Straight Talk About Wiggers

by Lawrence

18 September 2004

[From Instauration, October 1998]

Having returned from sabbatical after escaping, at least for a time, theincreasing insanity of the minority-doiminated inner cities, I was assaulted by a phenomenon which more than any other blanketed the media during the late spring and early summer.

In the peaceful rural and white areas of the country there have been several episodes of pubescent white boys taking weapons into schools and shooting their classmates and teachers. These tragic events were met with bewilderment and sadness in the white community.

In the minority community and in the media there was the obligatory shedding of crocodile tears. But behind this facade was a near jubilant and condescending tone. "See," many blacks essentially said, "we told you so. Those white devils are the real purveyors of violence and hate. We knew it all along."

Liberal groups sat in roundtable discussions and made pseudo-scientific analyses about the culture of violence in white America, especially in the American South. The comments were in this vein:

Those whites are still causing trouble. We just don't understand why. After all, we crushed them over a hundred years ago in the Civil War. We burned their homes and crops, raped their women and left them a decimated and bleeding land. We subjected the survivors to years of official Reconstruction and many more decades of unofficial economic pillage. We sent in federal troops and hordes of lawyers when they foolishly resisted integration. Now you can well understand why our actions were justified.

Gun control advocates recommended disarming the people. Federal police advisors said the schools needed tighter security and more metal detectors. Various psychologists, counselors and sociologists, most displaying Dr. before their foreign-sounding last names, advocated the establishment of training camps for youngsters at risk. Removing children from teh evil influence of their bigoted parents and placing them in multicultural re-education camps was a popular topic.

Many of us, including this writer, were puzzled and perplexed by these events until additional bits of important information leaked out amid the media and minority hand-wringing fest.

First one killer, then another, and another, were found to have been gangster-rap music devotees. At last a common thread was being developed. Not coincidentally as their devotion to the black, inner-city gangster lifestyle was revealed, media coverage dried up. Ambulance-chasing lawyers and the ideologically motivated doctors switched their yammering to something else.

So all-pervasive has the silence become that the only available source of information is the underground press. Assisted in their efforts by patriotic law enforcement professionals who, having compiled intelligence on all these cases, investigators noted one overlooked and unifying similarity. All the perpetrators, despite their myriad and diverse psychological abnormalities, were Wiggers!

What is a Wigger? for the uninitiated he is a pathetic, young, primarily adolescent white kid who adopts the dress, mannerisms and lifestyle of inner-city blacks. Children such as these generally outgrow this media-inspired form of adolescent rebellion as they mature, although evidence suggests that at least in a psychological and emotional sense such young people are subject to a slowed or retarded maturation process. Perhaps as a result of the drug usage endemic to this lifestyle, perhaps because such lifestyles are supposedly a celebration of freedom, the freedom from responsibility achieved in this sort of perpetual adolescence is palpable. As a result many never reach a state of emotional adulthood.

This is not surprising given the population group upon which they chose to model their lifestyle. Such counterculture groups are generally lower in intelligence than even the mean of their own race. Having incredibly short time horizons and little if any ability to learn from experience, they lack the capability to defer gratification. This shorter than average time to puberty, plus higher levels of hormones are not only tied to sexual awakening but to general aggression.

Is it then any surprise that such deviant young people would also adopt the mindless violence associated with their media-promoted idols? Is it any wonder, any cause for surprise that such persons would adopt a criminal lifestyle?

The murderous delinquents in question were, or wanted to be, associated with inner-city gang culture. Paraphernalia found in their homes and statements made to police indicate how thoroughly the kids had been indoctrinated.

This inner-city gang culture is a subculture whose lifestyle is a riotous glorification of drugs, rape and violence. It is an animalistic array of predatory gangs whose highest calling in life is seemingly to land on death row. Indeed, one of the organizations (owned by a Hollywood conglomerate) that markets music and videos for these gangster-rap groups is actually incorporated under the name Death-Row Records.

One can make an increasingly good case for independent cultural development for minorities. Even knowing full well that this culture, such as it is, will inevitably lead to a brutish and terror-ridden society. It is frankly no longer (and in hindsight probably has never been) in our best interests to try to bring civilization to the savages, to make, as it were, the proverbial silk purse out of a sow's ear.

With the era of imposed white guilt coming to an end, combined with, or perhaps necessitated by, our own very real struggle for resources and survival, altruistic but self-defeating egalitarian schemes, never economically viable, are no longer morally justified. However it is another thing altogether when we continue to allow the media to instill in our children the belief that white civilization is the root of all evil, that any culture is preferred to that of those evil racist dead white males.

The media shoulder a considerable contributing responsibility here. No matter how much the mediacrats deny it, TV brutality contributes to real-world violence.

Having examined many of the hidden but clearly contributing facts behind these gruesome schoolyard murders, one is still left with the unanswered and perhaps unanswerable question. Where were the parents? Were they, like their children, so indoctrinated by politically correct propaganda that they themselves were afraid to discipline their own children, to pull them away from this minority-dominated and degenerate lifestyle? Were they afraid that any such move would be viewed as racist? Better to allow others to be killed, to allow your own children to be executed for murder, anything other than being accused of that most heinous of all modern crimes!


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