jews.

You're not ignorant that Hollywood and New York, movies and television, are Jewish. You're unwilling to say so. You're unwilling to state publicly the hatred consistently pumped by Jews into the Gentile populations they dominate, degrade, and destroy.

The fact that even Fred Reed submits to the taboo not to criticize Jews--no matter how obvious and ubiquitous is the power of Jewish degradation of Gentiles--is proof of the ruling power of Jews.

"Hide the truth--protect Jewish power and degradation of Gentiles." That's the policy Fred Reed follows, together with and everybody else.

Best wishes,




I didn't just get admitted to MIT - I got a PhD from there. Now that I've got your attention, I'd like to tell you just how spineless I think your last column was in omitting the very obvious fact that JEWS have played and continue to play the largest role in television's slow destructive agenda.

Jews have both a genetic and cultural desire to subvert and destroy their host civilizations - it is part of their survival instinct and it is what has caused their genetic strain and culture to survive for millennia.

The prevalence of Jews in television and advertising provides a powerful channel for those destructive urges to have their effect. One wonders whether this unprecedented opportunity for their hatred and contempt to be actualized will deliver the final blow to the tired host.

You're no tough guy - forget the cigar and the leather jacket. I will take you seriously when you have the guts to offend the execrable self chosen.

Why are you so scared of Jews? Are you just a realist? Do you know more than I do about what they could and will do to you? Or are you just paranoid?


I admire the fearlessness of John and Vince in having me take on the Jews. "Let's you and him fight" is an old call.

[I might interject here that I've written Fred Reed more than one letter saying exactly the same thing these writers do, and I have been fighting the jew in my own name publicly for 4+ years now, so Fast Freddy's being disingenuous. His "let's you and him fight" is a writer's cleverness, a mischaracterization worthy of the jews he fears to name, and yes, fear is the word, for he has written very explicitly about media control, and you can rest assured he has read all the jew-crit out there, and "Who Rules America?" more than once. Two of the formulations in his most recent were practically verbatim, ie, no king of old ever had the power exercised by today's mass media. Cut the bullshit, Fred. Enough with the WASPing, already. You're needed in the fight.]

Being weary of this stuff, I am going to do a doubtless overlong column on the subject, and then go back to better things, such as drinking beer with colorful reprobates.

Now, the conventions of discourse being what they are, it is hard to talk about Jews at all. If you say, "Some of my best friends are Jews," it means you hate Jews. If you say, "I can't stand the freaking Jews," it means you hate Jews. If you don't say anything, it means you secretly hate Jews.

[Funny, but beside the point. As Fred knows. Quit trying to country-boy us, Reed. Some of us city folk are nigh as clever as you sophisticated shitcrickers.]

If you say anything good about the Jews, it means that you are a tool of the Jews, or afraid of the Jews, or have had your mind clouded by Jews. Where does one go from here?

[Now Fred, to make it real simple-like, the question on the table is why you syncopate: why you refuse to mention jews where they're the operative agent. You don't do that in any other case. Just with jews. When it comes to blaming jews, a writer is guilty until proven innocent. That is the only rational way to treat the matter, given the conditions of employment you yourself have described -- most principally the absolute fear of offending politically powerful groups. Well, there's no escaping it, Fred. Jews are the most powerful group out there, and if Fred Reed spends all his columns criticizing the horrible state we've fallen into without ever once criticizing the jews who produce that state, then something's funny in monkeyland.]

but wotthehell wotthehell.

The premises of letters such as the foregoing are invariant: (1) that Jews want to destroy all that is good and holy, and eat Christian children, and (2) that I know it. It then follows that, since I don't say it, I must be either cowardly or collusive. The matter is always phrased as a manhood issue: Either you stand up to the Jews, or you lack balls. The Jews of course are a monolithic and conspiratorial group who rub their hands and say "Heh-heh-heh."

