Letter from New York

23 August 2004

Herr Linder:

Here is a situation report from New York City.

The summer heat increases as the Republican national convention nears. What will ZOG do? Will late August only bring a locked down New York City?

Will it, or the fall run up to the November "election," bring a new, improved 9-11, courtesy of ZOG?

Or will we be recovering from something in between?

To the jew, living under such threats is normal, as their history is an unbroken stream of leeching off host peoples, who at any time might rise up against them. For us culture-creating Whites this is abnormal and oppressive.

The Democratic national convention moved briskly from lowlight to lowlight. John Edwards' cowardly, lying and cynical speech. Theresa Heinz revealing herself as the quintessential wealthy, self-centered, arrogant jew bitch - in short, a real yiddische mama. John Kohn, oops, Kerry, dissembling safely, protected by the ever-thickening armor of jewish domination. Eric Thomson recently pondered the significance of the jew Kohn/Kerry being positioned to occupy the White House, and whether it indicated that world jewry was prepared to commit some "....final act of murder...." (if I remember the quote exactly) on us. I see Kerry's hooded eyes as reminiscent of someone tasked to murder a small dinner party of, say, 10-15 people. After eating dinner with them. All of them people he has known for years. It truly seems that "heads jews win, tails whites lose."

And our alternative? The traitor-chimp Bush, who Nancy Reagan referred to as "the village idiot" during the Reagan years?

I must say, ZOG's gamesmanship is superb.

Crime has been steadily increasing here, although our jewish newspapers trumpet "statistics" (carefully massaged ones!) to the contrary. In the nineties a member of the New York Police Department killed a citizen using an illegal chokehold, for which he was kicked off the force. Angry at the NYPD for what he perceived as unfair dismissal, he retaliated by revealing the widespread NYPD practice of not counting crimes (including murder) if such inclusion would raise statistics to an unacceptable level. At one of his press conferences he exhibited a NYPD log, which he had taken from NYPD headquarters, that verified his claims. The murder rate alone had been undercounted by 15 percent!

Meanwhile, in their synagogues and other private meeting places which are closed to us goyim, our jewish city politicians, jewish business leaders, and other powerful, prominent jews brag openly and brazenly about how the NYPD has "stepped up" the protection of yeshivas (jewish-only schools), synagogues, jewish neighborhoods and other locations which are jewish only. As long as their segregated communities and meeting places are protected, what do they care? the threat of "terrorism" is useful to our jewish masters simply as a pretext for them to turn our NYPD into their private security force, just as the threat of "terrorism" is merely a pretext for them to manipulate our long-suffering military into serving as their private mercenary force. Non-jews dying to clear the way for Greater Israel. Taking police away from non-jewish neighborhoods to guard jews from retribution for carefully-calculated-and-coordinated-nation-wrecking jewish behavior. Tikkun olam in action.

I recently observed a group of between five to eight menacing young thugs-in-training in the Times Square subway station in the a.m. off hours while waiting for my train to bring me home from my night job at the other end of the city. Baggy pants hanging low, oversized tee shirts and football jerseys, all affording maximum concealability of weapons. While there are NYPD in the Times Square location, they weren't there for the thirty-five minutes I waited for my train. I wondered what would have happened had I encountered these individuals in an isolated location in an outer borough of the city. As they swaggered past, their looks and mannerisms calculated to exude maximum hostility, one observed to his cohorts that, because so many police were being reposted to "anti-terrorism" duty, opportunities for lucrative "thugging" would increase. "Ain't no cops out there, yo. They can't be everywhere," he aptly commented.

Some months ago Marty Markowitz, the jewish Brooklyn Borough President, proclaimed publicly that all images of the White men who founded our nation should be removed from our city government buildings, and replaced with images more diverse. This jew politician has also been observed crowing to gatherings of influential jews, large and small, that israel's security is being increased by "America's destruction of Iraq and the jews' enemy Saddam Hussein."

