Where We Are, How We Got Here, and Where We're Going

by Richard Hartmann

20 September 2004

This started out as a letter to VNN but turned into a general rant that can be called an article. I urge everyone to read at least the section headed "A Call to Whites." Thank you.

Watch an episode of Quintuplets on Fox. I caught one mid-way through and it has got to be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. It airs at 9:30 PM, eastern time, Sundays. At least it did this Sunday. Here is the show's website. The creator and producer is a jew named Reisman. All of the male characters on the show, especially the father, behave and talk like gay men. The mother bosses the father around and steps all over him and generally treats him like shit, and he responds with cowardly passivity, like so many married men today. In the episode I saw the son was taking a male friend of his to the prom/formal dance, and when the father tried to interfere, the mother stepped in and put her foot down.

Fox seems to be the foremost provider of sick jewish entertainment, from Family Guy to Malcolm in the Middle, to Method & Red to this filth. That's a point to bring up to all those brainwashed Americans who imagine Fox to be somehow "conservative." The same executives who run Fox and so control Fox news also produce all Fox entertainment. There is not a conservative among them. Their top boss is the half-jew Australian Rupert Murdoch, and their actual boss, last time natvan.com updated their media documentary, is jew Peter Chernin. Their "conservatism" consists of aggressive Zionism and a lean toward big business interests over the democratic rabble, to which the other big jewish networks cater. Both produce vile, degenerate entertainment and differ politically only in the narrowest economic details. Both support the ongoing War Against Israel's Enemies Anywhere On Earth. Both espouse an agenda of economic globalism, open borders multiculturalism, trash-culture, pre-teen sexualism, anti-first amendment 'hate' laws, anti-second amendment gun control laws, anti-free association diversity-enforcement laws in schools and neighborhoods and workplaces, affirmative action, and across-the-board welfare programs. All treat racially conscious whites as Public Enemy No. 1, de facto criminals who should be prosecuted for whatever technicality can be tagged on them - 'hate'-jaywalking, 'hate'-littering, 'hate'-sneezing, 'hate'-farting' - all felonies, and all consider the Muslim world in need of some heavy 'remodeling' from Shmuelberg's Home Improvement. Our "conservatives" are more steadfast and aggressive than the "liberals" ever were in their revolutionary desire to uproot the Muslim world and overthrow its traditions and impose every leftist political and social agenda onto it, from feminism, diversity and abortion-on-demand, to gun-confiscation, state-sponsored sex-ed and a jewish-Hollywood monopoly over Arab culture. They prove it with 25,000-pound bombs. The things conservatives are supposed to object to here they champion violently on behalf of jews in the Muslim world.

It is the same in Europe. When have we ever heard any "conservative" politician object to the gun bans and anti-free speech and political organization measures imposed on Europe since 1945? Never. Both parties are all too happy to silently affirm -- or violently enforce -- these laws in countries where they can get away with it. The moment a truly right-wing party wins power in any European country -- the BNP in Britain, or the NDP in Germany, or some nationalistic Slavic party in some Former Soviet Union country -- the US government, under either party, would be all too eager to bomb it into oblivion and restore power to the jewish-approved leftist-minority coalition, confiscate all firearms and maintain a ten-year occupation. Just look at what was done to Serbia. Remember when our ambassador was recalled from Austria when Jorg Haider won some seat on some political body? Both parties in America are perfectly content with these anti-free speech and political organization measures, as long as there isn't any negative political backlash. They're just waiting until they can get away with it here, when enough of the older voters have died off and enough of the younger generation has come of voting age.

