Election 2004

by Alex Linder

3 November 2004

As we predicted, Bush won. That makes three things we've predicted first and accurately. We were the first and virtually the only ones to lay the attack on Iraq at the feet of the jews, as represented by the entire racio-religious crime syndicate through its offical hate groups, not just the neocons, as the second-raters led by Justin Raimondo, a quarter-jew from New York City, continue to pretend. Our third prediction was that Mel Gibson's "Passion" would fetch $300 million, which indeed it did, and considerably more when you throw in the international returns. All the smart sources were predicting it would flop. We were assured by all the jewish sources that nobody wanted to see it, because after all it was a story too often told, in a dead language with subtitles, no less. Jews are never called bad businessmen, so we must assume their leaving a billion dollars on the table is a sign they "hate" White people, especially Christians, eh? "Hey, y'all -- fuck y'all!" say we to these hate-filled hypocrites and nation-wreckers nonpareil.

Why are White Nationalists nearly always right? Because we have the key to interpreting world events: knowledge of the jews and their agenda. It's all you need to unlock the hidden meaning when you read a newspaper, watch a tv show, or predict a political event. When you know what jews strive for, and you're familiar with existing conditions, you simply need to figure out what you would do to change the latter, had you control, as they do, of Congress, the Fed, and the mass media. For example, if you believed your People of Pilpul were safer in a "diverse" state, you'd promote by all means through all media the miscegenation of races. You'd show blacks with blonde women in every tv commerical, in every J.C. Penny circular, in every Hollywood movie. You'd show nigger cheerleaders with their hands up white girls' asses on the sidelines of college games. You'd show blonde girl assistants catering to sweaty bucks on the benches between plays. You'd queer admissions criteria to seat niggers next to human girls. Your lawyers would manipulate behind the scenes to repeal the laws set by Founders acknowledging blacks as animals that needed to be controlled. Then you'd repeal the Constitutionally-protected free association allowing Whites to segregate themselves. Then you'd repeal laws against interracial marriage. Then you'd promote interracial promiscuity as cool. After decades of work and planning, your patience would pay off: a nation of continent, self-controlled White men turned into a sleazy assembly of promiscuous tan monkey-men. You are ensconced in your power, because at the same time you worked for the repeal of White self-protection, you've verbally terrorized the people into believing that any opposition to your agenda is "hate" or "racism." Congratulations, jewboy: you've wrecked a nation.

Do you think the jews will be chastened or reinforced in their arrogance as a result of this election? It has been demonstrated that the jews can make up lies and get away with it, even if those lies result in over 1100 American solidiers dead. Even if those lies are revealed. Now the jews have four more years with puppet Bush. Perhaps they can spread the war to Iran. It would be chutzpolitically correct to claim the WMD have now popped up in Tehran. Any pretext will do when you control the media. Hell, the jews scarcely even bother to lie anymore. The've colluded to suppress alternative media, they've browbeaten the public that dissident voices are "hate," they've dumbed down the schools to the point where Dr. Seuss is Ph.D. material, and the culture to the point that hip-hop is highbrow. The jews might well be thinking it's time to crack the champagne. Yes, the fools on tv discuss Bush the "conservative," and whether or not the nation is permanently lumping to the right, but the truth is that Bush is a bigger welfare-statist than LBJ and FDR combined, and anti-American in foreign policy. California's not even in play for the Republicans any longer, and soon enough neither will be the other big Mexican-invasion states of Texas and Florida. Nobody but a brown-friendly socialist has a chance of winning, given the human material and the jew-produced circumstances, and the demographic trendlines if jews stay in power.

The people are unsure. If Clinton were running, he would have beaten Bush, this time and last time. If Kerry had taken a clear course against the war, and focused on the lies of Bush, I believe he would have won tonight. But he is vaguely off-putting to most because of his reserve, and his vaguely ominous visage. While he's not ridiculous like Dukakis or dorkily offensive like Mondale, he's no better than fifty-fifty in terms of personal appeal. So Kerry needed a strong position on the most important issue of the day, the war in Iraq. He chose to me-too the prez on the war, and he paid the price. You ask 1,000 Americans to differentiate between Bush's position and Kerry's and they wouldn't be able to because there is no difference. No one believes what democratic politicians say anyway, especially ones like Kerry. The only thing he could have said that people would have perked to was that the war was based on a Big Lie and a big mistake and he was going to end it by bringing the troops home. Why switch horses midstream? thought the average voter. Yeah, Bush did exaggerate about the WMDs, but after all, some fucker over there bombed us, and if Bush were that far off trail, Kerry would have said something.