[This is Jim Goadlike. No man as cautious as the self-proclaimed rebel in his Commander Salamander get-up. Reed is fearful there's something there. This is the source of his "weariness." He prefers the simple life, the not-fully-knowing. So in this column, unlike others, he affects to deal with the issue as a way of dismissing it, for good if he's lucky. "Let me sleep," whines drunk, spent Fred. He doesn't want The Burden. It is hard to style yourself the crazy and fearless rebel when you avoid the battle of your times. Fred's got a rep, even if it's self-made. You see the delicate stepping required. Not easy to do with a head full of maragarita.]

Permit me a different interpretation.

Jews may be exotic in Peoria. (Or may not be: I have never been to Peoria.) In Washington, where I worked for years, they are as rare as automobiles. I have known lots of Jews. I have dated them, gotten drunk with them, danced with them, argued with them, gone on junkets to weird Asian countries with them. I liked most of them.

My favorite lunch buddy for a long time was a retired Harvard professor, Jewish, as decent a human being as I have ever met. My favorite dance partner was a Jewish radical feminist (I know, I know, but we liked each other) who was on an undefeated College Bowl team in the Sixties. My dentist was Jewish. The biochemist I used to windsurf with on the Potomac was Jewish. Beth, the pediatrician I dated at NIH, was Jewish, and an absolute sweetheart. I learned the Texas two-step from a Jewish carpenter (no, another carpenter) who moonlighted as a dance instructor. And so on.

[Fred is apparently the only man in history who's never met a dishonest or detestable jew. Or maybe he's simply being selective in the jews he chooses to cite -- i.e., guilty of exactly that with which he charges his jew-critic correspondents.]

Familiarity-not fear of invisible radioactive death-needles from Mossad, [Fred mocks the idea that Mossad murders people. Is Fred unaware that Mossad murders innocent people? Or he just finds it funny? I don't get it Fred. Are you saying that the Mossad doesn't murder people, or that the murders are matters for jest? It sure reads like that. I guess the jews didn't put out a press release that henceforward they'd be murdering people wherever they damn well felt like it, including within the borders of the United States. Nothing to see here, folks, just a lot of conspiracy kooks.] or of being run out of journalism [but, but, you just wrote a column the other week (Fred uses frames, see "An Oozing Of Gray Sludge") describing how easy it is to get kicked out should the tiniest organized minority group be offended. Back in April you said:

Everyone in the [media] racket knows exactly what you can't say and what you have to say. Thus what reporters know, they don't say; and what they say, they don't believe.

You seem to have changed your tootle, Marse Fred. Should we believe you when you're lying, or when you're lying about lying?] -is why I don't devote my life to obsessing about the maleficence of Jews. Are there Jews who do things politically I don't like? Yes. [Notice how Fred falls into Polspeak, into jewspeak, the minute he finds ground he fears to tread. Um, your column ostensibly answers the questions of your jew-critic readers, Fred, not your own self-posed, self-serving queries. Quit playing the system pol and start playing the smart hick we love you for. The fact that you feel you need to bolsters the case you feign refute.] Are there Jews who do things politically I'm not sure whether I like? Yes. Is there an Israeli lobby? Yes. Yet I have never encountered the evil Jews of The Conspiracy. [Again with the mocking. 'Conspiracy' is a trigger for laughter, which is why Fred chose it. Like any good writer, he can be as precise or comic as he feels serves his purpose. Here his purpose is to disguise his purpose. Very jewy of him. And no coincidence it comes in defending his jew-position. His aim is to make it appear to the reader he's addressing serious concerns of the jew critics, while actually avoiding so and in the process affirming that, by gum, all the jews he come across be the echtest huntin' buddies a good ol' boy could ever track possum with, or whatever it is they ambush for vittles down in that Crawdad County his country-fried Grobnik hails from. Hey, Fred: that dog won't hunt! Isn't that clever? I made it up myself. Ok, I'll come clean. My jewish friend thought it up, and graciously, as characterizes the nature of those well-nosed noblemen, allowed me not just to use it, but to claim credit for it, him being too busy with curing AIDS to turn his hand to matters literary.] I simply do not see them as bad people. I am not going to pretend otherwise to establish my virility for John and Vince. [Fred sidesteps the issue, which is whether jews operate as a group against Aryan interests, not whether they're good or bad. He knows they do, so he pretends the question is how he feels about a handful of individual jews. One might know a number of mob members, and find them great people. Does that mean the mob does not exist, or that it is not a collective negative for non-mobsters? Does it mean that those who complain of it can be dismissed as a conspiracy nuts? Fred?]