When do we see anyone on the right calling for a repeal of the existing gun restrictions in accordance with their supposedly constitutionally-based position on the right on to bear arms? Or for a repeal of national and state "hate-crimes" laws which clearly punish thought and expression and not crime? - which make crimes out of thought and expression? When has any prominent Republican politician or any mainstream conservative media outlet called for the enforcement of the existing immigration laws? We have a Republican president, don't we? Why does he not enforce the nation's laws? That is the charge of the executive branch of the government, to enforce the nation's laws. Not to keep the door open to illegal aliens coming in and to Israeli espionage agents going out. The excuse normally given has to do with lack of resources or a problem in the INS, and every year we hear the issue talked to death, and about the need for reforms and restructuring and resources and so on. The whole job of sealing the border could be done easily for a yearly budget of 50 million or less (the interest payments on the national debt amounted to $318 billion in fiscal year 2003). It could be contracted out to any security company and done successfully. The real reason Republicans won't touch this issue is because they know it is political suicide, and not because it's unpopular with the people -- there are few issues more popular with a majority of voters -- but with the media, both left and right. The mainstream media would end the career of any politician who took on this issue, except for a handful of congressmen who represent border districts where the population cannot be lied to about it, who are dealing with the ravages of a constant flood of illegal aliens trampling through their towns and over their property, robbing them, vandalizing their homes, killing their pets, and generally destroying their communities and lives. The media understand that this is an issue where they and the public break, and any politician who calls for tough immigration control would immediately become popular with the majority of voters. The media know and fear this, both the mainstream left and neo-conservative right. So they attack the character and smear any public official or political figure who touches this issue, whether Pat Buchanan or James Trafficant. And so it's not touched.

The issue of trade policy is simply not discussed. The public is unaware that it is an issue because the press has not made it one. Affirmative action, welfare programs, gun control; these issues that the right once concerned itself with have just been dropped quietly in the past decade. They have accepted the status quo established by the left and desired by the media and adjusted themselves to it. They have totally abandoned any principle. The corrupt Republican party leadership has simply accommodated itself to the desires of the jewish mass media in order to maintain itself as a viable political party and win elections. There really is no "Right" anymore. It is not politically expedient to take genuinely conservative positions. They have all been marginalized. The Republican party no longer has any interest in them. They can't get elected on them. There is no political vehicle for a conservative platform, no party basis, no money, no media, no popular journals or magazines.

For 65 years conservatives have been on the run, covering up their true positions to avoid media condemnation, so that now in the year 2004 there is no longer any substantial portion of the public who hold truly conservative positions and there is no political party that can successfully represent them. Nothing in opposition to the leftist-jewish agenda can exist, so that both parties, in order to stay in business, now actively pursue the same jewish agenda with scarcely any differences. The public cannot be blamed. Its knowledge and opinions are provided by the dominant media, and all of the media promote the same basic vision of America and formulate the same globalist, multicultural, consumeristic culture and promote the same hatred of Israel's enemies. The blame has to be placed on the rootless Right that never knew what it was about and what it represented, which never had the dedication or courage or sense of loyalty to come out against the powerful forces at work in our nation. This was most true when the real battle was fought - in the 1930s. The elites in America were too rootless, too alienated, too self-absorbed, too comfortable to be willing to put themselves at risk and face jewish power. In England it was as bad. The elites there were as selfish and detached from their own people as were America's, and as much under jewish influence. In Germany and Italy nationalistic movements stamped out the jewish-leftist pest. In response, America and England were mobilized to put them down, and to back up the Soviet Union's drive to conquer all of Europe, regardless of the costs, so long as Germany was destroyed. With the European powers defeated and the right-wing cowed in America, the jews launched their post-war program for radical social change. Through the universities, the media, through the new medium of television, through Hollywood, the popular culture, music, etc., an overthrow of all traditional white values was engineered, often combined with social and political agitation hinged on anti-war and anti-colonialist activity. The populations of the defeated European populations were forcibly 'reeducated' and all right-wing political activity and expression were banned along with the confiscation of all firearms. Of course it was the same in the Soviet occupied areas, only with sharper teeth and a lot more blood and suffering.

