Between the Lines: Thomas DiLorenzo Shows His True (Jewish) Colors

by Martin Hunziger

14 December 2004

From the Lewpie blog...

The Last Thing the World Needs
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at 01:10 PM

All my adult life I have been reading news stories of innocent people being machine gunned in restaurants and airports, blown up while riding school buses, thrown off cruise ships while in wheelchairs, and worse, at the hands of Yasser Arafat's thugs.

Oh dear, Thommy. I thought you knew some history but I guess this is what happens when a one-trick Civil War pony tries to delve into Middle-East history. It was Abul Abbas' gang who threw a man in a wheelchair off the Achille Lauro. (Abul Abbas and Arafat were enemies, moron.)

And for what? Supposedly to advance the cause of "a Palestinian State," a cause that both George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton heartily endorse.

Talk about red herring and guilt by association. What the Palestinians want is not so much a state (a totally bullshit notion concocted in the West), but jews off their land, and it is their land since the jews don't even have a Biblical claim to it (the legitimate Biblical Old Testament claim was predicated on continual obedience to God, which of course the jews failed to fulfill).

Does the Middle East -- and the world -- need yet another state?

Again, a totally irrelevant question. What is it with you libertarians and your obscession with the state?

All the other Arab states are vicious and corrupt despotisms;

Of course they are, because they're all ultimately creations of, by, and for the self-serving interests of world jewry.

why create another one? If such a state is created it will do what all other states do: rapidly take more and more of its citizens' income through taxation, squander most of it on things that are of no benefit to the taxpayers, deprive the citizens of more and more of their liberties, conscript them into its armies to fight unnecessary and aggressive wars, brainwash their children with "public" education, strangle their businesses with regulations, assault the public with a daily barrage of lies and propaganda, and generally behave like one gigantic criminal enterprise.

Unlike organized jewry, the most insidious collective criminal enterprise the world has ever known.

This is one idea that ought to be buried along with Arafat.

And irredeemable ignorance like yours, DickLorenzo.

Re: The Last Thing the World Needs
Posted by Chris Dominguez at 10:38 PM

Regarding the Palestinian State, seems to me they simply want to secede from Israel. I would think Lincoln's finest detractor (and I mean that in all seriousness) would welcome greater de-centralization.

Think again, naive Mr. Dominguez. Here's DildoLorenzo's reply:

Dictatorship is not "Decentralization"
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at 08:22 AM

Chris Dominquez says Arafat's followers simply want to peacefully secede from Israel, innocent angels that they are.

Innocent angels?! Where did Dominguez say or even imply that?

If that were true,

It's not, and you damn well know it.

then Arafat would have accepted what was offered to him during the Clinton administration -- "90% of what he was asking for" according to all the news reports.

"[A]ccording to all the news reports"?! Oh, good one, Thommy. Say, Iconoclastic Thom, can we trust what those same media say about Abe Lincoln, Thommy? Oh, why not Thommy? What's wrong now, Thommy?

His walking out on these proposals proved that he was never interested in peaceful secession, or peace of any kind for that matter.

Bullshit again.

His lifelong behavior demonstrated that his top priority was always to kill as many Jews as possible, period.

And Ariel Sharon's behavior hasn't been any different? Ever heard of Sabra and Chatilla, asswipe?

All of them, in his dreams, I'm sure. This is not a defense of the Israeli state, but an attempt to introduce some reality here with regard to the topic of a Palestinian state.

A pretty tenuous reality since you've proven you can't even distinguish between the Arafat and Abbas factions. If we can't begin with a basic reliable foundation of facts, then there's really nothing to build on, Thommy, and you are discredited.

There are no paralells between how the American states were formed -- voluntarily, as part of a confederation, endowed with the right of secession -- and the mess in the Middle East, as Chris asserts with his snide comment about me and decentralization.

Where did Dominguez imply a parallel?! Not to defend Lewpussian Dominguez, but this is a matter of basic reading comprehension and logic, Thommy, and you show that you're severely lacking--as libertarians usually are--in those areas on this topic.

The classical liberal ideal of federalism is foreign to the Arab world.

And to jews as well. Of course you can't say that, you gutless fucker, or all your wonderful (pseudo-)scholarly emoluments would be taken away at the drop of a yalmulke.

And creating another despotic dicatorship in the Middle East (a "Palestinian state") is hardly an example of "decentralization."

How was the Palestinian Authority ever a dictatorship? Was Arafat somehow oppressing somebody while cowering in his Ramallah compound from the fire coming from Iraeli Tanks and American-built Apache helicopters? As someone who actually knows a thing or two about the Middle East, I'm just a little curious about this, Thom. Enlighten the rest of us.

It would be just one more centralized tyranny.

Yeah, blow it out your ass, DildoLorenzo. So there we have it. The "courageous" iconoclastic "scholar" Thom DiLorenzo, who refuses to bow to conventional wisdom on Abe Lincoln turns out to be just another parroting, jew-fellating gasbag when it comes to the Middle East. In that regard this pseudo-intellectual piece of shit is not one scintilla different from Limbaugh and Hannity.

To tell DiLorenzo what an asshole he is, write him here.


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