by James Jackson

30 November 2004

Note on election results in the 2004 Illinois US Senate race:

Democrat Barak Obama: 70%


Republican Alan Keyes of Maryland: 27% [yawn].

If the Illinois GOP Central Commie-tee had rightfully replaced their GOP primary winner, who dropped out over a sex "scandal" -- involving his wife only [yep] -- with, instead of Bloomin' Alan Keyes, replaced him with GOP Runner-Up & Immigration Reformer par excellence Mr. James Oberweis, how do you suppose Mr. Oberweis would have fared against Barak Obama?

By the way, did you catch Moderator from CBS Bob Schieffer's illegal immigration question put to Bush & Kerry in the third and last presidential debate?

' ...I'm [Bob Schieffer] told that at least 8,000 people cross our borders illegally every day... '

[8K illegals/day = 3 million illegals/year]

Mr. Oberweis had claimed 10,000 illegals/day or "A Soldiers Field a Week" and was roundly smeared for it. This, in one ad, as he flew over the stadium in a helicopter. Bravo!

Illegal Math: [2 more years without a Patriotic Senator] X [minimum 3 million illegals per year] = 6 million additional illegals ensconced without even so much as the muffled objections of a solitary US Senator.

VDARE.com has been spilling plenty of ink on Arizona's Prop 200 success [no photo ID / proof of citizenship required to vote here in Illinois], the pre & post election Bushy Hispandering, and the immigration credos of Rep. Tom Tancredo [R-CO], etc., as one only hopes they will continue to do. Thank you for that, VDARE.com -- sincerely.

However, VDARE.com was inexplicably silent on the Oberweis campaign in both the Spring & later the Summer of 2004, a campaign for a US Senator with the cojones [co-HO-nays] to speak up and defend his country against La Reconquista.

VDARE.com's silence at the time -- when it counted -- remains deafening.

- Goyimus Veritas
[a.k.a James Jackson]

P.S. Even in a recent post-election VDARE.com blog [scroll to last blog entry], Oberweis' name pops up without even directly mentioning for the uninitiated reader his -- dare I say daring? -- immigration stance. Hello?


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>Subject: RE: VDARE.com: Good men do nothing?
>Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:37:00 -0400

ironically, we have just posted an article on oberweis


and are posting an exclusive interview with him tomorrow

[GV note: http://www.vdare.com/guzzardi/oberweis.htm ]. Sigh!

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Subject: VDARE.com: Good men do nothing?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

--- Edmund Burke


To All,

A cordial hello and a hope that all is well with you and yours.

You are all familiar withVDARE.com, no? At least, I believe your web sites are referenced from their site, correct?

This e-mail is a complaint of mine concerning VDARE.com, presented for you to judge for yourselves, should you be so inclined.

Blue-bold text indicates hyperlinks. My apologies in advance should you find anything that follows offensive in any way.

First, to start things off, just as a refresher, a couple of clips from VDARE.com's

"Why VDARE.com" -

' ...The Role of VDARE.COM After 9/ll: It's The Immigration, Stupid...

Here. '

' ...VDARE has come into existence because many great and developing issues of the day are no longer covered in the Establishment Media -- whether liberal or "conservative."... '


Indeed, an estimate based on Department of Homeland Security figures has the US on target for four(4) million illegals in 2004, getting in & getting away from over the Southwest Border alone [see calculations below]. Or is it eight(8) million? [See VDARE.com's D.A. King article from two weeks ago.] Shocking, if not surprising ... and ... so long as our beloved Establishment is content to only apply amnesty-sia ...

Now ... before continuing, I would like to acknowledge that VDARE.com produces many informative articles on this Massive Invasion of Illegals, among other topics. I am grateful for those efforts and genuinely hope that they continue along those lines.

However ... what is one to make of VDARE.com's complete, 100% silence on the now quashed 2004 US Senate candidacy of Illinois Immigration Reformer Jim Oberweis, especially in light of the fact that, by their own admission, they were well aware of the Immigration Reform Oberweis campaign early on?

At no time before the March 16, 2004 Illinois US Senate Primaries, nor afterwards, when an unprecedented opportunity arose in late June because GOP Winner Jack Ryan had to drop out over a divorce "scandal", at which point, and for over a month thereafter, voters like myself ... for some reason ... were expecting IL GOP Runner-Up,

Jim "Fill Up a Soldier Field a Week With Illegals" Oberweis

[Plan of Chicago's Soldier Field Seating - 70K capacity.]

to automatically ascend to the Candidacy ... silly naves that we were to think such ... only to get a good ole IL GOP Central Commie-tee edumacation, watching, as everyone from a Bankrupt Car Dealer who didn't even run in the primary, to the 3rd Place GOP Finisher, to "Iron" Mike "Levitra" Ditka Here. [my favorite of those three] was offered the spot ... but never Runner-Up Oberweis ... and not a peep did we get ... nada ... from VDARE.com ?!

In light of all that, could it be -- and it pains me that it has come to this -- Could it be that VDARE.com somehow is a closet Amigo de La Reconquista?

Say it ain't so! ... I mean ... before now, in no way could I have even thunk such a thing!!