The toothless right in America however, while not banned outright, never overcame its fear of the left and the jews and their media; it never grew balls. I would say it was neutered, but then it never really had balls to begin with. It never had any fight in it. It never had a bit of passion or life or spirit. Never could deal in fundamentals. Never could base itself on anything real; on people, on race. Never could break the taboo on mentioning the jews that was established during the war. Aside from men like Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, very few notable figures on the right ever even mentioned jews. McCarthy was no hero, he just confused the public and protected the jews by not exposing them. He brought himself down by allowing these same jews to ridicule him without ever hitting back. Such men deserve to lose; the Right deserved to lose. The Nazis fought the real enemy, they deserved to win, and did win. The American Right ran and hid, and it lost, and because it lost, America was used to destroy Germany and Europe and bring it back under the jewish heel. And to spread communism over half the earth. And then there was Vietnam, and the true enemy was able to freely subvert America at home while 58,000 mostly white Americans died in the jungle fighting rice farmers in a war that the cowardly conservative government in Washington was afraid to win because it would anger the jewish media and damage itself politically. No wonder America was lost in the 1960s; no wonder Americans lost faith in everything and gave up. If the Right would have stopped trying to ingratiate itself with its enemies and had thrown itself behind a true man like Lincoln Rockwell, with all its media organs and all of its money, we could have taken back our country and our people's destiny in the 1960s! But no, the Right tried to outdo the jews in condemning a man far better than themselves, accepted the terms of their defeat and suckered up the Enemy.

The only way the political Right, the right-wing establishment could secure for itself a position at the public trough and compete in elections was by putting forward Eisenhower-type candidates and not taking on any really important issues. Everything was done under the management of the jewish-leftist media establishment. All right-wing political activity operated under this domain, this handicap. And they never tried to fight it. There was never any effort to take the opinion-forming media away from the jews and the left, let alone the cultural and educational establishments. The right has never tried to compete with the jewish-left coalition in either of these key areas. That was one of the first things I noticed when becoming politically aware. The right was not serious. It was not trying to win. It's not serious today. The right in America has never fought back, and so has never won. It was all a game, a profession. The right was already beaten by the 1950s, had accepted its beaten position. It just wanted to be able to get along and manage under this arrangement, to get whatever scraps would be thrown it. It certainly was not interested in fighting.

Soon enough the jews simply co-opted it for themselves and ridded it of any threatening ethnic and social angles. They took all of the dominant positions in right-wing media and thinktank-dom and provided most of the financial backing, and so simply took it over. And instead of resisting this, the professional conservatives welcomed it as a way to advance their careers and ingratiate themselves further with the dominant jewish media. And it worked. And so now we have neo-conservatism. Anyone of the older, traditional Right was marginalized. The jews thus neutralized the whole organized opposition to themselves, no matter how weak and non-threatening it was. Better to have the right positively serve them than simply be weak and non-threatening. So today the Republican party has become nothing more than a vehicle for Zionist interests in the Middle East and a holding pen for the white majority, to keep it neutralized and confused and prevent it from pursuing its own interests. Remember, many white Americans simply assume that the Republicans are trying to represent their interests. They don't know they have been sold out. They don't know any details. They just assume the Republicans are doing the best they can to fight the left and are only moderating their message to appeal to a a broader demographic, so as to be more effective. Very few white Americans who think of themselves as Republicans understand the mechanics of what's going on and what has taken place over the past half century, nor should we expect them to. Fifty years is the whole of history for most people, a century an eternity, and anything before that a misty, cloudy, Biblical sort of time. Nothing besides right now is really real to them. That is why it is so easy for them to forget what the Republican politicians were saying just 10 years ago. They don't notice how much it has changed in so short a time. And so over the past 50 years we have gotten to the point where there is no conservative political representation anymore. The Republicans have completed their transition into Democrats and have in many ways superseded the Democrats as the Jewish Party par excellence.