New York City has three major newspapers. They are the New York Times, the New York Post, and the New York Daily News. All three seem to delight in alternately threatening us with "imminent" terrorist activity, and proudly telling us of how New York-ZOG is mightily striving to protect us. One of jew mayor Michael Bloomberg's kindly jewish protectionary measures is the ongoing installation of "bomb proof" garbage cans in Penn Station, the rail center directly under Madison Square Garden, the location of the Republican National Convention. Of course, such measures are not cheap. Each one of these "bomb proof" garbage cans costs over 2,000 dollars. And the company that manufactures the "bomb proof" garbage cans?

Surprise, surprise, owned by an israeli jew, itz (thank you, Herr Linder)!

It was Richard Nixon who well said, "the jews steal in every direction." Surely we all can agree that the above is a perfect example of what he meant.

The Governor of New York State is a fellow named George Pataki. His outstanding characteristic as governor has been his slavish support of all things jewish and israeli. Viewing Governor Pataki in our jewsmedia brings great laughter, for he literally talks out of the side of his mouth, as movie gangsters of years past. Mrs. Pataki is a shrewish, homely woman named Libby, who appears to have deliberately patterned herself after the ugliest and worst groomed of female jewish attorneys. Observing this hideous woman (think Rosa Klebb, the villainess from the James Bond movie "From Russia With Love") speak is reminiscent of a documentary about the Tasmanian Devil, the vicious marsupial from New Zealand, known for its hellish, incessant howling. She is best known for her stay-at-home, 100,000-dollars-per-year "consulting" job paid for by the jewish Lauder family, whose business is manufacturing cosmetics. Who says being a shabbos goy doesn't have benefits?

Former New York city Mayor Rudy Giuliani has certainly enjoyed the blessing of our jewsmedia, who have declared him to be "America's mayor." Giuliani made his start in public life as a United States district Attorney in the early 1980s prosecuting organized crime figures, most of them of Italian descent, and white-collar criminals. He used this as a stepping stone to become mayor of New York City in 1993. Of course, he was helped along by the jewish media, who covered up for him that his own father was a convicted armed robber who served several years in New York State prison, and a member of organized crime. Not a word of this was breathed at any time during the 1980s, nor any of the other scandals (incest, adultery) Giuliani was involved in. After Giuliani's publicized divorce, he made a guest appearance in drag in a Broadway show, and moved in with a wealthy, homosexual jewish car dealer. Of course, they were just roommates. Who says being a shabbos goy doesn't have benefits?

How can we in New York City forget how our brave firemen and police stormed into the Twin Towers that terrible morning of September 11, 2001, intent only on rescuing the citizens of our City, dismissive of any threat to their own wellbeing? Their selfless bravery. Their heroic deaths. And their grieving loved ones who remain. One young child of eight, upon being told her firefighter father had so perished, burst into tears and sobbed, "but I'm too young to lose my daddy." Such thoughts bring tears to my eyes as I type these words.

Our firefighters and police were sold out by the shabbos goy Rudy Giuliani.

While the jews falsely present Giuliani as a "hero," the truth remains that many of those brave men were killed by the failure of their radios to warn them of their impending doom. That many of them did NOT receive the orders to evacuate the Towers as the stricken buildings neared collapse has been caerfully sidetracked and ignored by the jewsmedia, much to ZOG's satisfaction. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Down the "memory hole," Orwell would have termed it.

The outmoded, failure-prone communications equipment carried by our courageous NYFD and NYPD into the Twin Towers that horrific morning of September 11, 2001, had been an issue here in New York City for nearly ten years. In the 1990s, I myself spoke to many police officers and firefighters regarding their inferior radios. All of them were aware that their communication equipment was inferior and prone to failure, yet grimly affirmed their determination to do their best to serve the public despite being so handicapped (sound familiar? Even now our brave servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan are living this same nightmare, to the point of lacking essential equipment such as bullets and food, even as ZOG gives billions of our dollars to make sure that israeli troops have every imaginable brand-new American-made item of military equipment with which to murder Palestinian children).

