Economic Revolt is the only Path to Political Revolution...Apropos a Conversation with a Small-Scale Farmer

by Andrei Kievsky

15 September 2004

Since getting fired from my appliance-repair job, I have been picking up work at various farms and farm-related enterprises. I am incredibly lucky to live in a county where there is a remnant of the "lost arts" of farming and old-time food-processing.

A farmer who does his own slaughter quite expertly is training me in animal husbandry, slaughter, and butchery. The slaughter and butchery was messy, gory, involved heavy lifting with a block and tackle, and he didn't let me put knife to animal except to peel away the hide. He will eventually teach me to eviscerate, or he'll teach it immediately if I supply the animal, but evisceration is the most delicate part of slaughter and butchery, as the meat can (and often does) get contaminated with the animals feces or stomach contents.

But there's plenty of other work to do, such as cleaning, hauling around barrels of blood and guts, and holding the animals in certain positions while he makes certain cuts. In some ways, it's the best job I've ever had. It's physical, I keep busy the whole day, and I don't have to deal with customers yelling at me.

But this farmer, and small-scale slaughterhouses in general, are a dying breed. Factory slaughterhouses are supposed to be the wave of the future, and they hire Mexicans and the working conditions are extremely undesirable because jewish capital requires an inhuman level of "productivity." In the book Fast Food Nation and from other sources, we learn that factory-type slaughterhouses are unsafe and unhygienic, and I now know from experience that small-scale slaughterhouses have the potential to be very safe, very hygienic, as humane as possible (use a guillotine to slaughter the animal), and, drum roll please...working conditions that are actually bearable!

Yes, it's hard, dirty, smelly labor, but I never had so much fun on the job. You talk and joke all day with your co-workers, everybody pulls their weight, quality work gets done, and there is no mental torture from "customers." It should be limited to 40 hours a week, because no one should have to spend every waking hour working, but small-scale food is good for the producers AND good for the consumers. The ONLY people that lose in this model are the jEWS AND PLUTOCRATS.

With the current system of agribusiness, EVERYONE loses, EXCEPT jews and plutocrats. Workers, consumers, future generations, and the environment - all lose.

So this farmer and his helper want to know my story. They pepper me with questions all day as to my life history, and why I want to be involved in farming and butchery. The older farmer tells me all day why what I want to do won't work, and tells me how he used to grow beautiful organic tomatoes, but he couldn't get 2.50 a pound for them. He had a very expensive setup where he grew them out of bags filled with a scientific soil mix, had special system for temperature control, air flow, automatic irrigation and fertilization. It was like a science lab for high yield tomato cultivation, and he produced 20,000 pounds on this one acre. But to make money, he needed to make back 50,000 dollars.

I didn't have the heart to tell him where he went wrong. After all, he's the one who is teaching me. But up-front expenses were his big mistake. A 1-pound tomato should cost you less then a cent, and perhaps 5 seconds of your time to produce. Most expenses and labor to produce food are in the first couple of years. A Permaculture farm is largely self-maintaining after that. Per acre it produces less than factory farms, but the expenses are MUCH MUCH lower. Expenses kill farms, not insufficient production.

I didn't criticize the farmer's tomato venture, but I did tell him my theory of minimizing expenses and accepting lower production. Occasionally he burst out in fits of emotion that are very uncharacteristic of a 60-year-old Yankee farmer, saying every time, "But you are not going to make any money like that!"

I would reply, "I know, I'm not quitting my day job, that's for sure. If you want to be a farmer nowadays, it has to be a hobby, you can't depend on it for income. I accept the fact I'll work 40 hours making cash and another 20 or 30 hours a week doing my farm."

"But that's not enough time to do real farming!" he would say, and I would reply that I'm counting on Permaculture techniques to reduce the hours needed to maintain the garden/farm. So far, it has worked for me. The most time-consuming job is not farming itself, but processing the harvest!

Then the farmer started screaming at me, albeit in a nice way, that the public isn't interested in buying locally produced food. I said you can't market your harvest like Wal-mart markets widgets. You have to get people to subscribe to your farm and agree to buy from you every week, and you have to grow a wide variety of things so that you become their "food supply." You aren't selling a commodity, like "tomatoes," but rather you are selling a "food supply."

