A Final Response

by Max Hadden

23 September 2004

Since White Proletariat has adopted a more reasonable, if still inflammatory, tone, I shall do likewise and keep this response as short and sweet as possible. Hopefully, this is my final response regarding the author's original article and other statements.

The point I had been trying to get across is that Hitler's whole approach had been wrong, and it was wrong long before Dunkirk.

I know that was your point, dude, but the only reason you know this is because it is history. I'm not going to continue going round in circles about this issue.

The author implies that National Socialism only existed through Hitler, and I very much disagree with that.

Well, very few historians would agree with you there, but that's fine. The truths in NS can stand on their own, but it was Hitler that personified them.

Hitler had one flavor of National Socialism. Although Hitler's flavor of National Socialism became supreme in Germany, I don't believe it was the flavor needed to get the job done.

Here when you say "get the job done" the job you're talking about is about the Axis failure in the Jew-caused Second World War and NOT the job that Hitler and NS successfully accomplished by defeating the Jews in Germany. Again, the only reason one knows what mistakes were made during the Axis battles was because we sit here today after the fact.

The message must be the test, for we can have no other. Hitler's great weakness was his deference to the rich. It can argued that National Socialism's 25 points became blunted once Hitler acquired wealthy benefactors.

Again, another conjecture with no proof or facts to back it up and no concrete examples. And please don't anyone bring up (I know you didn't WP) those tired old Jewish and even pro-Christian lies that say Hitler was in bed with Zionists and an "anti-Christ". Some people use (I'm not saying you are WP) the incredibly twisted logic which goes; everyone knows Hitler was "evil", the Zionists worked with Hitler, therefore the Zionists are evil. This totally confuses reality by ascribing a few transactions as some kind of "sell out" or other such nonsense. If we were in charge and some Jews came up to us and offered us help in sending the Jews packing we'd say YES!

It's not so much knowing the outcome that's important but rather being totally ruthless in approach. I believe far too many racial leaders are prone to far too much compromise.

I agree with your second sentence as I've experienced problems with this myself, but the first statement is unjustified Hitler bashing and the author prophesying. How does one know when to be ruthless? Should we wipe out a country, oh, say Iran for example, just because they COULD pose a threat in the future? I don't know about WP's, but my Ouija board seems to be broke.

In men and equipment, the Allies clearly had the winning combination - in both quantity as well as quality (especially in equipment). Although you can make the claim that the Germans were better trained, the best equipment was ALWAYS with the Allies.

Okay, let's stop right there...the part about quality is more anti-German propaganda and has no basis in reality. The QUANTITY was the deciding issue. Even though the Axis were ultimately overwhelmingly outnumbered, the Germans at least managed to kill or capture approximately 7 of their foes for every 1 German the Allies got. This was mainly due to IQ and the equipment produced by it. Forget about the Me-262 already? And what about the fact that the French -- a former Soviet "Ally" -- provided a helluva lot of equipment to Germany for the war effort?

Let's focus a few seconds on this quality thing... if eugenics holds any water at all... and the Germans were the only ones -- other than the Italians and Spanish -- in Europe who defeated Jewish control over their country... did this superior healthy racial instinct and intelligence show itself in their technology? What about today? Is there doubt that the Germans with their Mercedes Benzes, BMWs, and Porsches, make the best and highest quality automobiles in the world? No there isn't. Has WP visited automobile factories such as Ford Motor Company near Detroit, Michigan, and the Mercedes factory near Stuttgart in Germany as I have? I doubt it.

Even if the Germans had won at both Stalingrad and Normandy, the Germans still would have been ground down to defeat. A competent leader would have known all of this, and a better doctrine would have been developed. There were plenty of folks back then who would have told Hitler, and many tried, that it wouldn't work. If Hitler had not been so busy sucking up to the wealthy, he might have realized this.

Smearing and attacking Hitler only makes you feel good and doesn't result in anything productive. I can play the game too: if the Germans had a Jewish seer like Nostradamus in charge, they would have won for sure.

A big part of having a harsh message is to stop treating the jews as people - like Mr. Hadden does. It's "jew," not "Jew!"

Think about what you're saying here, sir. Quibbling with me over capitalization is a waste of time. I capitalize things that IMHO need definition: such as Communism. How the hell does that mean I'm giving an inch to our first priority -- to get the kikes off our back? It doesn't.

