Jews of Bloomberg Financial News Service Attack France's 35-Hour Workweek

by Andrei Kievsky

12 September 2004

This morning while I was delivering my papers in the predawn hours, I was flipping through the meager 4 stations I am able to receive. One station is a staticky AM station out of Princeton, New Jersey that plays howling Hindu music. It is sometimes appropriate music for the predawn setting, as it is otherworldly and fits in with the quiet, almost completely dark, rural night. Two other stations were blasting negritude, so that left me with Bloomberg 1130 AM, the Financial News Service owned by the current jewish billionaire Mayor of jew york shitty.

I like to listen to Bloomberg 1130 when there are precipitous stock market drops. It is fun to listen to the news announcers mourn the loss of their fiat money, and listen to them desperately ask "experts" about when "the situation will improve." When things get really bad, I will be listening to Bloomberg a lot more and laughing with Schadenfreude as I deliver my papers (if the price of gas still supports newspaper delivery).

Today Bloomberg was the only alternative, but I caught something VERY interesting on it. The news announcers were bitterly denouncing France's policy of 35-hour workweeks and reporting on how jewish plutocrats (aka "business leaders") were working on France's government to "loosen up the rules" and steal more hours from White French people to give to jewish profits.

The Europeans are more sophisticated than Americans in understanding that while "hard work" is good in theory, and is a virtue when one controls one's own production, increasing the labor load must be resisted at all costs when one's production is controlled by the plutocrats.

Working hard for "them" just steals hours away from being with our children and doing productive things that we control. We won't get ahead; at best we might lag a little less behind inflation.

White Americans have long been confused about what kind of "hard work" is good, and what kind needs to be resisted at all costs. As a result, America is in the early stages of a slave colony, and now with their success in Amerikwa, the jews are pressuring Europeans to "get with the program." Americans have the anger without the awareness; Europeans are aware of things but need more fanaticism.

From Whence does jew-Consumerism Derive Itz Power to Enslave?

Part and parcel of racial degeneracy is the transformation of the US into a slave colony, which is the "model" that Europe is pressured to emulate.

The economic aspects of becoming a Slave Colony are almost as alarming as the racial aspects. If the jews get their way, not only will our descendants be mixed race; they will be yoked into a slave system more ubiquitous and horrifying than anything in recent historical memory. Perhaps the building of the pyramids would be the most recent precedent for such a monstrous system that the jews are trying to birth. If you doubt me, simply extrapolate from current trends. The power of organized labor is in retreat everywhere, and most of our products are already manufactured by what is de facto slave labor.

I changed my mind about emigrating to a peasant village in Siberia when I realized that the battle to stop the Slave Colony must begin right here in the US. This is the belly of the Beast; this is where the mindless herd of Americans is being tricked into supporting the bloody conquest of the Middle East and the enslavement of Europe.

The only possibility for resisting the Slave Colony is something that Professor Robert Griffin aptly termed "Living White." Living White is not a fashion statement or a hobby; it is a fanatical and radical re-ordering of our daily lives towards local and distributed control of production, and a comcomitant move to "Boycott Everything" that trends towards the Slave Colony.

Wal-Mart, Disney, your local chain supermarket, the cinema-plex-chain, McDonald's, and cable television, and dependence on the private automobile are all part and parcel of the Slave Colony.

Living White takes away profits and eyeballs from the Slave Colony, and sets people's free time into sustaining themselves in ways that make them independent, as well as freeing slaves in Asia and Latin America (who will then have less reason to emigrate here, because they are better off in their own countries, and because we are doing the work for ourselves, that they would otherwise have come to do).

Living White has the possibility to take down several legs of the Slave Colony in one fell swoop. The best example of this is the food supply. Agribusiness has a de facto Oligopoly (rule by a few huge players) on food production; but it takes 19 billion dollars a year in direct government subsidies to keep it running, as well as billions more in indirect oil subsidies. Industrial Agriculture is defined as "Using Land to turn Oil into Food." It is EXTREMELY WASTEFUL, and therefore vulnerable in myriad ways.

Now suppose local agriculture is feeding 50 million Americans who are, as a result of direct participation in their food supply, aware of the above issues related to the Industrial Farming Oligopoly. Not only are we not buying their nasty "food," we are also calling our local politicians and screaming, "End those subsidies, or start giving my local farmers a piece of the pie!"

