Heads Jews Win, Tails Whites Lose

by Max Hadden

26 July 2004

Once again in 2004 the people of the United States will be treated to the splendor of voting in a presidential election for candidates that have no concern for this nation's White citizens nor the ideals and intentions of its Founding Fathers. Further, it becomes increasingly obvious that the only ones who win in these elections are the Jews; the soon-to-be-majority non-Whites riding their coattails are being played for fools, just as Whites are. Those of us who understand the big picture should continue to repeat the facts so that a critical mass of our people realizes where all of this is heading.

Our Presidents Are Useful Idiots

Whether or not the Yiddish-speaking quarter-Jew known as Vladimir Lenin ever actually uttered the phrase "useful idiots" is not important. What is important is that today these useful idiots are everywhere we look in positions of authority, or in some cases on the web. What Lenin meant by the term is: there are idiots who believe all the Marxist garbage about equality and creating utopia on Earth, and who are useful because they propagate Communist beliefs and defend its ideals wholeheartedly. This is true in our universities and schools, in our local and state governments, and in the highest positions at the national level -- all of which never cease to tire in their pursuit and desire to "increase diversity," "combat racism," etc.

Let's look at Useful Idiot One, George W. Bush, and see how he continues to help the Jews. First, we all know that he kisses Ariel "the Butcher of Beirut" Sharon's ass, but what will he do if he's re-elected President? He'll continue to increase our diversity by allowing untold millions of Mexicans to flood across our borders; he'll continue building Big Brother with funds for Department of Homeland Security; he'll continue to give the future of our children and their children away by increasing the national debt to the Jew-dominated and -owned Federal Reserve System ensuring their servitude founded upon labor; and most importantly, he'll probably attack the next country on his Axis of Evil list, Iran, and continue the needless "war on terror," thereby expanding Zionist empire. All of these things are good for the Jews.

Now let's turn to Bush's main opposition for President, John (Kohn) Kerry. A man with two Jewish grandparents, he can hardly be expected to address this nation, and the world's, real problem - the Jews. If one looks at his rhetoric about Bush, one realizes that he doesn't offer any solutions, but simply criticism. Kerry is probably the most useful idiot for the New World Order crowd due to his willingness to blame White men for racism and blunders in Iraq so that tools of the Jewish elite like the U.N. can eventually be given control over the U.S. And look at his running mate, John Edwards, a useful idiot who advocates a domestic spy agency (http://msnbc.msn.com/id/5388509/site/newsweek/). Edwards, by following the Party line from both the federal government and evangelical Christian churches, will promote the use of force against anyone opposing Jewish interests or Israel and frame it as fighting "terrorism" or "anti-Semitism."

As one can easily see, both of our Presidential candidates are good for the Jews. If elected, Bush, will undoubtedly expand the global Zionist-American empire under cover of "spreading democracy." The mantra "no war for oil" should really have been "no war for oil for Israel." While the other candidate, a Jew, will surrender some if not all of our national sovereignty while increasing KGB-style "intelligence gathering" (as if the ADL weren't enough) to help persecute and prosecute true American patriots. All of this leading to total economic and military power over all the people of the entire world in the hands of an elite group of Jews for the sake of Israel and its global Zionist empire. It's impossible for the Jews to lose the next Presidential election.

The Real Action is in the Reaction

The way the Jews have handled the events surrounding 9/11 is a classic example of the blueprint for Communist revolution. Violent revolution or events are only the first step in reaching the ultimate goal: total control over a nation's people. The attacks of 9/11 lead the people of the U.S. to want the government to "do something," and the answer provided by our lying Israel-loving traitors in Washington, D.C., was to increase world domination (invading Afghanistan and Iraq) and government control (creating a Department of Homeland Security). That is the Jewish Communist plan. A one-world totalitarian government where the only beliefs the people are allowed to have must be good for the Jews and the principle economic practice is state capitalism. We are seeing the Jewish ideal of a world government being brought about by our own nation's government, with some help from the U.K., and most of us don't even recognize it.

One of the best ways to understand the impending global slave labor camp and how the system worked under Communism comes from G. Edward Griffin's informative video lecture titled More Deadly Than War. Of course, as I've mentioned before, Mr. Griffin is not a White nationalist and does not name the Jew, but the information he provides is often quite enlightening. I've transcribed some of the video, and although Ed Griffin is speaking the whole time, I separated his remarks as if someone else were speaking.

