Who Won? Who Cares?

by Alex Linder

8 November 2004

News clip:

Juan Gonzalez, columnist for the New York Daily News, is sincerely unimpressed by the big GOP win this week. "Forget what you've been told the past few days about Bush and the Republicans making any major inroads into the black and Hispanic vote. Blacks and Latinos, even Asians, voted in greater numbers for the Democrats than they ever have. And they did so because they feel deeply threatened by the current Republican leadership."

By ignoring race, says Gonzalez: "Republican leaders dug their party's future political grave." Further, Gonzalez argues that the GOP has become a "largely white people's party." "According to my rough calculations, blacks, Latinos and Asians accounted for 34 percent of all Democratic votes nationwide this week," he writes.

"Everyone knows our nation is changing rapidly. But the party leaders who count faces and votes for a living know more than most how much it's changing. By 2050, a majority in our country will trace origins to Africa, Asia and Latin America.

"Increasingly, the future face of America sees the Democratic Party as its welcoming home. Republican leaders can savor their immediate victory for now. Their party's grave gets deeper every day."

Gonzalez is right. Every trend favors the coloreds. As coloreds are ineducably stupid compared to Whites, and as they've been trained for decades to hate the White man and blame Him for their problems, the only parties that will attract their votes in the future will be those promising ever larger chunks cut out of whitey's hide and fed to ghetto and barrio ferals. The Republicans sniffed that wind twenty years ago, and have fought hard to get more votes from coloreds, both overtly by campaigning in spanish and ebonics, and more substantially by embracing welfare-state socialism as their own. The conservatives don't even pretend any longer.

Drop the personalities, drop the horse race, see the truth: the Republicans and the Democrats have become the same thing -- they had to, given the "changing face" or "declining brain" of the electorate.

You can't attract nigger or mexican votes by speaking about limited government, ennumerated powers, and personal responsibility. Niggers and mexicans understand simple things: pussy, liquor, fear. If you don't take on the jews who produced the circumstances we suffer under today, then your only realistic political option is indeed exactly what Bush and the Republicans do: winking at the dominant but declining Aryan majority that you're really one of them, while working as hard as possible to make sure rising generations of coloreds know that they can count on you to strip whitey for their benefit.

The future, if current trends continue, will feature nothing but pro-colored, anti-white socialist parties. Nobody else will be able to play on the national level, because the jews have elected us a new people through open borders and welfare-aided birth-rate differentials.

The White race is going down for the count -- unless we decide otherwise very soon. That means a kernel of jihad-dedicated White warriors committed to living White, uniting with their brothers, and seeking political separation at all costs from the jew-led coloreds who mean to eat us and bury the skeleton and piss on our grave for all eternity.


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