The Jews are happy with the status quo; the white majority has been neutralized, it no longer poses any threat. It has thoroughly disavowed any interest in its continued existence, any feeling for its own group interests. It is on the way to becoming a minority in America. Many jews are even wary of that. They're not so sure its in their interests. Many are not eager to offend the white majority anymore with things like gay marriage and the like. Why push the envelope? Many still are, many of the lower-order jews are still very active in the left out of a basic jewish instinct to do whatever is harmful to us. But the very smart ones, the top jews, the calculating jews, who have been in the vanguard of the neo-conservatives, who are very prevalent in most of the media, are more or less satisfied with current conditions and are mainly focusing on keeping America as a viable military power to advance Zionist interests in the Middle East. They may even want to slow the rate at which non-whites pour into America so that the country doesn't end up in shambles before the Israeli domination of the Middle East is fully secured. Many want to keep the Republicans in office so that they can be sure of their Zionist position. They can live with Kerry, but are positively hostile to the more far left and anti-war elements of the left. They prefer a candidate dependent on Christian fundamentalist support to one on Black and Mexican and radical leftist support. In other words, the Republican party is becoming the Jewish party, while the Democrats, though still trying to serve the jews, are shifting further and further left, and inevitably losing jewish support. What this means to us is that the Republicans have completed their transition; there is no longer any conflict between them and the jews, there is no longer anything pro-white about the Republicans. The sellout is complete. The abandonment of white interests is complete. White Americans simply need be shown that as their fortunes decline in the coming America.

A Call to Whites...

To put an end to this long, long letter to VNN become article, I'll lay out some steps we whites can take toward claming our position as the representatives of white interests and for showing our people where their interests lie. First of all, to reach large numbers of whites we have to be willing to stick our necks out a bit. The best thing we can do right now is go out in public and openly distribute our political materials.

Purchase a couple hundred VNN tabloids - according to Mr. Miller, this won't cost more than $20-30 - and keep them with you wherever you go and hand them out. Purchase fifty to a hundred CD-R discs for $20 and load them up with some of Dr. Pierce broadcasts, put them in little cases with a National Alliance or GOVNN.com printout on the front and pass them out. Pick whites who are worth recruiting. Be very discriminating. Target only valuable people. Smart-looking, solid adult white men. Don't waste time on women. You don't need to be spit on or assaulted. Women are ten times more likely to reject outright whatever we have to offer and to make a scene. Focus all your efforts on that demographic that actually matters politically: 20-50-year-old white males who give the impression of being confident, conservative men. Working men. Men with the ability to think. At this point this is the best we can do to recruit people, and perhaps there will never be a better way. Personally target them and speak to them, just briefly, and provide them with the most highly persuasive material we have available to us. The personal interaction, in which you can tell them who you represent and how important the material you are giving them is, will provide them with a good first impression. That way they just don't toss what you hand them. When you go out to do this dress properly. Do everything you can to make a good impression. Bring your girlfriend with you to project an image of normalcy and community and stability and welcomeness and all that. If you do 50-100 of these per month -- you can do much more -- you cannot imagine how valuable your work will be. And there is no real danger in it. As long as you project confidence and self-assuredness, no one will bother you. Most people will respect you. If nationwide 50-100 white nationalists could engage in this kind of activity, which is no unreasonable assumption, recruitment of valuable whites would sky-rocket and we could really get things moving.

Think about it a bit. You can easily hand out 100 tabloids of the standard VNN print that Glen Miller is working on every week, every day if you really wanted to. Or you could design your own lay-out and submit it to Glen and he could send you 100s, 1000s of copies of your own professional looking tabloid with the most persuasive material you can find. Wealthier readers, take note. This kind of activity can be financed, easily, by you. It does cost money to print out these materials. We have the people to distribute them. We could conceivably be reaching 100s of 1000s of new people every year - millions? - with the most persuasive and informative material available. Every year! For no more than it costs to print the material. Please consider donating money to this specific, tangible and immensely valuable project, otherwise it will go no further than what's in our own pockets will allow.

I must stress it again. This is really unprecedented. We have the people; ready and willing to distribute the material. Millions of new minds are waiting to be reached. Dozens of us will pass out tens of thousands of these tabloids in the next few years. Think about the faces, the minds - how the lives will be changed - of those people we reach. This is the most fundamental of all our responsibilities, ready to be fulfilled in its most distilled form - direct access to the minds of millions over with the most persuasive material out there, for very little cost. We have always complained that we cannot reach the people. But that is not true. We can. We can reach thousands of new people every day. So let's do it.

