Musings of a Revolutionary

by James Canada

7 October 2004

[From Instauration, June 1999]

There was a time, when I was much younger -- about 26 years ago, to be precise -- when I believed that I could have been a good National Socialist. But that only lasted for a short -- very short -- time indeed. Mere contact with "the masses" cured me of that delusion once and forever. I am by no means implying that it is not for others. It just wasn't for me personally. My real aspiration was to be a Red Guard in a White Revolution or Holy War.

Electioneering and "democracy" are part of the problem, not the solution. Truth is, people are sick to death of the whole disgusting, sordid mess of having to choose between Tweedledee, Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber, as can readily be seen from voter turnout. What we need is an Epic greater than the Russian Revolution ever was for Marxists. The coming White Revolution must be even more sweeping and absolute than the Bolshevik coup de main ever was for Imperial Russia. For that, however, we need more than a Lenin of the Right.

We need a man who will be at once a military, a political and a religious leader. What we need is a Mohammad of the white race. Will such a man come along? Maybe, maybe not. But the conditions have to be right for this man to appear and they will be made right the same way they always have, as the result of a major catastrophe or series of catastrophes, either natural, man-made or a combination of both. Just as WWI was the catalyst of the 20th century, so will a future event put an end to the Judenreich.

Above all, we need a people worthy of such a leader. The post-1950 white race is anything but. The difference between my own Baby Boomer generation (I was born in 1952) and that of my grandfather who was born in 1896 (WWI generation), is nothing less than abysmal. I'm a little over six feet and weigh 200 pounds. When I was 17 and my grandfather was 73 years old, we broke up the cement sidewalk leading up to his house with sledgehammers in order to redo it. He not only kept up with me but actually outlasted me -- which says it all.

My grandfather belonged to a generation that was not only tougher physically and mentally but also kinder and far less selfish as well. As my grandmother once told me, "People back then were cleaner on the inside." Theirs was a generation always readyto help their fellow man, of whatever race, while at the same time being conscious of the differences and determined to keep it that way.

Until and unless we can again produce such men, then and only then, will we stand a chance. Couch potatoes do not Epics make. Only the coming Great Catastrophe(s) will generate the caliber of people we need. We are now so decadent and emasculated that the author of a letter to the Safety Valve (I forget which issue) compared our present situation to that of a herd of buffalos being run over a cliff. After we hit bottom we will apologize for splattering our blood on the rocks!

The best any of us can hope to achieve in the so-called "advanced" countries under the present conditions is what the extremely tame Jean-Marie Le Pen and his Front National have done in France: garner some 15% of the popular vote. In the long term it's utterly inadequate. It may surprise my readers, but I have a lot of faith and hope in Russia and Ukraine. Only the East Europeans have kept their mettle. They alone among the white race haven't been contaminated by the decadence and degeneracy now afflicting our kind. Time will tell whether or not I am deluding myself.

I'll never forget the conversation I had with a Bulgarian woman a few years ago. She remarked that if you ask 100 people in the U.S. what their opinions are on any given political topic, you'll get 100 nearly identical answers. But if you ask 100 Bulgarians the same question, you'll get 100 different answers. In other words, communism's "totalitarian" brainwashing was nothing compared to the capitalist-democratic version.

All we can realistically do at present is what Instauration and other like-minded publications are doing; i.e., inform and educate those among us who can still think for themselves. But not all of us are suited to proselytize and evangelize. I don't want to convince anyone about anything anymore. I want to lash out and punish. I want revenge for what was done to me and my people. I am sick to death of talk, speeches and politics. I want revolution, civil war and ethnic cleansing. I found the latter two words to be truly beautiful from the moment I heard them. Let the white race become the Mister Clean of ethnic cleansing!

Much easier said than done, especially at my age. The only reason we should avoid violence is not because it is against the law or the Constitution or any of that garbage, but at this point in time we simply cannot win. The haters of the white race couldn't care less about the law or the Constitution except insofar as it can be used against us. They also eagerly resort to extreme violence and murder whenever it suits their purposes, secure in the knowledge that the authorities will support them one hundred percent or at the very least look the other way. For us to resort to violence at this moment would be to play right into the hands of our enemies.

Our so-called democracy must be exposed for the sham that it is -- a dictatorship in disguise -- the most vicious of this century because it succeeded -- unlike Stalin's and Mao's regimes -- in making the puppet believe that he is not only "free," but is actually pulling the strings! In all of history, true democracies have always been ephemeral and elusive. The only measure of a true democracy is whether or not one can take all the empty platitudes, such as "freedom of expression," at face value and put them to the test. Just go ask anyone in the Western world -- the "Free" world -- who's ever tried to do just that.