Or is it simply that VDARE.com is a co-politico-conspirator, Paul Craig Roberts notwithstanding, in a possible GOP bid to shore up whatever swing votes -- Illinois, regional & national -- to shore up whatever Latino and Black swing votes they imagine are out there? [The former by eliminating Oberweis, apparently not an Amigo de Arbusto [Bush], at least not on illegal immigration -- and the latter by appointing, for that same IL GOP US Senate ticket, the Two Generations of Income Tax Dissolution for Slave Heritage African-Americans Only Reparationist HERE , Amigo del Pr’ncipe de la Obscuridad [Richard Perle HERE ], Protégé d'Allan Bloom, [Hypo]critic of Carpetbaggering Alan Keyes, who himself only just immigrated to Illinois from Maryland a few weeks ago.]

Whatever the case, VDARE.com gave not one iota of coverage to the Oberweis campaign in Illinois -- positive or negative -- Oberweis, who -- sincerely or not [and I'd like to think sincerely] -- Patriotically spoke up for his country concerning its government's insane inaction against, if not collusion with, La Reconquista.

[Disclaimer: I did not and do not work in any way with Jim Oberweis, although I did vote for him, as you may have guessed.]

After several promptings of VDARE.com over a few weeks time, on the IL GOP US Senate Candidacy, while it was still an open question, and then finally, frustrated, after the IL GOP die was cast, I challenged the folks at VDARE.com as False Prophets on the illegal immigration issue, considering their perfect immitation of the Sphinx regarding the Oberweis Senatorial campaign, and then waited three weeks for any replies. Peter Brimelow, VDARE.com Editor, President of the Center for American Unity, and Author of Alien Nation, stated in his reply:

"The reason VDARE hasn't written about this [the Oberweis campaign] is that there are so many targets!"

That's it, Mr. "Litmus Test" Brimelow?

What, then, with "so many targets" ... on what basis, per an e-mail referring to the number of illegals, could VDARE.com Editor Joe Guzzardi come to claim, if erroneously, that Oberweis had "exaggerate[d] and get [got] caught" and had "made such a foolish error" and that his "credibility is lost forever"?

No leaps of faith for Oberweis, Mr. "Small Steps" Guzzardi?

"For months prior to the primary we tried to meet with Oberweis... " begins an e-mail from VDARE.com's Dave Gorak, executive director of the Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration. The e-mail ended with " ...His [the Oberweis campaign] "manager" didn't have a clue about the immigration issue."

Why not report on this in some way, Mr. "Journalist Reader" Gorak?

VDARE.com's Sam Francis has written HERE about the Other US Senate Candidate for Illinois, Establishment Media Darling Democrat Barak Obama, but never Oberweis.

Where have you been, Mr. "Gets the Message" Francis?

So there you have it. Just how is one to square all of this with the self-professed claim: ' ...The Role of VDARE.COM After 9/ll: It's The Immigration, Stupid... HERE '?

Goyimus Veritas
[a.k.a James Jackson]

P.S. Below is a synopsis of my recent correspondence with VDARE.com.

First though, let's hear from Mr. Oberweis himself. From March 5, 2004 -

'Most Americans agree that the wave of illegal immigration that has been visited upon this country has been responsible for taking away American jobs, depressing American workersâ wages, boosting the cost of American citizensâ health care and creating a serious burden on our state and local governments to provide services to this new population. It also is profoundly unfair for those trying to immigrate legally... '



Synopsis -

Here's more background: recently, as you may or may not have heard, the Illinois GOP candidacy for US Senate had opened up for a few months, after the primary winner, Jack Ryan, was pressured to step down due to "scandalous" divorce records unsealed shortly after the spring primaries -- released because of a law suit brought by the Tribune Co. [parent of the Chicago Tribune], and Disney.

The GOP primary Runner-Up was Jim Oberweis, a successful businessman [dairy] and investor, who made a name for himself in his campaign on the Immigration Issue. Here's a clip from the Chicago Sun-Times...

' ...No matter where he finishes in the balloting, the enduring image of the 2004 primary election is going to be Oberweis looking back over his shoulder and shouting over the engine of a helicopter as a camera zooms down on a view of Soldier Field, while he intones:

"Illegal aliens are coming here to take American workers' jobs, drive down wages and take advantage of government benefits such as free health care, and you pay. How many? Ten thousand illegal aliens a day. Enough to fill Soldier Field every single week."... '


[Again, the plan of Chicago's Soldier Field Seating - 70K capacity.]

Unfortunately for Immigration Reform, on August the 4th, the Illinois GOP Central Commie-tee used their twisted candidate selection process to eliminate Mr. Oberweis, in my estimation the logical heir to the candidacy, as he was the GOP primary Runner-Up.

Here's an estimate of the numbers driving the Establishment of the US of L [Latinoamerica, by 2050, as one Ecuadorian illegal(?) recently informed me is the buzz in the barrios] -

Oberweis said ten thousand illegals a day = a "Soldier's Field" per week = 300,000 per month = 4 million + per year. [GV note: there were a few errors here due to some inadvertent "New Math", however the DHS / VDARE.com numbers produce 4 million illegals per year minimum -- see below.]

Let's compare that with Establishment figures. The following chart was published by VDARE.com, sourced from DHS [Departamento de Huyos Secos] -

[Chart of SouthWest Border Apprehensions per DHS in first quarter of 2004 - average 120,000 illegals apprehended per month ... 3-5 get away for each apprehension.]

OK. That's -

120,000 apprehensions per month [average, January through April 2004, per the DHS report]

3 - 5 illegals get in & get away per each successful apprehension [per VDARE.com article quoting Border Agents]


Therefore, low estimate is 360,000 illegals/month ** high estimate is 600,000 illegals / month, getting in & getting away.

Or, minimum 4,320,000 -- maximum 7,200,000 illegals per year.

End of Synopsis.


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