It was only due to Hitler's leadership that Germany went to war. Like it or not, Germany followed a leader that led them into disaster. By compromising with the industrialists, Hitler weakened Germany's moral strength. That's why Germany lost!

I'll say this again so that it sinks in -- actually Herr Hartmann put it quite well in his most recent essay -- Hitler and the Axis nations' war was against Jewish Communism. Corrupt leaders in the U.S. and Britain fought against Hitler because they were corrupted by the Jews. The disaster that befell the Germans occurred because AMERICANS FUCKED UP, not Hitler. But I don't expect you to believe me, Charles Lindbergh, General Patton, or Commander Rockwell. Here's yet another famous man's view on it, Dr. William Pierce in his radio broadcast titled: Our Biggest Mistake http://www.natvan.com/internet-radio/ts/022302.mp3.

Even if the author disagrees with my assessment of Hitler, I believe that even Mr. Hadden must confess that Hitler is a hard sell in all racial circles.

In whose "racial circles"? Not the ones I've been in. They actually SOLD ME on Hitler.

If WP really means, "there's no way Americans will ever follow Hitler or adopt National Socialism," to that I say BS. That's defeatism and simply not true. Like over half the people I've met at pro-White racial gatherings, and there have been hundreds, if you'd have told me ten years ago BEFORE I became racially aware that I would think Hitler was a great man some day, I'd have said you were completely insane. But I would have been wrong.

The author has been real quick to debate history but has been quite silent about discussing corruption within the movement and weak messages. I get the sense that Mr. Hadden would prefer not to discuss these more important issues, the real subject of my latter two commentaries, because he might be required to engage in creative thinking.

Haha, that's a low blow. I've been called many things before, but NEVER uncreative, lol. Maybe I should tell the U.S. Patent Office to rescind my patents or the Library of Congress to burn my copyrighted books and other materials because WP thinks I don't deserve them?

Many people discuss many subjects here at VNN and occasionally we'll just rant to get something off of our chest. It's to Herr Linder's credit that he gives many pro-Whites their turn at the podium even if he doesn't necessarily agree with what they're saying. Be specific and if I have something to add I will. I don't comment on every article and I don't necessarily agree with every author, but for the most part we ALL agree that races are not equal, we should be proud and not ashamed to be White, and that the kikes and other non-Whites must be removed from White nations everywhere.

In regards to the Confederates losing, the jews might as well have chosen those leaders. Because in the end, the South lost and the jews won.

This was actually a trick question, and no, I'm not a lawyer, but WP should ask himself whether the Jews would have had more to gain if the South had won. The general answer is yes seeing that Jews in America were twice as likely as White people to own African slaves and were behind the other lucrative financial enterprises in slave trading. More proof of this is that no Jewish groups were among the so-called Abolitionists prior to the Civil War's beginning.

It's far more destructive to hold up Hitler to be this infallible leader - that somehow just happened upon bad luck.

I never said it was bad luck, did I? I said it was the exact opposite of what you said. I'll say it once more: the Allies had been corrupted, not Hitler.

If we're going to win, we're going to have to stop making excuses for Hitler - or other racial leaders of the past.

I don't make excuses, I provide facts. If you can't deal with the facts that's your problem.

Even though I gave Rockwell the benefit of the doubt, Rockwell didn't lead us to the victory, so I'll not honor him either.

You really should think about what your attitude means, sir. Should any White racist organization trust someone taking your position? Or is it very likely that one day you could suddenly think one of their leaders is doing something harmful to the cause, and therefore, deserves assassination?

Let people like Mr. Hadden defend Hitler against the nonstop attacks of the jews. I myself would much prefer Hitler's reputation to go where it may. Since Hitler did not win, I shall not claim him.

I will defend Hitler and those brave Germans and Italians and Danish and Norwegian and French and other brave European men who fought the Alamo of the White race until the day I die. So will others as here http://www.musicalterrorists.com/downloads/tv/fff.swf (Note: you might need Swiff Player to view this if your browser can't play it. It's available for free at downloads.com)

Hitler won against the Jews in Germany. If Britain, France, and America had not succumbed to the Jews, we wouldn't be living in this completely screwed up AmeriKwa today.

Let the jews play with Hitler instead.

Here we agree... let the Jews and their White dupes smear Hitler instead.


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