In particular, I do not rave against the Israelis, because I don't know what I think they should do. I note that their treatment of the Palestinians is indistinguishable from American treatment of the Iraqis and Vietnamese. Virtue does not exactly flood the world's streets, anywhere. [Completely off-point. As Reed intends.]

Further, Jews as I have known them are not monolithic. Politically they have been all over the place, though running to liberal: a professional conservative (Herb Berkowitz, the PR guy at the Heritage Foundation, a raucous Boston Jew and delightful loon), a couple of AIPACers, (Seth Carus and Steve Glick, pro-Israel but, I'm sorry gang, not anti-American), libertarians, Greens, several with little or no interest in politics, some who in varying degrees disapproved of Israel.

I spent my high-school years aboard Dahlgren Naval Weapons Lab, living on Mathematicians Row (Caffee Road, just off the Circle). The names along the street were Cohen, Reed, Strauss, Kemper. I don't know how they voted, but they designed armament for the Navy. I'd guess Republican.

I don't see the Jews of the email. That Jews are tremendously influential in the media is a fact, easily verified on the Web. However, the leap from "Jews are powerful in the media" to "Jews are responsible for all social ills, the collapse of civilization, and everything I don't like" is a bit of a stretch. Those I know have no idea why John and Vince loathe them, incidentally. Being hit on the head by a piano imparts little understanding of pianos. [The jew is the victim of the goy? Haven't you ever met any noble anti-Semites, Fred? Haven't there ever been any anti-Semites who did the world good? Shakespeare? Wagner? Pound? Luther? Mencken? Not one?]

Further, never do I encounter from the Johns and Vinces the idea that any Jew, ever, might have done anything good, however inadvertently. [Maybe that's for two reasons: the good jews have done is very little by comparison with the enormous evil; the jew-controlled media keep up a continual harping on jewish gifts to the world, at least in the interstices between cries about the "Holocaust." Fred again disingenuously acts as though he's willing to consider objectively whether or not jews are a collective negative for goyim. He isn't. Fred is bullshitting.]

My experience is distinctly otherwise. For years I was a science writer in Washington. I spent countless days crawling through NIH, COMSAT, NASA, talking with Bell Labs and IBM Research, and places you have probably never heard of. (The PET lab of NIDA, National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore, for example, then run by a very bright Jewish woman.) The number of Jews in research, and in high-tech industry, is wildly out of proportion to their number in the population. They are a mainstay of the American lead in technology. This is bad? [Jews fill out the ranks of the bureaucracy Fred in every other column laments, drawing huge salaries, contributing nothing, and we're supposed to thank them for it? It must be all the Aryan burrocrats who are the real evildoers, eh Fred? The computer revolution that characterizes our time, technologically, was brought about by Aryans, not jews.]

Let me tell you a story. In the early Fifties, polio was a nightmare for parents. Lots of children clunked around in braces or sat forever in wheel chairs. In summer, the epidemic season, our mothers wouldn't let us go to public swimming pools because they were thought to be focuses of infection.

One day a fellow named Salk came out of a laboratory somewhere and said, "Hey, I've got this vaccine...." A bit later, a guy named Sabin came out of another laboratory, and said, "Hey, if we do thus and so and put it on sugar cubes, see, it will be oral...." You can't imagine how welcome that vaccine was. Parents grabbed their children by the hair and sprinted through doors, sometimes not bothering to open them, to get to the clinic. Polio just flat disappeared.