If your only choice was between the Maoist Party, the Stalinist Party and the Trotskyite Party, which would you pick? All those parties have differences but they all agree on the basics. What if you had to choose between the Nazi Party, the Fascist Party, the Klu Klux Klan or the Aryan Front, which would you pick?

What I almost invariably get as an answer is a constipated, "You see," and a quick change of subject. Democracy is like a bottle. Its proponents will talk endlessly about changing the label on it. Sometimes a Buchanan, Duke or Le Pen come along, threatening to change the actual shape of the bottle itself. For which he is fiercely denounced as heretical and "dangerous." But as far as the contents are concerned, go ask Zundel and Faurisson what happens to those who merely even hint at changing the contents.

By the same token, people must be made to realize that the Holocaust has become an organized religion. A new set of "sacred" beliefs with its Great Satan and evil demons (Hitler and the Nazis in particular, the Germans and the whole white race in general), its temples and shrines, its priesthood (the same repulsive old gang as before) and new laws to prevent any kind of challenge or heretical beliefs from arising.

Take the Salman Rushdie affair, to illustrate my point. Here is a Muslim from Pakistan who is condemned to death by Ayatollah Khomeini, after poking fun at the Prophet Mohammed and his wives in a book entitled The Satanic Verses.

The Western world dutifully professed its abomination of such "fanaticism." But what if Rushdie had made fun of the Western world's religion? By religion I quite obviously don't mean Christianity, which has long since ceased to be taken seriously by the "Christian" nations. I'm talking about the real religion in the West. Indeed what if Salman Rushdie -- all true-blue Muslim that he is -- had made fun of the "Holocaust" in a book? To start with, he never would have been able to find a "reputable" publisher. But let's assume for the sake of argument that he did manage to publish it. Surely the President of the U.S. wouldn't have made an official pronouncement declaring that the offending author must die.

He wouldn't have had to. Our "free-speech loving" and "democratic" media would have seen to that. Several lawsuits, death threats, fines and prison terms later, against both the author and his by now out of business publisher, it is precisely to the reviled Muslim world that our forevermore ignoble and disgraced outcast would have had to run for his life in order to escape the wrath of the Holocausters and their worshipers.

Which brings me to the other major ingredient needed if we are to survive as a race: a new religion. A new race-based, pagan-inspired religion that will do away with Christianity as radically as Christianity destroyed our ancient pagan beliefs. To be sure, it will probably still incorporate many elements of Christianity, just as the latter retained many pagan components. But its core will be as alien to the present Jewish-inspired religion of the West as the latter was to ancient Rome and the Keltic/Germanic world views.

Lastly, I wish to mention the idea of the creation of an underground movement patterned after my favorite model: the Red Brigades. Unfortunately once again this is an impractical idea at this point in time. The main reason for the Red Brigades' success was the prevailing leftist Zeitgeist and the implicit support of the powerful Communist Party of Italy, a party that controlled nearly half of the Italian electorate. No such climate exists in any of the white nations of the world at this juncture. But slowly and imperceptibly -- but irreversibly -- the tide is rising.

Our people will readily mobilize to save the tiger, the panda bear, the rhinocerous and the environment in general, not to mention even more precious sub-species like the white tiger, the white lion and the white rhino. If and when we finally make the connection and realize that human races are as equally a part of nature as animal species and that our very own kind is as much under attack as the aforementioned creatures, then something will hit the fan. The fuse will finally have been lit.

Spengler wrote:

Men are tired of money-economy. They hope for salvation from somewhere or other, for some real thing of honor and chivalry, of inward nobility, of unselfishness and duty.

British army general and historian J.F.C. Fuller called WWII the victory of Economic Man (Homo Economicus) over Heroic Man (Homo Heroicus). French writer St. Paulien called it the victory of the shark-faced larvae over the dead lions (La victoire des larves à gueule de squale sur les lions morts).

Had the average man and woman of 1939 been able to see 50 or 60 years into the future, they would have recoiled in horror. Judge a tree according to its fruits, says the Bible. Under its thin veneer of techno-gadgetry, can anyone fail to see the hideous mutant monstrosity that is contemporary democracy?

I like to think that as diseased as our race is, it is developing antibodies. If we manage to survive our present condition, then, as Nietzsche said: "What does not destroy me, strengthens me." I pray to the Gods, my Gods, that I may live to see that day.


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