ED: Some years ago I happened to attend a meeting where several anti-Communist refugees from behind the Iron Curtain were called upon to relate their personal experiences. Some of the questions which came from the audience were rather naive I suppose, because finally one of the refugees spoke up and he said...

REFUGEE: You know, you Americans have funny ideas about life under Communism. Apparently, you think there's a Communist soldier standing on every street corner with a rifle and bayonet to keep the people in line. But this isn't so. Oh, sure, in the beginning there were plenty of soldiers, and executions, and deportations to slave labor camps, but we don't see much of that any more. The open violence lasted only for about a year, or year and a half, [and] then the anti-Communist leadership was liquidated. And now, to the casual observer, there's a great deal of apparent calm and freedom.

For instance, I lived in the largest city in the country. We have a large park there directly across from a beautiful church. They left one church open. One in the entire country. Primarily for guided tours of visiting Americans who had come to see if religion was being persecuted. Theoretically, any time I wanted to, I could have gone into that park, stood on a bench and spoken out against Communism. Then I could have walked across the street into that church and knelt down in prayer. And I wouldn't have been arrested or bothered in any way.

But you can be sure that I did not do these things. Because if I had, the very next day, the wheels of the bureaucracy would have begun to turn and I would have been informed that my quota for food stamps had been cut; that my allotment for clothing and shoes had been reduced; that my allocation for living quarters had been downgraded. And finally, that my job assignment had been changed from the type of job for which I'd been trained to menial labor at lower pay. So none of us did any of those things that we were theoretically entitled to because of the tremendous power that the Communist Party had over our economic existence.

ED: And then he said something that I'll never forget. He hesitated for a moment and weighing his words carefully so as not to hurt our feelings he said...

REFUGEE: You know I came to America expecting to find a nation of free men, but instead, I find exactly the same thing. Everywhere I look I see men and women who know that Communists are making headway in this country, they know that something must be done and that someone must stand up to it. But they themselves do nothing. They remain silent. Because they're afraid that if they speak out, or take a stand publicly, it'll be bad for business. They may lose a client. They may even lose their jobs. Or perhaps they're receiving a regular government check and are already too dependent on some of the very people and programs that they know they should oppose.

These men voluntarily have gone behind the Iron Curtain. They're already taken over by the Communists. The only difference is, that for the present at least, they can still get out any time they really want to. We could not.

The part about losing one's job for speaking out should be very familiar to most of us. Many of us work at places where we know that to speak honestly about racial differences or to tell the truth about the Jews would get us fired in the blink of an eye if certain individuals ever heard us. We live under the constant fear, at least those of us who are still programmed, of being called "racist" or "anti-Semitic" in this country just like the gentiles under Jewish Communism. A tyranny is by definition a government that its people fears. The Jews redefined tyranny to mean a dictatorship -- because Hitler was such a brilliant leader and they want to keep a National Socialist movement from ever happening again -- but the more accurate definition of tyranny is: dominance through threat of punishment. America is therefore a tyranny.

Nazi USA?

As I mentioned earlier, useful idiots that push Jewish ideologies are everywhere, including the web. Obviously, the Anti-Racist Action and others fit nicely into the useful idiots category, but others are only half right. They are harmful to the enemy, but also harmful to themselves because they don't have the whole truth. And of course, the main reason they don't have the whole truth is that they continue to believe Jewish lies written by Jewish experts and Holocaust "survivors." Here's a brief list of a few lies that most believe: 1) that Hitler burned the Reichstag instead of the Jewish Communists; 2) that German citizens had no right to free speech or to own firearms; 3) that there was no freedom of press; 4) that the state controlled all business (socialism); 5) that the Germans murdered 6 million Jews in concentration camps and this was the worse crime in history (ignore the Jewish murderers of 65 million gentiles in the Soviet Union and the Allied atrocities such as Dresden), and the list goes on.

