GOP Convention Coverage: The Main Event

by Richard Hartmann

11 September 2004

[3 September 20004]

Alright, guns loaded. Let's roll over Pataki quick and get on to the main squeeze.

Pataki comes out, well spoken and well-scripted - he's had ten years practice.

September 11th rolls off his glib tongue 11 times. A stunt, an experiment in the exploitation of sentimentality this emotion-laden convention is. Very skillful stuff. They've got their psychoanalyst jews working over time.

Lots of chuckles, lots of punch-line. Politics as comedy routine for dumbed-down masses. Humor also an emotional appeal.

Mid-way through speech a "Thank God for Bush" and a hallelujah from Pataki.

Quoth: "Took action to protect our country," "protects are country" - both patently false. Nothing going on in Iraq threatens our country of 300,000,000 well-dispersed populants of an entire self-sufficient continent that could easily seal off entry to any so-called terrorists. And to slip a nuke in will always be possible, short of opening every crate and... no, totally impossible. What you want to do is stop pissing people off, and that's exactly what Bush isn't doing. If a nuke goes of somewhere in America, it's Bush who's responsible, more accurately his handlers and beyond that the whole media-promoted jew-first policy in the middle east.

A jab at our intelligence: "The U.S. asked for peace [with Saddam]." You see, they just wouldn't allow us to have peace. Saddam wouldn't step down and hand over his country - and neither will the Iraqis - so we had to hit 'em. That's kind of like a mugger saying that he didn't want to have to kill you, but you made him do it by not handing over your wallet. It wasn't his fault; your wallet really belonged to him; you gave him no other choice. Such is the jewish attitude toward countries. "You could have voluntarily handed your country over to us, but instead you forced our hand." Only it was our hand. - The nature of our problem.

The essence of the Republican strategy seems to be the building of equal parts anger/fear in the public toward "the Enemy," and then presenting Bush as the bully who will knock this enemy to pieces and make them feel secure. And it will work well with a large segment of the public.

Pataki warns of a "new threat to freedom," thanks Fortune for having given us Bush in these dangerous times, and presents Him as a God-like protector of freedom. This Deification of Bush proceeds apace throughout the rest of the speech. Pataki exits.

Waiting for Bush, expecting his imminent arrival... and, what's this? out of nowhere, seemingly without any basis in reason, the sound of absolutely absurd music -- jump jivin' -- fills the room, cameras shift to large Nigger & band responsible. This goes on for a number of minutes, with lots of zoom-ins on Niggers in the crowd. This gave cause for reflection: The Rep/Dem division means nothing insofar as the whole country, the whole culture has been changed: the babyboomers and up, regardless of their so-called 'politics,' have the same underlying attitudes, and in the areas where it really matters - identity, who we are - all have been corrupted and uprooted. Let's not confuse ourselves with trivialities of policy; the question of who we were hangs like a black cloud over all our heads, fearful and foreboding - why is it even there, this horrible question? There it hangs, over and above everything else. Do not tell me about your "politics;" either you're white or you're not. Libertarian? Conservative? Socialist? Tell me about it after the revolution. Our politics? What we are. Let's start playing for keeps.

Next up a video presentation by the RNC which outdoes even Pataki in attempted Deification of the Drunken Wonder, and takes the prize for chutzpah too: this little propaganda piece lauds Bush for his -- get this -- lack of pretension! Which jew directed that film! The video runs through Bush's whole presidency, focusing on 911. "I hear you, the world hears you, and the people who knocked down those buildings are gonna here from all of us pretty soon." The jews have mastered the art of exploiting our people's natural aggression by misapplying it through propaganda to their own enemies: "We are threatened," they tell us, whenever they are threatened. "We are hated," they tell us, when they are hated.

Video ends. Out walks the chief criminal. Begins speaking in that characteristic Bush way: by enunciating every word individually like he's sounding it out, trying hard not to fuck up. After all, reading lines is the only thing he really has to do. Watching him up there, President of the United States, cheered on by the adoring crowd, one thinks to oneself: Did this fucking failure ever imagine that he would be President? And one understands why it is that he lies and fronts for his handlers and serves their interests at our expense: he's been given a deal he can neither refuse nor understand. It isn't the Bushes we have to worry about; it's the fact that we have Bushes, that we have puppets running our affairs while their handlers dictate from behind the scenes, and the media keep us in the dark.

Some things of note about his speech: "The World," it's always "the world" with these jews. Not America that we ought to be concerned with, but "the world," "the freedom of the world," "improving the world" - this euphemistic dress-up game to cloak jewish interests mirrors nicely the jews' "they hate us" routine. We aren't improving "the world;" we're just knocking out the national leadership of Arab states the jews' fear and setting up compliant regimes in their place. All the while our own country is stolen from out beneath us, our borders left wide open, our children's minds poisoned, our people open to exploitation from every quarter; lawyers, marketers, creditors, etc. And we call it freedom! And want to spread it to others! The drugs, the suicide, the depression, the mental illness, the divorce rates, the materialism, low birthrates and widespread abortion. The culture-less consumerism and rampant political corruption, the absolute lack of national or cultural cohesion - exactly the environment the jews prefer. Naturally this is the system they label "free" and define as "our values" - what they value becomes "our values."