He shook his head vigorously. "People won't go for that," he insisted, and he seemed to be angry and frustrated. "You need to go live with the Quakers (he meant the Amish), where everyone supports each other. Your model of farming will work there. Not here in Connecticut."

I smiled and said, "I want to make it work here in Connecticut."

"No," he said. "Everyone here in Connecticut is doing their own thing, and they want the cheapest deals every time. No one cares."

And therein I found the crux of the problem, which the White Nationalist Movement is in a position to solve. WE DO CARE. In this, the Gordian Knot comes untied. It is only a matter of effort and commitment as a White nationalist, to untie the Knot and destroy jewish power and destroy the Plutocracy and agribusiness and factory farming in one fell swoop.

If we can make the business of food-production work in our small White nationalist social networks around the country, the frustrated small-scale farmers will take notice and will join us and help us. They have farming in their blood; they make tremendous sacrifices just to stay in farming. They lose money every year instead of selling out to developers who offer them millions for their acres - because it is in their blood. They want nothing else than to be farmers, but the Plutocracy thwarts their dreams, their ambition in life. We must make it work for them, and for anyone who wants to be a Producer. Because small-scale farming is most certainly "economically justifiable" when energy resources and the environment and health are taken into account.

Certainly people who strongly disagree with us may copy us. That's totally OK. Because many of those people who disagree with us will come around to our side, and even more will be forced to tolerate us, when the Plutocracy is destroyed. The Plutocracy is the "magic bullet" of jewish power that holds us down. Destroy the Plutocracy, and it will be a more even playing field for White nationalism. Remember what Rothschild said, "I care not who is king; I only care who prints the money." Money is the medium of economic exchange. When economic exchange is even partially separated from "notes" that are "good for all debts, public and private," then the Plutocracy will come crashing to the ground. It's a massive edifice, but it rests on a very weak foundation. It will become something like a street fight between a muscular farmer who supports the community, and a banker, who exploits the community and steals from it. Even soldiers and policemen will eventually mutiny against the orders of the banker. The soldiers and the policemen will be begging forgiveness from the community for having followed the orders to raid and shoot the people, and we should forgive and protect the police and soldiers who mutiny, even the non-White ones (non-White soldiers and police should be turned over to communities of their own race on the promise of no longer working for the plutocracy).

I plan for us to win with very little violence. A few "bloody Sundays" of street fighting between police and people, but that's about it.

Racial community plus local agriculture and local industry is the formula to destroy plutocracy. It's just a better, happier, more prosperous way to live, and when people discover this, they won't stand for anything else.

Most of us have to work for a living. Working for the plutocracy sucks; they make it suck because sucking more blood out of us requires creating working conditions that suck.

Small-scale enterprises are hard work, but it is bearable and that's really all you can ask for. You work with people you like, you can say whatever you damn well please to say, you get paid a fair wage, your product is of high quality, and everybody is more or less happy.

Local economy means local control. This means we can have our White home schools and White community structures that all but eliminate race mixing.

It all comes down to taking control of our own production - using racial kinship as the glue between producers and consumers.

But we need to become producers once again. We need to pick our own battlefield - a DEFENSIVE battlefield, where we are the defenders, like the Iraqis battling ZOG right now. This may entail working 40 hours a week for cash, even 60 hours a week for cash, and another 20 hours setting ourselves up as PRODUCERS. But with hard work you can definitely learn the skills to do those jobs "that no one else wants to do" such as working in a slaughterhouse and/or toiling in the fields. I know this because I am doing it. It requires commitment, guts, and hard work, but that's it.

That's what it all boils down to. Even if you push the envelope of becoming a producer into "illegality" your risks are fairly low. I'm not talking about "meth labs" or that sort of thing, but if you do a small trade in tobacco and home made booze, or run a slaughterhouse that is not under federal oversight, well, that's illegal, but it's not like you killed someone. Relatively speaking, it's very minor. You can lose your property, you can even do minor sentences in jail, but not long prison terms. It will be a hard case to make that you are a "domestic terrorist" for trying to be a "producer." And losing property and doing a little jail time won't destroy any of us as individuals if we have COMMUNITY all pulling in the same direction.


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