I'm putting up $100 dollars toward this effort. As many tabloids as $100 dollars will print, for you all to order and distribute freely. Take advantage of this now, order as many as you think you can distribute without any thought of price for as long as the purchased materials will last. Do it now. Others, stand up now, make the same offer, make it known here. This is a well that will never dry up; there will never be a lack of fresh minds to reach or fresh hands to do the reaching; it will all grow itself in the coming years; more recruits, more distributors, more contributors, more and better writers; it will all grow itself with your participation. Look at yourself and ask yourself "what excuse do I have not to participate?" If you're not willing to go out there and face your fellow whites and give them the truth, for whatever reason, then at least support those who do. Contribute. Do something.

Recruitment now is the first step. Nothing can be done with the meager amount of people we have. Nothing serious on the political or revolutionary front. After a few more years of serious recruiting some organization or political party should arise to represent white interests and organize whites. We'll be too many to be ignored. We'll have enough capable people and enough resources to have strong, professional media. And by this point we should have enough general recruits to take on the jewish power structure in a meaningful way. The next step will be to make ourselves known to the public through elections. The public can only get excited about short-term goals. By being politically active we can rally the portions of the public hardest hit by diversity, non-white immigration, loss of jobs, economic insecurity, etc., to vote for us and support our platform and to contribute money to us. Campaign money raised by our party for local elections can be legitimately used to invest in media associated with the party. Elections and electioneering can grow the whole movement, even if they aren't the ultimate means for achieving our goals. Elections can be a means for recruitment, a means for spreading our message, for energizing masses, for raising money, for building up other arms of our activity. For jump-starting the revolution. Once we have sufficient people and resources we can easily snowball politically to become a major political force and replace the defunct, useless Right. Remember, the jews only make up 2 percent of the population. They have no reason to be represented. It is solely our lack of activity and organization that enables our people to be duped into supporting the Republicans. The Democrats represent the non-whites and the deranged whites. The Right has no business in American politicians. It doesn't represent anyone. It doesn't represent any group's interests. It represents itself. It sustains itself by deceiving the white majority that it represents them. We can easily show this to be false.

Whites still are the majority, still make up at least 65% of the country in real numbers. The worse things get for whites, the better our position as pro-white agitators and activists will get. And the worse things get for whites, the worse things will become for the country in general, in terms of economics, standard of living, social stability, crime rate, etc. So our prospects will be getting better over the next decade. Opportunities will emerge for us to seize upon. It is now all up to us, what we're willing and able to do in the next few years. What will emerge in a decade will be determined by the groundwork we lay now. Perhaps there will be a smooth transition from here to there, from us being a marginal movement to a more or less public political force, depending on the course the country takes in the next decade. Perhaps our activity will have to have other arms than political. The whole media-managed political circus that keeps the majority of the country dazed might have to be, shall we say, interrupted. Economic stability might have to be disrupted. But before any of this we have to get serious. We have to stop pretending. We have to stop being cowards. And really, that is exactly what you are if you won't go out in public and deal with whites face to face. You are the problem. If you can't go out and face your people, if you don't have the confidence or the courage, than you also have no business talking or complaining. Most of you are doing nothing at all, despite the fact that you are aware of our situation. You are the problem, not whites in general. They at least can plead ignorance. You can only plead shameful cowardice and personal insecurity. Just as it is not white Americans in general, but their cowardly leaders who brought us to our present situation through their inaction, you whites who are aware of our situation but remain inactive out of fear, who are afraid even to pass out politically incorrect material publicly, are the heirs of those cowardly conservatives who allowed the world to be raped and turned into what it is now. All that matters to our people now is that some of us have the courage to tell them the truth. If we who know what must be done cannot do it, let's not cry too hard when fate comes and stomps over us and rubs us out, because that is what we'll deserve.

As for the rest of us, those are aren't cowards, it's time we get off the sidelines and stake our claims now. We're going to take back our destiny, win back our lands and reclaim our world. Men have dedicated their lives to this fight: let's do all we can to spread their work. Let's ourselves dedicate our lives to our people and do everything we can to awaken them. It's our future that's at stake, our world, our life, our descendants. Everything that ever mattered. The world is at war, it is always at war. Life is a battle. It is going to be fought and won. Someone is going to Be. Let's not sit and watch and rot, let us Live, let us Be, and let us Win.


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