Hint: Salk and Sabin were not Rastafarians. ("Jews Destroy American Iron Lung Industry.")

Does none of this count for anything? [Not if you don't count the diseases jews spread. Funny that it always comes back to polio, doesn't it? The one example the jews can cite. Fred should be aware, but probably is not, that jews often take credit for the work of others, as Einstein did with his E=mc2, stolen from an Italian named Olinto de Pretto, or put their name on what was actually a group effort, as Paul de Kruif recounts in The Sweeping Wind. How many times has an Aryan developed a test, a jew merely applied the test to a disease -- and then claimed credit for the breakthrough? It is telling that Reed takes immediate recourse in the jews' own bleat, the moment they're criticized. And again Fred begs the question: are you really willing, Reed, to make a credit/debit accounting of jews and their activities in relation to goyisch interests? You aren't. You fake it for rhetorical purposes. You think anyone's buying that ol' Fred Reed wants to get to the bottom of Big Jew? I don't.]

So many of the Jewish crimes popular on the email circuit don't stand up to examination. For instance, I hear repeatedly that during Vietnam America won in the field but that Jews stabbed Our Boys in the back by means of the anti-war movement, thus seeking to promote godless atheistic communism.

Not quite. The leadership of the anti-war movement was heavily Jewish. The movement itself was overwhelmingly Christian. At the conservative Southern college I attended, the studentry to a boy wanted no part of the war. It wasn't because of Jewish anything. It was because they didn't want to get shot. Their girlfriends didn't want them to get shot, nor did their parents. [This simply is not true. The jews were not only fifty percent of the anti-war leaders, they formed a hugely disproportionate percentage of the rank and file. This matter has been studied. Fred's anecdotes fall before facts. Fred also ignores the flip from sixties radicals to nineties conservatives, and the tie that binds - in both cases the radical-cons were jews pursuing jewish interests.]

People didn't need help to weary of an endless, bloody, pointless war, in which their sons were dying, in a place they didn't care about and could barely find on a map. Christian kids in huge numbers did everything they could to avoid Vietnam, which is why the draft was needed to force them to go. Christians like Dan Quayle, George W, and Bill Clinton sought student deferments or ducked into the National Guard. Check how many of the Christian elite from the Ivies served in Asia. The anti-war movement wasn't a Jewish plot. It was a national revolt. [After a point, perhaps, but this again avoids the issue. I haven't seen a single person blame the jews for stabbing us in the back in Vietnam. I have seen them charge the jews with promoting the P.C. "ideals" of the counterculture in order to complete the long march through the institutions and bring judeo-communism to America behind the banner of peace, love and brotherhood, saving the earth, multiculturalism, diversity and the rest of the semitically correct garbage. Jews defending jewish interests in the name of humanity, in the name of objective science - this is what jew critics claim, and this is, in fact, what occurs.]

Most of the things Jews are supposed to be doing, on examination, they aren't. Is globalization a Jewish plot (as I'm told), or the inevitable result of advancing technology? Is destructive feminism a Jewish plot, or the result of sweeping social changes in which women have found themselves thrown into unaccustomed and unsettling roles? Is the decline of education a Jewish plot, or the consequence of having teaching in the hands of intellectual dregs, of pandering by politicians for racial votes, and of the fact that Americans don't really care about schooling? Etc.

[Fred shows he's either uneducated, or unable to dig out the root. All these questions are long answered, the information readily available. But why bother researching what you've no interest in printing? Safer not to know. Just another burden, and Freddy's all about staying footloose and fancy free; a drink in one hand, a cockroachita in the other.]

That's why I don't gnaw at myself about Jews.

[Those who defend jews invariably fall into the same evasions and mischaracterizations jews use. We aren't asking you to gnaw yourself, Fred. We're asking you to write about jews the same way you'd write about any other group acting the way the jews do. Quit wasping already, Freddy.]

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