Our Jewed Vocabulary: 'Controversial'

by Alex Linder

25 August 2004


Typical use of 'controversial,' from a jewish article about an event in Estonia.

A controversial memorial was dedicated to Estonian soldiers who fought alongside the German SS in World War II.

What makes it controversial? The jew doesn't like it. So he pretends there's some kind of uproar, he's just reporting it. The innocent jew. He wants nothing but you to bring news. Oy, some vicious haters memorializing men who fought alongside the-most-evil-men-in-history to upset a jewish production they thought even worse. Placing your own group's interests ahead of the jew? What could be more controversial than that?

This non-controversy dovetails with the jew's usual woodwork-fade when he's criticized, even when that criticism comes at a remove, as in this memorial unveiling. The jew who up till now has been crowing about being God's crowning glory dives under a bench and honks piteously how we're all threatened by the natural response to his actions. "Anti-Semitism is anti-me," as the jew's most recent hate propaganda has it, featuring a lesbian Lutheran, a gook tot, and a mahogany model. You know what's really anti-me? Philosemitism. It takes our sons, our daughters and our money and sacrifices them for Holy Israel.

Yes, the jew is alone in being "chosen," but it's a 'gorgeous mosaic' when it comes to criticism. Anyone overtly criticizing the kiken charade is anti-semitic, and anyone espousing a position from which such criticism can be inferred is 'controversial.'


'Controversial' in jewspeak, the language your newspaper is written in, means "out of line with the jewish agenda." It is used to describe a figure or argument or event that doesn't quite fall into the categories proscribed by "hate" crimes law, yet tends in that direction. May be used where a situation hasn't clarified itself, yet the jew sniffs danger. When applied to a man, "controversial" is a way for the media to soften up the public for his demonization should that become necessary. "Controversial" is a way station on the road to Hatesville. Whom is denounced as controversial today, jews will defame as a hater tomorrow.

Jews eye coolly the body of beliefs and loyalties held by their Aryan competitor. Where these diverge from their agenda, they take one of two tacks. Either they 'acquire' the opposition, or they 'drive it out of businesss.' This works for men, ideas, symbols - anything.

If the Aryans' feelings are strong enough about something -- the Flag, the Founders, the First Amendment -- or it is clear it will take too much time to change them, then the jews opt to acquire these 'dears' -- acquire them, gut them, and replace their innards with their special jewish stuffing. A taxidermied deer and a real deer look like the same thing, but they aren't. But the stupids are fooled and the evils are happy, and those forties add up to eighty percent of the public. The other twenty percent sense something is wrong, but only a tiny percentage can diagnose the disease. Where once the flag meant "range not abroad in search of monsters to destroy," it now means fear and pain in service of international Zion. Where once the Founders were British Europeans who set up racial protections to secure their posterity, today they're jewish liberals in whitewig. Where once the First Amendment covered political speech, today it covers pornography. So-termed "commercial" speech is no longer indemnified, and neither will be the subset of political speech jews denounce as "hate speech" if they have their way.

In the second case, in which the jews determine the Aryan's feelings can be alienated, altered or reversed, the jews opt to shift public opinion through a long-term, subtle process of demonization and transvaluation; that is, they slowly but pointedly work to destroy the belief, the man, the argument in question. The idea is made morally bankrupt, the man financially bankrupt. Jews are expert 'pathologizers' of ordinary Aryan behavior, as the academic puts it. Ordinary Aryan sexual mores become 'repression.' Ordinary Aryan concern for orderliness becomes 'authoritarian personality.' The only "cures" are talking to jewish "professionals" at exorbitant rates. These cures are far worse than the nonexistent disease that is Aryan normalcy. But normal isn't televised and written up in the papers, so it does not exist. What few white spots remain can be controversialized, demonized, then slaughtered. The physical runs in tandem with the mental. The Nazis/Serbs/Muslims must be destroyed even as their ideas are demonized, and both of these in neverending campaigns. This process culminates in the physical destruction of the vessel of the enemy itself - in the physical and mental destruction of the Aryan race. The natural conclusion of the jews' campaign to destroy the Aryan is the declaration that white skin is proof of hate crime, since all the bearer's ancestors chose white partners. Our legal system is heading in this direction. The first step will be the outlawing of race-specification in dating ads, the groundwork for which is being laid by organized jewry, for whom 24/7 commercials promoting miscegenation are not enough -- non-miscegenatory unions must be overtly criminalized.

Getting back to the two tacks, the jews are aided in their work by the general dumbing down they've had a huge hand in. Students need not read; students must adopt semitically correct attitudes. Low-functional reading is all that is needed for these cogs to fill their role in the Jew World Order. The entire sphere of perception and communication is shrunk until it becomes more or less impossible for the average person to perceive, understand, and communicate in ways other than the system intends. Media back up anti-intellectual schools by rewiring brains via constantly shifting images, so that focused concentration nears impossible. Ears filled with nigger noise, eyes filled with graphics pop-replacing themselves like fireworks, head filled with pubic-shmuel-induced groupthink, we find ourselves literally unable to make distinctions. Our thinker is kaput. It is dulled, dimmed, dumbed-down, deranged. The body of potential resistance to jewish imposition of a global slave system is drained. "You want fries with that?" is all we're fit to say or decide.

Shifting majority opinion by degree is a good way for jews to achieve their agenda while veiling their control. They've practiced this smoothing long enough they're slick. It is a curious fact about jews that at once they're completely shameless, completely self-aborbed, yet abler than any other people to perceive the alien and mislead him into a path serving their agenda. They walk among us like normal people, but to them we are fools, cows, part-dangerous, part-useful animals - a flock, a crop, a herd. They manage us, handle us, mulct us.

The faster and harder jews have to turn, the greater the danger people will see what they are doing, and call them on it. They're in a bit of a spot now with immigration, and the decisions they make will be watched with interest by students of their tactics. For a hundred years they've lied that America's a nation of immigrants, and that folks from anywhere make equally good Americans, and that America is a place of many cultures. They don't believe any of these, but use them to cover their real belief, that jews are better off in a nation without an Aryan majority. Hence, their opening our borders to the colored nations. Now they find, by unintended but predictable consequence, too many of their own enemies got in. But they've been calling us a nation of immigrants for a hundred years. They've been denouncing hate and racism and intolerance for just as long. How can they reverse course to keep out Muslims? Even the dumb goyim might spot the discrepancy. "Anyone can be an American -- except a Muslim!" Can we sell it? ponder the eternal air-bottlers. It will be interesting to see what they do, these jewish racists, these hate-filled hypocrites of world-historical nonpareil. Above all, the goy must be kept slack-jawed and happy at Punch and Judy, and never think about production values. He might not ignore the man behind that screen. He might revert to the ol' lasso-'n'-lift.

The media didn't start by denouncing racism, they started by depicting race-snobbery as common, which used to be an insult, and déclassé. Only later, after decades of brainwashing had been undergone and laws were in place, did they shift to full-on attack. Degree by imperceptible degree, the frog is boiled, the U.S. reaches a state in which every medium is niggerized - dumbed-down and semitized for jews' protection. A deracinated mass of niggers and wiggers is "good for jews," but bad for normal white people. Anything, anybody who resists The Force is controversial if he complains about the symptom, anti-semitic if he sees through to the disease.


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