A couple of these individuals are G. Edward Griffin who I believe is good man and who exposes a lot of Jewish swindles, but who is not racially aware. He believes in a meritocracy type of system as desired by the authors of The Bell Curve, but thinks it can work in a multiracial nation, which is impossible. He also believes "Nazism" is totalitarian government of the Jewish variety. He's obviously never read Mein Kampf or other documents and laws of NS Germany or spoken to people who lived under National Socialism (who weren't Jewish or pro-Marxist). Another is the author of the website http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ who also continues spreading the lies about Hitler and would equate Bush with a "racist" because of his hate for Arab terrorists. He acknowledges Israel's dastardly deeds and even goes further than I would on blaming Israelis for 9/11, but in his fear of being called a "Nazi" or "anti-Semite" (a typical response when speaking out against Israel in America) he has to also mention that he hates the Nazis as often as possible.

The final person I'd like to mention who aggravates me to no end is Alex Jones at http://%20www.prisonplanet.tv/ . He does not address the Jewish involvement in anything, but really believes it's all a power grab by elite oil millionaires and other wealthy individuals in the mass media who pay homage to a Satanic deity every year at the Bohemian Grove in California. The dumbest thing he continues to do is make the claim that the U.S. is becoming like Nazi Germany with the Homeland Security Department being a Gestapo and that Bush is like another Hitler blah-blah-blah. This is why he has a tab on his website that says "Nazi USA." And to this I say, "Oh, if it were only true." He claims to be a Christian so that's probably what's clouding his judgment with regard to looking into the truth about the Holocaust, Hitler, and National Socialism. Because of his Christian beliefs I understand completely why he calls the activities he exposed at Bohemian Grove "Devil worship." But to parrot the claims of the Jews regarding the Nazis without investigation once you've discovered the mountain of lies rampant in American society is hypocritical.

I'll quickly set the record straight, and don't take my word for it, look it up from non-Jewish sources: 1) the National Socialists did not set the Reichstag on fire (www.jewwatch.com); 2) German ownership of firearms was encouraged under Hitler and there was no suppression of free speech, but there was suppression of Marxist, Communist, and other lies and pornography, even though people could still own printed material, they couldn't teach it in schools; 3) it was demanded of the press that their reporting be honest (would we allow people to assert 2+2 = 5? Or that homosexuality is all right? Or that African culture, such as Jazz, now rap, is cool? -- well, we do in the U.S.), 4) there was no removal of property or businesses out of private hands (National Socialism is simply a racial republic based on free enterprise competition and merit), 5) the Holocaust was a complete fabrication built on the fact that many people died as the result of typhus, starvation, and the destruction caused by the war (Note: a picture is worth a 1000 lies -- piles of bodies were photographed and captions reading "Murdered Jews" was put under it while in fact the dead were the result of an Allied bomb strike, for example) and there was no and never has been any proof that Hitler or the Nazis created "death" camps to back up the Holocaust/exterminationist myth.

On a topic more closely associated with this article, the National Socialists never had any plan to conquer the world or create a world government, as did Jewish Communism. The "New Order of Europe" Hitler was referring to was one where the international Jewish bankers did not bankrupt and thereby enslave every White nation in Europe nor would it be allowed to tyrannize Whites by controlling their government, educational systems, real estate, occupations, press, etc. That's why the anti-Communist Germans marched to liberate -- I mean truly liberate, not the so-called liberation of Poland or Iraq that our American idiots proclaim -- the people of the Ukraine and Russia and other countries from the yoke of their Jewish masters. National Socialism is "nationalism" which is the kind of republic that George Washington referred to in his inaugural address: one concerned with its own people and their prosperity.

Further, the invalid comparison of Homeland Security with the Gestapo must stop. The more accurate description would be the KGB, NKVD, or in this country the ADL. The investigation of the Gestapo could hardly be called "persecution" when during the Second World War, they asked questions of people who were unpatriotic. Contrast this to a real "persecution" episode as described by a Soviet defector in Ed Griffin's Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press. Yuri Bezmenov, who worked for the KGB, explained how over 1000 Koreans were executed one morning by Communists in a small town, and how the Americans could not figure out how the Communists knew WHO to kill and where they lived after only having captured the town for a day and a half. Mr. Bezmenov explained why: because they had made lists using public information and paid informants of all of those who were anti-Communist ahead of time so that when they came into power they could be easily liquidated. Compare this with the episode surrounding the ADL's police department informant Roy Bullock in the early 90's. It's the same thing. While on the other hand, has it ever been proven -- disregarding the accusations by Jews and other pro-Communists -- that the Gestapo engaged in this sort of mass murder and unjustifiable persecution? No.