I don't think there's much more meaning to the election than that. The two candidates are both proven superstatists, to anyone who looks at the record. Bush mouths some conservative rhetoric, that's about the only difference. But by this point both sides are bragging about how much more money they'll spend on teachers, and how many more pills they'll supply you. There's no substantial difference between the parties. Lime and cherry kool-aid are both sugarwater.

The big story is the continuing dumbing down and miscegenation of the Aryan population en route to a Global Jewish Tyranny. "Intellectual disgrace/ Stares from every human face," says the poet. Most of the Democratic party is literally too stupid to understand the connections between taxes and programs. Niggers are famous for believing that the government is all-powerful. They believe the Government -- the White Man -- can do anything it wants, like making every nigger a millionaire -- it just chooses not to, mostly because it hates niggers. In other words, niggers are the perfect "citizens" from the standpoint of the Government Party, because they are too stupid to understand where money comes from, hence they'll never get beyond clamoring rather than working for it. Yes, government is to niggers as airplanes were to the Cargo Cult. Funny the libertarians can't figure this out. If they were really anti-state, they'd oppose niggers voting on principle. But of course they're false opposition, individualist extremists controlled by jews, who tell them that racialism is the lowest form of tribalism, collectivism, and unthinkable. And these are why you will never see a libertarian writing about South Africa or Zimbabwe. A black-majority democracy makes their individualism so visibly ridiculous not even a libertarian can ignore it, and let me tell you, libertarians are second only to Christian Scientists in their ability to ignore in-your-face facts. I doubt libertarians will ever stop pretending they can teach algebra to people whose IQ disqualifies them for anything beyond counting to five.

From the jews' point of view, they've won. Not just the election, which ratified the fact that most Americans are too dumb to realize they've been suckered, but the war in Iraq, where Israel's greatest enemy has been deposed. It is possible they've miscalculated, but we'll have to wait and see -- they did get what they wanted in Iraq. They not only killed off a thousand white boys -- drained the blood of their main competitor -- they got rid of one of the few semi-substantial obstacles to Israeli hegemony in Southwestern Asia. What's next? They'll have to plot carefully, but they've already begun softening up the public for Iran. There is no underestimating the arrogance of the jews. They pride themselves on it. With the commentariat in tow, it's full steam ahead. Ann "Collaborateur" Colter can be counted on to repeat their lies. Suckpoop Joe Farah can be counted on to purvey the latest Mossad misdirection. George Will, Cal Thomas, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell -- all these stand ready to encourage Aryans to sacrifice their future to further jewish aims.

What about White politics, Aryan politics? Where do we go from here? Our aims must be to continue to grow our own media, and create new political vehicles that can actually put people on the streets, run candidates, make converts. Voting at the national level is a waste, but that's not necessarily true on the local level. The jews are very highly leveraged. There are few of them. They control by fear and ignorance, more than anything. They cannot put people in every district. They cannot be everywhere at once. There are more gang members than cops. We need to form a few White gangs, and start to throw our weight around the way the niggers and shitskins do. We need speakers out front, and stormtroopers in the back.

When the leftist says the personal is the political he means he wants to dictate every jot and tittle of your private life. But we can take that saying and turn it around. We make the personal the political by dejewing every aspect of our lives. If you subscribe to cable tv, stop! SAVE that $60 a month. Buy some tabloids and pass them out. Meet your neighbors. Buy books, read them, and pass them on. Put the money into gold and wait for the kike kasino to blow up. Start a savings account for that extra kid you "can't afford." Don't feed the judeo-ZOG kitty any more than you have to. You pay enough through taxes, don't add anything else on top of that. Dejewing your life means: staying out of debt, out of public schools, off the televitz. Get married, get a job or two, save your money. Get your foundation. Join like minds. Make converts. Control your world. These are the political acts that matter. Not voting in presidential elections.

Nevermind the yidn, we're the Aryans.


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