GOP Convention Coverage: Day One

by Richard Hartmann

11 September 2004

[1 September 2004]

by Richard Hartmann

I tuned in around 8, and ceremonies were kicked off with a pledge of allegiance, which should have read something like this:

I pledge allegiance to the jews
And the Republican National Committee
And to the Self-interest for which they stand
One nation, under ZOG
With liberty and justice for none...

...followed by a rendition of the national anthem sung by someone with a last name that ended in 'witz.' I tuned out.

Apparently there had been a number of speakers during the day, including new york jew mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Fernando Mateo, President of "Hispanics Across America." Bloomberg is the jewish media mogul turned politician who earlier in his term stated that he would not enforce Americas immigration laws as mayor, and made clear his positive feelings toward New York's homosexual community. I didn't have the pleasure of viewing either of these men's speeches.

First speaker I saw was jew actor/activist Ron Silver. Speech was laced with quotes from allied WW2 personalities; lots of moral posturing and calls to arms. Standard saber-rattling by jew who wants you to fight his enemies. A lot of cant about Human Dignity and such, all of course in a thick new yawk jooish accent. Totally surreal. "We are again engaged in a war that will define the future of humankind," said Silver. How repulsive. Calls to mind Goebbels' statement about the jew mayor of New York at that time discussing European problems "in the jargon of gangsters." Silver: "We will never forgive. Never forget. Never excuse!"

Flipped over to the other C-SPAN, running highlights from the 1956 presidential conventions. Saw some Nixon, some Stevenson...not much of interest. But one thing of note: how different the republicans are now from then. The paradigm has shifted since 1956. The repubs have adopted almost all of the left's themes and catchwords. Realizing it is futile to fight the wave, they've chosen to go with the flow. And boy have they. On the cable news coverage of the convention, it was mostly blacks and bottle-blondes doing the pro-Republican analysis. Flash to the crowd: obese women swaying to rap-dance beats, niggers in cowboy hats, cheering asian women. One of the first speakers was a Muslim in full garb. White man: The Republicans do not want to represent you! Stop giving them your support!

Flip to Fox News. Boy is that O'Reilly full of himself. He can't seem to contain it. Interviewing Buchanan. Does Buchanan think that lying will help him sell more books?

Later... Goodness, Hannity is an idiot. As Charley Reese said, "Every time he tries to think, his face reflects the pain of the effort." There are few morons more transparently phony than Sean Hannity. His sanctimonious suckpoopery has got to turn the stomachs of any viewer on our side of the bell-curve.

Political analyst says: "There is no outspoken conservative front and center." I.e., no conservatives allowed at the Republican convention. The Republicans know the game they're playing. They know who sets the rules, and what they have to do. The sell-out is complete.

Speaker Lindsay Graham. Boy this guy is creepy. Low-level pol, scarcely a step above ambulance chaser or used-car salesmen. Very servile, very sleazy. Here to introduce a politician of a much higher grade: John McCain. Get this from Graham: "This you must know and never forget -- Until John McCain takes his last breath, he will always do what he thinks is best for his country." What a load of shit. John McCain is a politician. A senator from Arizona no less, presiding over the Mexicanization of that great state, won by the blood of our white forefathers. He has never done a single thing he thought was in the best interests of his country. He gladly serves America's enemies to advance his career without a twinge of conscience. There are few men more cynical, corrupt and criminal than John McCain.

...McCain arises to the podium to the sound of Indiana Jones music. Don't ask me why. Starts out with a quote from FDR, no surprise there. "There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny." In other words, it is your noble duty to die for Israel, young American, so that I and my fellow party members can enjoy the perks of government office. Appealing to our people's sense of heroism in order to exploit it and use it for purposes directly contrary to what it was meant to serve. The gallows call...

The rest of McCain's speech pretty much consisted of the classic fearmongering/tough-talkin' dichotomy: We will not let the terrorists dictate our way of life/The terrorists are coming for us, vote Bush now! "As the President rightly reminds us...we're not yet safe." That's a direct quote. If we don't re-elect Bush we won't be safe. That's the message. How attacking Muslim states that may in the future threaten Israel's regional hegemony protects Americans from the activity of small autonomous terrorist cells in the United States isn't explained. But then when you look at the crowd at the convention, you get the impression that things don't really need to be explained, and that explanations wouldn't do much good anyway.

Next up Giuliani. This guy knows how to suck jewish ass like a pro. He's definitely going places. One of the things he said which stuck in my mind is the quote "keeping us safe and free." Keeping us free? How so? By repealing all those anti-second amendment statutes on the books that limit our right to bear arms? Or, by getting rid of all those national and state so-called hate-laws that punish people extra for their political opinions? No, not that kind of free. Free as in "secure." The circle closes. Freedom means Security. A frightened herd unites around appeals to its courage. Oy! Jewed, we're.

Giuliani continues... For some reason the Republican crowd begins to chant madly: "New York, New York!" Again, the logic of it escapes me, as New York seems to me the antithesis of everything the Republicans used to represent. A bit more about the dangers facing us and why for our own safety we must re-elect Bush, and then this ugly statement: "Thank God George Bush is President." Thank God Bush is president? Eeek... this reeks of an AmeriKwan Fascism.

"Terrorism is not new," says Giuliani. He mentions the King David hotel bombing, the Der Yassin massacre and the slaughter of Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon in 1982 by troops under Ariel Sharon's command. Gotcha! Actually mentions attacks on Israelis at Olympics in 1972. Mentions jew shark-food Leon Klinghoffer, "They killed him solely because he was jewish." You get the impression from jewboy Jewliani that "terrorism" really means the killing of jews. Condemns the German and Italian governments. Crowd boos. Condemns Yasser Arafat. Brings up Hitler, condemns Europeans as appeasers. Mentions drunk Churchill as hero of his, Bush as a great leader: drunk poltroons who take directives from jews as noble leaders. All things their opposite in a jewed world.

Boy, there are lots of niggers in this crowd. Must have all the Republican niggers in the country here.

Well, that about sums it up. Lots of judeo-jingoism, fearmongering, and mouthing of traditionally Dem themes and catchwords. The new jewish party proclaims itself. Convention closes to Frank Sinatra singing "New York, New York."

Might do some more convention coverage, might not. Missed tonight's speakers. Perhaps on the main night. We'll see.

Richard Hartmann reporting, over and out.



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