Kabbalah: Televangelism for the Urban Elite

by Andrei Kievsky

24 August 2004

The Village Voice recently did an expose of the Kabbalah movement, which can be found at: http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0432/ellin.php

Kabbalah is a new ageist money-sucking cult, based on the traditional money-sucking cult of Judaism.

Werner Sombart wrote "America is the distilled essence of Judaism" in his book on capitalism and the jews. So it's no surprise that the latest cult derives not from Christianity or Hinduism, but from Judaism. The urban elite of America were well prepared for this.

The urban elite types, which consist of jews and their multi-racialist camp followers, love to feel themselves superior to the White masses that are the backbone of America. They love to imagine themselves as having the "secret knowledge," and being "hip to the way things really are," and "keeping it real."

The fact is, there is a such thing as "secret knowledge" that is willfully kept from the American public, but it sure as hell isn't what the smirking urban elites think it is.

A quick overview of the secret knowledge, in my opinion would go something like this:

-- A better transportation system than the private automobile and massively subsidized system that goes with it is possible.

-- A better system of agriculture that is more environmentally sustainable, employs more Americans in a more economically equitable setup, and produces higher quality food for a lower price, is possible.

The above-mentioned reforms would lead to a large decrease in obesity, as well as less race-mixing (even without the benefit of segregation, because healthier, more attractive Whites are less likely to be race-mixers).

-- Consumerism is a huge ripoff and an alternative economy to consumerism is indeed possible.

-- It is possible to live without jew-created chaos and jew-created debt and jew-created profiteering and jew-created wars and be content and have a decent world. Not a perfect world, but a decent world.

-- It is possible to have eugenics and population control for a more decent world.

-- The ruling elites have no virtues but their brute force and power that prevent sane above-mentioned reforms from happening.

This list of very worldly reforms are in my opinion the real "secret knowledge" that is open to any one.

As for "mysticism" and "knowing the mind of God" as the Kabbalists are into, what they seek is all readily available through physical, biological means. The medieval monks used to force themselves to rise hours before dawn and sing. Disrupting one's natural sleep patterns does indeed produce a "mystical" effect. I should know, I have to rise every morning at 2:15 am to do my newspaper route. However, "deity" has nothing to do with the "mystical" experience of being forcibly awake during the pre-dawn hours. It is simply a biological reaction of being awake when one should be asleep.

Tai chi and yoga are also paths to so called "mystical" experiences. Neuroscientists have discovered something they dubbed a "second brain" in the stomach.

This 'second brain' is made up of a knot of brain nerves in the digestive tract. It is thought to involve around 100 billion nerve cells - more than held in the spinal cord.

Researchers believe this belly brain may save information on physical reactions to mental processes and give out signals to influence later decisions. It may also be responsible in the creation of reactions such as joy or sadness.[1]

The practices of yoga and tai chi gently stimulate stomach and spinal cord, relaxing the joints and bring fresh blood into the tiny networks of capillaries of the nerve cells in the spine and stomach. This is how one truly "exercises" the brain, and certainly creates experiences that are beyond the mundane.

But all of it is physical, material, and knowable, just like the above mentioned social reforms. It's not "secret" knowledge, but rather just knowledge that people aren't aware is worth seeking out. It's all very mundane, worldly knowledge.

Our White Christian forefathers were far too concerned with the "afterlife" and the "otherworldly." Turning one's eyes to the heavens for reasons other than astronomy is unhealthy. Hundreds of millions of White people spend their lives looking forward to death!

I am not criticizing Christianity per se because I know Christians who concern themselves with this world and ignore the whole "afterlife" garbage.

I'll say it straight out; your ONLY afterlife that matters is the White descendants you breed, and who breed more White descendants after you.

The strength of White racialism is that it has those people who focus on this world and don't turn away from controversial issues. A lot of Whites are against race-mixing but they hide from it, hoping the problem won't affect them or it will go away on its own. They think that if they feign indifference to the issue with their children, then they'll get lucky and reverse psychology won't kick in and their kids won't race-mix as a "rebellion."

It's better to face all the ugly issues of life head on, like a real White man or real White woman. Slaughter and butcher your own meat as much as possible; grow your own food as much as possible; change your White baby's diaper yourself; and talk straight to your kids.

I recently spoke with a professor who specialized in the caste systems of India. I was very interested to discover that the highest caste, Brahmins, permit the lowest caste, Dalit (aka untouchables) to handle their corpses and midwife their babies, because if a Brahmin was to help his wife birth their baby or handle the corpse of a dead relative, it would "spiritually pollute" the Brahmin.

We know quite well that the Brahmins did quite a bit of mixing with the Dravidians, since the original Brahmins were White people, and today's Brahmins are more like "high yellows," or "not quite White." When I was in college, I knew a Brahmin girl who told me that her M.D. father only wanted her to date other Brahmins, but he made an exception for pure White guys. She dated short-order cook and truck-driver White guys, but I never saw her with a non-White.

The Southern plantation owners also permitted their White babies to be birthed and even nursed by African slave women, and we know that many modern black Americans have a lot of White admixture in them. Again, this is because of the mistake of the White Christian plantation owners "turning their eyes to heaven" and leaving things that were considered "spiritual pollution" to non-White people.

By contrast, there is a sect of Zen Buddhism in Japan that goes around to people's houses offering to clean their bathrooms in order to gain "spiritual enlightenment." Needless to say, when these religious zealots come a knocking, NOBODY turns them away! And Japan is a success story of maintaining racial purity. The Japanese also created vending machines for nail polishing to keep out non-Japanese Asian immigrants such as Thais and Koreans who wanted to come and open "nail salons" in Japan the way they did in America. The Japanese also built an "automatic bather" that allows the elderly and infirm to bathe themselves, without the assistance of cheap immigrant labor.[2]

Lesson learned: Only delegate your "dirty work" to people to whom you would want to be related! Do your own dirty work, invent robots to do it, or hire White people at a fair wage!

Now, I daresay I have given you, dear reader, quite a load of "secret knowledge," perhaps all you'll ever need! Your "dirty work" is cut out for you; don't shirk it.

And understand this; the urban elite is letting itself be sucked into a mind-destroying cult of new age Kabbalism. They are weakening themselves; time for you to strengthen yourself. They are the decadent late Romans; we are the Goths and Visigoths and Vandals. The future belongs to those willing to get their hands dirty.

[1] http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_105441.html

[2] http://www.vdare.com/sailer/japanese_robots.htm


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