Total government is Communism. Communism is state capitalism. The real revolution is the non-violent one after the violence occurs. The real action is in the reaction. The increased "security" and "intelligence" departments created by our federal government after 9/11 is a reaction to push us further into Jewish control. But only because we are allowing it, not because it makes any sense for us to give up more security and freedom because we were attacked by enemies of the Jews in reaction to American support of Jewish atrocities in Palestine. The Jews are the Great Masters of the Lie. I would suggest Mr. Jones listen to a lecture of the same title by Dr. William Pierce (MP3).

The Hate Wall

A brief aside about the so-called "Hate Wall" the Jews want to build in Israel. It's always amusing when the false ideologies foisted on us gentiles by the Jews come back to bite them. Dr. Pierce pointed a fine example of this out once when some Jewish feminist journalists in Israel wrote an article about the flourishing business in White women as prostitutes in Israel (historically known as the White slave trade). You can be sure that Jewish men were cursing the day they ever let a woman wield a pen. But to the point -- we mustn't get too excited by the accusations by some American groups that the Israelis are building a Hate Wall. The use of the word hate is part of the Pavlovian conditioning along with the hatred of "racism." On the other hand, if a racially conscious group started calling it a Hate Wall, they are just being sarcastic and making a point by turning the tables on the Jews and using their own false propaganda against them.

So why should we disagree with the term "Hate Wall"? It's not because the Jews aren't really haters. They are the premiere haters of all time. When one examines the history of the Jews on Earth, one knows that they are the supreme haters of anything and everyone non-Jewish. No, it's because the next logical step is that any wall between the U.S. and Mexican border would also be considered a "hate" and something those evil "Nazis" would do. Why? Because it's racist and everyone knows racism is evil. But the comparison is flawed. What the Jews are doing is similar to the following analogy: a group of us say that our holy book the Elbib (Bible backwards) proclaims that we own the land across the border from El Paso that includes the city of Juarez (a shithole that no one should want, I know). The Elbib says that our God Yeehaw (think Yahweh) promised us that land a gazillion years ago, so we deserve to come in with our tanks and bulldozers, flatten and demolish all dwellings and businesses, shoot children throwing rocks, and march as far as we can into Mexican territory, where we'll set up a wall. Never mind that 99% of us don't believe in the Elbib. What we want is an excuse to get more control and we have another race of people who give us all of our support who believe the Elbib more than we do. That's what the Jews have done to the Palestinians. What the hell does that have to do with a wall to keep the Mexicans from invading us?

Should we not do something just because the Zionists are doing it? They are building a wall to keep their people separate from others, why shouldn't we do the same thing? The Zionists breathe air and eat food too, so should we stop doing that? Hell, I've got a better idea. I don't just want a Hate Wall, I want a Hate Skyscraper too. Let's call it the American Reichstag Building. Because if by "hate" these American idiots who wail about the "hate wall" mean "loving your own people enough to want to protect them," then I'm all for "hate." The type of hate that is: I love my race and its interests and well-being come before any other race's interest in my own damn country, sounds good to me. In fact, wherever my race happens to be, South Africa, Zimbabwe, we should help them when their survival's at stake, that is unless they don't want our help. This is the kind of hate I can live with.

The best explanation of the manipulation of word "hate" by the Jews is available in the radio broadcast by the late great editor of the National Socialist World, Dr. William Pierce, in his Who Are the (Real) Haters? lecture at MP3.


The changes in the world are all headed in the same direction - the enslavement of all people under the leadership of the Jews. As Henry Ford once said, "Corral the 50 wealthiest Jews and there will be no wars." History repeats itself, but we can shape history. Let's choose the proper history to repeat. I would submit to you we should emulate NS Germany. If we do not do this, we are by default against White people. Anti-National Socialism is anti-White. It is the only way to fix the present global problems caused by the Jews. If we don't do this, the situation will always be: heads Jews win, tails Whites lose.


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