Fair Harvard's Jewish Jubilee

by Moriarty

27 October 2004

[From Instauration, June 1998]

The news that Professors Diana Eck and Dorothy Austin, a lesbian "couple," were now serving as "co-masters" of Harvard College's Lowell House raised few eyebrows in the media, and evidently fewer at Harvard. Doubtless the New York Times was, for once, on the mark in its reportage of the appointment's impact at America's oldest university. Harvard was split, according to the Times of April 15, between those like black studies professor Cornell West, who hailed the event as a glorious breakthrough, and those who, like Harvard spokesperson Debby Ruder, sniffed: "The fact that they are a same-sex couple is the least interesting thing about them."

Time was when Harvard's old-line alumni would have roared their disapproval, withdrawn their support and called for the dismissal of Harvard president Neil Rudenstine, the man who made the appointment. (Of course, in those days Harvard's president would not have been a Jew, or, in the unlikely event he had been, would not have dared to pull such a stunt.) But you can bank on it that not very many Harvard alumni made any protest at all.

It would be interesting to know the last time Harvard's fundraisers truly worried about purple-faced old grads thundering that they wouldn't "send another penny" to Moscow on the Charles or writing the university out of their wills after some finally unbearable anti-Majority outrage. Doubtless that sort of Harvard graduate has either died out or long since stopped giving. If the "coming out" as a homosexual of the longtime pastor of Harvard's Memorial Church, Negro Peter Gomes, a few years back didn't drive off the last of Harvard's pro-Majority alumni contributors, what would?

At about the same time the newly appointed homemaking housemistresses were making news at lovely Lowell House, it seemed that a real threat was arising to Harvard's drawing power on alumni dollars. Harvard junior Justin Danilewitz, a reporter for the student-run Harvard Crimson and a member of Harvard and America's most important minority, had sounded the shofar in alarm in the pages of Commentary (April, 1998). Danilewitz claimed that while competing for an executive position on the Crimson, he had been told that there were already too many Jews writing and editing at the paper.

Quotas were back, anti-Jewish quotas, at the Harvard Crimson!

As Instauration readers no doubt suspect, Harvard, that formerly Congregationalist, Brahmin, WASP, Majority citadel of higher learning just upstream from the city on called "the Athens of America," became an adjunct of the Wailing Wall sometime in the past several decades. The exact point in time, if there were an exact point, is a matter of opinion. This writer locates the outward manifestation of the Jewish conquest back in the early 1980s when, after decades of whining, wheedling, lobbying and threatening, the Harvard Hillel House at last gained admission to the sacred precincts of the Harvard Yard. Long forced to languish (like most of the rest of the university) outside the Yard, Harvard's leading Jewish organization entered the tradition-hallowed grounds of the college with a tootling of outlandish instruments and a flourishing of Hebrew scrolls that brought to mind the entry of Jews into Stuttgart at Suess Oppenheimer's behest in the Third Reich's most famous anti-Semitic film. No people can be more triumphant, no people can be more spiteful than the Chosen.

As long ago as the 1960s, Jewish professors already made up 60% of the faculty of arts and sciences, and probably claimed a like percentage of professors at the law school. The medical school has long since caught up, of course. Whether over a third of Harvard College men and (for over a quarter of a century now) women are still Jewish I am unable to determine, but strongly suspect. Well before that, as early as the 1920s and 30s, Jewish professors like Felix Frankfurter were schooling their Gentile proteges, such as Alger Hiss, in the deeper meaning of law, history and economics. In the years prior to that, as is well known, Harvard president Abbot Lawrence Lowell felt threatened enough by the incursion of Jewish undergraduates to set up a quota to thin their numbers.

As a result of the Jewish dominance, nearly every vestige of national, racial or group loyalty among the dwindling Majority contingent that still attends Harvard has been rooted out or driven underground. Majority males, the education of whom is the reason for Harvard's existence, according to its ancient charter, increasingly pass for exotic specimens among the Jews, Asiatics, Negroes, Indians and Third World types shoehorned in with this or that quota disguised as an exercise in "student diversity." The bloodless liberalism stirred now and again by a pinch of philanthropy (sometimes a very large pinch, to be sure) of Harvard's late Majority wardens has been replaced by relentless multiculturalism and freakish sexual manifestations.

One can object, of course, that Harvard, with its Calvinist, philo-Semitic, abolitionist, Anglophile and pink sentiments over the centuries was never much of a pro-Majority institution anyway. Or it can be argued that for such a Majority as once ran Harvard to have fumbled it away to the Jews says little for it. I can only counter that having the place that turned out Henry Cabot Lodge and Lothrop Stoddard and took in J.B. Watson and E.O. Wilson, as well as taught the scholars and presidents and divines, in Majority hands is as vital a sign of Majority health as any. And where, today, is the Majority counter-Harvard?

Nowadays, aside from following the tedious varsity athletics, the Harvard-watching worthy of the name is tracking the rise of the antipathies of the various other minorities against the Jews. Since for now Harvard Jews stand in relation to the Orientals and various other "lesser breeds without the law" as the WASPs of Lowell and Eliot and Conant's ilk once loomed before the Jews-as the keepers and custodians of Harvard tradition.

Ah, but the blacks! The blacks!

I hastened to read the rest of the Jewish lad's Commentary article, the one in which he implied he had been driven off the Harvard Crimson by two competitors who'd snarled that, in effect, there were already too many New York Jews on the board.

The two students, it turns out, were themselves Jews, and they were elected co-chairmen of the Crimson.


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