That such bravery should have been so wantonly betrayed by Giuliani, who steadfastly refused to upgrade the communications equipment despite the many publicly voiced requests of 1990s New York City Transit Police chief William Bratton, among others, is a national disgrace, and typical of jewish leadership principles (Bratton ended his career here by standing up to the shabbos goy Giuliani over such issues). No wonder Giuliani is so well loved by our hebrew masters. Recently Giuliani criticized Kerry for not being sufficiently pro israel. What a spectacle - the shabbos goy upbraiding the jew for lacking zionist spirit!

Such hypocrisy is reminiscent of the draft dodger shabbos goy Bill Clinton telling a gathering of jews he would pick up a rifle, get in a trench and die to protect israel, when he did not even have the manhood to join our National Guard during the Viet Nam conflict.

What has largely escaped public scrutiny is how Governor Pataki and former Mayor Giuliani have allowed jewish swindlers to tie the pensions of NYC firemen and police to the stock market. Indeed, I anticipate that one day we in New (jew) York City will awake to hear a wall street jew report that, due to a "coincidental wall street downturn," the NYPD and NYFD pensions are bankrupt, and that the money has been "lost." Of course, "lost" means that the money in question will have been irrevocably and untraceably shifted to absolute jewish control.

Even now our jewsmedia heap insults upon the heads of our surviving NYFD and NYPD. In response to NYFD and NYPD demands for a wage increase (they are grossly underpaid), the New York Post published an editorial. The title? "McDonalds is hiring." Yes, the jewish Post actually had the effrontery to publish such words! Our NYFD and NYPD cannot afford to live in the city that they protect on the wages they earn, and our jewish masters respond to their rational requests for a livable wage with open, jewish contempt.

The current Mayor of New York City is a repulsive, toadlike jew named Michael Bloomberg, wealthy from typical jewish business swindling. His physical form is truly that of the stereotypical dwarfish, ugly jew. Upon being elected he was asked what it meant to him to be a wealthy businessman and mayor of new York City; he replied, "it's a wet dream come true..." Nothing about improving civiliziation or the lives of us citizens under his authority....just a pornographic reference to the fact that he now had even more opportunity to satisfy whatever perverted jewish fantasies rattle around in his sweaty jewish brain. The statement of a typcial jewish pervert, delivered in public without any concern for the negative impact it would certainly have on impressionable young minds unfortunate enough to hear.

Although our jewish mayor Bloomberg has pledged to cut down on inefficient city spending, his administration still pays over 2,000 dollars, per month, for one room, to jewish slumlords, to house homeless and AIDS-infected persons. Nearly all of these slumlords are hasidic jews (the especially revolting ones in the black outfits). There are literally hundreds of these buildings which jewish slumlords use to bilk the city government of countless millions of dollars per years. New York City jews, espeically the hasidic community, are engaged in countless swindles like this. Another instance of tikkun olam in action!

Since 9-11, my City has changed. Rush-hour crowds are much smaller, as unemployment skyrockets. Many restaurants and bars are empty even on Friday and Saturday nights, as few have the money to go out. The jew mayor Bloomberg's smoking ban has dramatically cut down on nightlife business. Yarmulke-wearing jews strut about, their contemptuous smirks widening with each passing month. Years ago, new York was known as "Fun City," before being replaced with the title "the Big Apple," which I personally despise. Recently, while riding the bus, I saw a White couple, early 50s, obviously tourists, attempting to get directions from the sullen, hostile and uncooperative minority bus driver. Engaging them in conversation, I learned that they were from Florida. I advised them that anywhere outside of lower Manhattan, in my opinion, sadly, was not safe for decent White people, and gave them directions on how to safely arrive at their destination. The minutes of pleasant, easeful conversation which I was able to share with my White brother and sister will be long remembered.

Never will I forget how jews destroyed my family. Never will I forget how the jews stole everything from my hardworking, trusting, honest-to-a-fault, kind-hearted ancestors, and broke their hearts and their spirits. May I somehow find a way to repay the jews for their "gifts."

How I wish there was a nation for us Whites - a jew-free White nation!

Thank you for your efforts. I will contact you again.


A White Man in New York City

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