The loss of market share AND government subsidies would destroy those companies. Moreover, the rest of the world hates agribusiness already. Without the home base of the US to support them, they are dead meat. And agribusiness is the commando elite of globalism; it was they who started bringing us the mestizo "blessing," which then expanded to sheetrock hangers and landscapers and painters and construction workers and the thousands of other things that Mexicans do cheaper than White Americans.

This also goes into the cultural realm. When we start Living White, there is no time for the Disney Park, or the Cineplex, or the ball game. If we are able to make those things become "uncool," we will have seized the magical Ring of Power from the jew. The jew power derives from being able to define what is "cool," aka custom. Being able to dictate customs by presenting these customs as having NO ALTERNATIVE WHATSOEVER, and as "inevitable," is the absolute core of jewish power.

This is the brass ring, the holy grail, the desiderata - to steal the power of ultimate influence from the jew-plutocrats.

The choice is stark and simple; Living White, or the Mixed Race Slave Colony. 80 hours a week hustling for the jew under the threat of living in abject Sao Paolo poverty, or working at your own pace and doing something concretely productive and artistic and beautiful that serves your fellow Whites.

Is Living White "Boring?"

When I first started tackling the question of White Survival and Living White, I wasn't sure how it would work out in practice. I lived in Boston and was more focused on things like playing violin, studying history, martial arts and yoga. It was all very theoretical for me, and hard nosed skeptics told me that I wouldn't like living as a subsistence farmer, that Industrial Agriculture "liberated" White people to do other things. To which my reply was "What other things? Paint their faces at a football game and cheer non-white exploiters of our womenfolk?" But I could not answer their charges that self sufficiency and small scale agriculture was "too much work to be feasible." I still haven't completely proven them wrong, but I am getting closer, and I can point to the Amish.

I recently heard a radio show about the Amish, and the person who had gone to live among the Amish asked them why there were so happy working in their fields. Indeed, they worked long hours at hard labor, but they were very animated, even joyous, constantly chatting with one another and often laughing. They said to him they have a common saying, "Many hands make the work light."

To elaborate, the interviewer found that farmwork with manual labor (when the laborers are controlling their own production, of course), was the perfect environment for human interaction. The physical exertion made them cheerful, and conversation did not interfere with the execution of the tasks.

My own experience bears this out. When people visit me, there is always some productive goal to be executed. There is literally no such thing as "hanging out" at my house. So far I have three garden beds that are about 50 feet long, one foot below the ground and 6 inches above, and 3 feet wide, all dug with the help of comrades. My friends also help me put in a chicken cage and a large fenced in pen around it.

Is Living White "Inefficient?"

The jewish masters of the developing slave colony have the gall, the nerve, the chutzpah, to claim that local producers and small holder farmers are "inefficient," and that their way of mass producing low quality, disposable junk in Asia is what is "economically justifiable." Producing food with a system that requires massive amounts of oil, laden with processed sugar and flour has led to an epidemic of obesity in Amerikwa, is "efficient" or "economically justifiable."

The way the jews run the economy is the textbook example of calling a thing by it's opposite. Filling the landfills with appliances and autos and electronics that only last a decade or less, farming with oil instead of with muscle-power and brain-power, de-educating our kids so they'll be better slaves to the Slave Colony - all of these things are "inefficient" to say the least.

Likewise the Bloomberg jews' pushing for a longer workweek in France is ultimately going to be "inefficient" because a longer workweek will lead to less time with the children and more costly social problems, not to mention more health problems associated with over-work. This doesn't bother the jews of course, since they are set up to profit from disease and chaos.

The push to lengthen the French work-week is not just economic policy; it has to be recognized as social policy. Working people, after all, make up the majority of society; they are parents and guardians of the next generation of children, and they all have households to look after.

For all their faults, the French have a lot to teach us about Living White, at least a certain aspect of it. They strongly resist attempts to take away their free time, and they use their free time to socialize with one another; by contrast, the average productive White American barely has a social life. The French have more regard for their farmers, and care more for their food supply, than we Americans do. The French pay attention to the things of this world, and resist the jewish attempts to pull them away from taking care of their household.

The Necessary Precursor to Radical Change

I realized quite a while ago that there can be no radical awakening to the jewish problem, and likewise no effective steps towards solving this problem, until the White masses "grow up."

There are very few adults in this world; far fewer than there used to be. A politician who lies and steals is a mental and moral child. A White person in any position of influence who goes along with anti-White policies without desperately searching for ways to resist it is a mental and moral child. Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe, is an excellent example of a mental and moral child.