Bush goes on... promotes his welfare programs, education spending, prescription drugs, etc. Included in this group I must mention his "tax-cuts," which are in large part "free money" handouts that put millions of people involuntarily on the dole in order to "boost the economy" and get people in the shopping malls.

Then Bush lays this one out there for the suckers: "The story of America is the story of expanding liberty." Is Bush suggesting that we have more liberty now than we did in 1776? He could more accurately have said "the story of America is the story of expanding territory," but that wouldn't have been politically correct. In terms of Liberty, the story of America is a continual contraction of liberty and expansion of government. But here's what he was really getting at: "We will extend the frontiers of freedom around the world." I.e., we will attack countries with patriotic leadership and replace it with corrupt and pro-jewish leadership, and dictate from afar the affairs of other peoples according to the dictates of our own jewish minority.

On the economics menu, Bush describes a healthy economic system in which men have stable work and support their families, and contrasts it with the economy of today in which work is hectic, uncertain and always changing. This latter economy is apparently preferable to Bush, as he advocates the policies of de-industrialization that have brought it about. In this new "Global economy," American serfs compete for a place in line with the rest of the Global serf population, real wages decline, and 2/3rds of American women have to work. At mention of this figure a number of deranged young women in the crowd began to cheer. Bush's solution? De-regulation. Give the corporations whatever they want so they can employ American labor and still compete with corporations based in Indonesia and Mexico. Bush is no friend of the American worker. White worker: You will not be exploited in our System, rather will be integral to it, it's very basis and Symbol. Get behind us and let's make this thing happen. We've got the brains, we need the hands and hearts.

...Hints at a flat tax.

Something to note: There's not a shred of constitutionalism from this man whose sole pledge was to uphold the Constitution. The public simply doesn't care about these things. They've been weaned off of such concepts by the government schools and the media. The Old Republic is gone, now comes the age of Caesars and demagogues, bread and circuses. Can we stem the tide? Can we reclaim what's ours? We have the shining examples before us...

Solution to the Social Security problem? Do not trust the government with your money. The government is a jew. The government is a carcass with a thousand maggots feeding off of it - politicians - devouring your wealth and labor. Do not expect a dime from the government, and never want one.

Point: The Republicans have adopted all of the Left's socialistic and minority policies, and are far better Zionists. The Democrats are left in the dust...

...Bush tells the audience that that gang of cut-throats, rapists and opium pushers he installed in Afghanistan are "fighting terror." And the media go along with it, don't contradict it. It is obvious that the media drive this whole rotten system, like a bulldozer plowing us like Rachel Corrie into the dirt.

In plain language -

Democracy: a system by which jews rule.

Terrorism: opposition to jews.

Terrorism will be defeated and democracy will be spread/Opposition to jews will be defeated and jewish rule spread.

Free society? One with a U.S. occupation government. Sovereign nation? - Rogue state. All things their opposite in the jewish lexicon.

Evil terrorists - Are all terrorists evil, or just some? Is it terrorism that makes them evil, or something else? Does anyone call Tamil or Nicaraguan terrorists evil? Or just Islamic/anti-jewish ones? - Only some terrorists are evil, All anti-Semites are. Rational deduction: It is anti-Semitism, not terrorism that gets the 'Evil' tag, and it is opposition to jews on which Bush and co. have declared war, not terrorism.

Fact: In not a single state in the so-called "coalition of the willing" was their popular support for the Iraq war - witness 1 Bush's contempt for democracy. The French and German governments are reviled for abiding by the will of their people - witness 2 Bush's contempt for democracy.

Bush praises "our good friend Israel." Condemns those who kill innocents. Ratio of jew to Pal civilian deaths? 1:4 - witness 1 Bush's hypocrisy. Bush extols Bomber Truman - affirms the value of terrorism. Dropping a nuke on a civilian population for the actions of its government is terrorism - witness 2 Bush hypocrisy.

"The Tyrannies of the Twentieth Century" -- Those states in which jews did not rule. Soviet Union '42? Ally of the Red, White & Blue.


Standard pushing of jewish agenda through gutted terms and symbols. One big media-supported and media-orchestrated charade, set to the tune of a marching parade. Pay no attention to the puppets - rather, knock over the set and hang the puppeteer. And that is what we'll do.

Let's recruit, let's organize, let's put ourselves on the map. Once we get our foot in the door there's no getting rid of us - but we will get rid of them.


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