But even your average person who fails to resist consumerism is a mental and moral child, and this describes most chronologically adult White Americans. If one aspires to grow up, one at least needs to start taking steps towards Living White - towards making one's life unprofitable to the jewish Corporate System. It doesn't come all at once, that's for sure. It is a process that takes years, but not decades. It may require taking a temporary second job, such as early morning newspaper delivery, to make the initial necessary investments in equipment, land ownership or land rental.

And Living White is best done with other like minded folks; the more the merrier. I have one person in my nearby geographical area who is likewise devoted to frugality and Living White, and we do a large amount of barter of labor, goods, and produce between us. That's just two people, but we've saved one another thousands of dollars and probably dozens of hours in research. When Living White is replicated to millions of us, it will eviscerate the current economic system, which is not only desirable, but may soon become necessary anyway.

Aren't Most People Too Lazy for White Living?

This is the question that always comes up, and my answer is always the same. Living White is going to be forced on White people sooner or later.

It may or may not be a "collapse" of the System, and it doesn't have to be. It need only be a sufficient economic recession or economic depression. We are already in the middle of a serious economic downturn with no end in sight. How can I make this claim? The Bloomberg radio program is all about serious economic forecasting, and these people desire the continuation and expansion of the current evil System. Every morning I hear their desperate tones of voices. They actually beg the "experts" to "give them some ray of hope for a recovery."

Of course people are "too lazy" to start voluntarily Living White! That's the way it's always been. Only the natural-born elites care about such long term things, and are willing to work toward it in the absence of external pressures.

Remember, Economics Determines Culture; Culture Determines Politics. Don't fight the last war. We aren't going to have an NSDAP movement; at least not in a nation of consumerist whiggers. Don't think in terms of our First Fuhrer, or torchlit Nuremberg rallies. It's not going to happen that way this time, at least not before we "grow up," as a people.

The external pressure of severe economic downturn will play right into our hands. When there are crowds of jobless Whites hanging around downtowns, we will go among them handing out free tobacco and potatoes and finding ways for the better ones to come work for us. Farm-work is a natural way to screen out losers and learn about peoples' characters; if you think about it, collective agricultural labor is the most primal form of civilization building. We build up a cadre who think as we do, and we take up little causes - helping all these people with their quarter acre lots get started with gardens and chickens; fund raising to stop foreclosures on their properties; agitating for government/corporate aid, etc. It doesn't make sense to be hostile to coloreds either, but radically separatist. We want to do what we can to point the coloreds to fighting the System; otherwise the System will be giving them guns to turn on us. This may happen anyway, but we don't want the coloreds to be too enthusiastic about killing us. We definitely want to at least appear to the coloreds that we are rendering them what help we can, so long as we can see they keeping the System occupied with their rioting and looting. It's better that coloreds multitudinous bodies are used to diminish the vast ammunition supply of the System, than our 8% of the world's population. We mustn't make the mistake that the Germans made in both World Wars of relying too much on courage and military force, and not enough on cleverness. General Patton said, "You don't win a war by dying for your country, but by making the other guy die for his country."

The White nationalist movement, like the public at large, has the mental habit of expecting things to play out like a 90 minute movie. To those who are "despairing of our situation" or "disappointed," here is what I have to say: Why should you expect anything different than what we have? When you understand that economics determines culture and culture determines politics, our current situation makes perfect sense. How could it be otherwise, I ask? When survival is not at all a challenge, how could the vast majority of people not fall into decadence?

And here come the external pressures! Do you think the jews will settle for a 40 hour workweek for the French? Do you think the slide towards globalization will stop short at impoverishing us? This train wasn't designed with brakes, my comrades! Remember the two rules of the "worse is better club." Worse is better, but worse is also worse. Twenty years ago few of us were worrying about our racial problems, but we were all concerned about the possibility of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Twenty years hence we may find ourselves in blessedly all White communities but faced with a new set of problems, like environmental degradation, starvation, and localized warfare.

I want to leave you with this last question. How are you spending your limited resources of time, money, and energy? Are you working towards Living White? Will you be ready to take a position of undemocratic, aristocratic, local leadership for Whites in your area? Don't think selectman or mayor, but rather tribal chieftain, mafia don, and guerilla commander. Don't despair, my comrades. Smile and be happy, because Itz Coming!


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