Understanding Jewish Trickery

by Max Hadden

26 October 2004

Right on time for Halloween the Jews have shown their mastery of trickery by having the moron currently occupying the White House sign a law creating a U.S. government approved and paid for department to fight global anti-Semitism. The grip the control-freak Jews have over all of us, the clueless and informed alike, is absolutely incredible. You can be sure a lot of kikes will be wearing sarcastic grins for months to come. I apologize to VNN readers in advance for this rant.

In one of the "Lord of the Rings" films, I think it was the second, there's a scene when a king who's being suited up for battle against insurmountable odds stares blankly into space and asks, "How did it come to this?" This is the same question we should answer in regards to Jewish control over White nations, widely known as "the Jewish problem". A great description of Jewish machinations is located here, but I'd like to talk about HOW the Jews deceive or trick us so successfully. The strategy they employ. It's a concept well known to magicians of the Las Vegas variety.

We know the answer to the question, "How did it come to this?" with regard to Jewish problem. The reason the Jews are the pre-eminent totalitarian control freaks of all times is because it is in their genes to dominant the people they live among. None of the other races, such as the Africans and Asians, start with the intention of causing harm to the White race. Even if they join a racial organization, their intent is generally to look out for their own race. Not the Jews. They consciously destroy the White race through subversion and psychological manipulation. It is in their genes to do this. They cannot help themselves, like a cat can't help but meow. They created the NAACP to help destroy our White society instead of creating an organization that advocates returning Blacks to the Dark Continent. By the way, I would suggest that since Blacks were brought here involuntarily, we can send them back involuntarily. And I hear that NAACP stands for Niggers Are Always Causing Problems. The reality is that the Jews' sordid creations are proof of their character; the products of their genes. Communism, the Federal Reserve System, the Frankfurt School and its destructive ideologies, Freudian theories and pre-occupation with sex, the ADL, racial conflict and tensions, the feminist movement, alienation of White children, the bogus war on terror, and all the rest.

What we often overlook about all these Jewish success stories is the HOW. How did they do it? It's the same principle every good magician is taught: the secret to any magic trick is to be ONE STEP AHEAD of the audience. The Jews are always thinking ahead of us. They're in a constant chess game planning their next move against their opponents who DON'T EVEN REALIZE that they're playing a game. The USS Liberty is an example of a Jewish failure in this strategy. The plan was to sink the Liberty and blame it on the Egyptians to get the U.S. involved in a war on Israel's side. But this particular chess moved failed because the ship didn't sink as planned. However, the Jews have far more successes than failures to their credit. They created the "Office of Special Plans" to feed false information to the White House to make our so-called leaders attack Iraq. Keep a few points in mind, no legal reason was found to invade Iraq, and most of the world disagreed with the U.S.-led invasion, so President Hussein is still president. And now the Jews have wrangled a legal proclamation from our politicians announcing that the U.S. is against anti-Semitism as a matter of policy. Said another way, this means our government is officially pro-Jewish first and foremost. Screw you, White majority soon to be the minority in your own country!

That reminds me of something... in all this dog and pony show presidential election campaigning going on we always hear them talk about "courting the Black vote," or "garnering Jewish support," or "catering to Hispanic people"... do we EVER hear something like "pleasing the White majority"? You know the answer to that. This is the most obvious indication that our government does not care about White people.

Another example of being one step ahead of us is the 9/11 attacks. It is very likely that the "Muslims" who piloted the planes were in fact dark-skinned Sephardic Jews posing as Arabs. Many of the men in the passports appeared alive after the event proclaiming their innocence, so who was posing as them? And why would a "Muslim martyr" want to conceal his identity? They wouldn't, they'd want the full praise and glory. There is no doubt that the Mossad spied on a group of men who allegedly carried out the attacks on 9/11. But were these men they spied on a mixture of non-Jews and Mossad agents? The reason why they didn't warn our government of the impending attacks is easily understood. First off, they wanted the attacks to occur, again, to get the U.S. involved in a Liberty-like event. So whether or not the men who carried it out were Jews posing as Arabs or true Muslims was irrelevant. They were not going to warn us either way. Not only that, if the Mossad had actually infiltrated a terrorist Islamic cell, they probably gave the team the idea to use commercial airliners as missiles in the first place.

Now getting back to this stupid, goddamn global anti-Semitism plan approved by our government. What this means is that our government has openly declared its concern for the welfare of Jews everywhere in the world over ITS OWN PEOPLE. Makes me want to puke. Looking a few steps down the road, our government will soon be telling countries that if they allow citizens access to "anti-Semitic" material, such as websites like VNN, then the U.S. will refuse aid and commerce. What this really means is that telling the truth about the greatest control-freak, totalitarian, and destructive race of all times is verboten. My suggestions to all the citizens of the world is to go out and buy postcards from Auschwitz and mail them to Jews with the words "Wish you were here" on them. Or better yet, send them birthday letters that play depressing violin music when opened and sprays a good dose of Zyklon-B in their face.

Of course, I'm joking about the gas because everyone that has done the least bit of independent research on the subject knows the Holocaust story is just another Big Lie. It's important for me to remark that I didn't grow up hating the Jews, but actually hating my own people, the White race. The Jews in their despicable manner have enforced public schools to actually brainwash our children into hating their own race. This effectively reduces and in most cases completely removes the inherent defense mechanisms for self-preservation. Our kids are told that 1) White people were the evil, nasty enslavers of the noble Africans, 2) White people were the terrible, horrible murderers of the Native Americans, and 3) the sadistic, devilish Germans killed millions of poor, innocent, blameless Jews for no reason other than religious intolerance. This is plainly and simply a mind-fuck. We all love our families, our family is a certain race, and the race is the nation. We need to love ourselves first, which our children have been programmed in "schools" not to do. In fact, the opposite occurs: hatred for White people, White men in particular, and a special vilification of the "Nazis". If we love our people, we must hate those who are destroying our nation and therefore our families.

Recently, Herr Linder posted a link to an article by Dr. Paul Graham on the subject of essays. What Graham said was somewhat interesting, but IMHO he made several wrong points. One point he tried to make was that the internet was great because anyone who banged on a keyboard could write and post essays. He believes this is good because we, the viewing public, aren't just restricted to the "experts" opinion, but can read anyone's opinion on any subject once they've written an essay. My contention would be that the internet is great because it bypasses the Jew-controlled mass media completely and provides a means by which real truths and facts can be disseminated. Further, Graham needs to realize that it is the Jews who tell us who the "experts" are on the most vital issues concerning our nation, race, and families. This Jewish approval is like a magician who tells the audience he's put a coin in one hand, and the next second it's gone. The audience believed the magician when he said he'd put the coin there, so it's a quite shock when it's revealed that the hand's empty. There is no surprise that the so-called experts are not experts at all, but followers of anti-White, New World Order, Communist agendas.

Graham is correct to distrust the Kosher-approved "experts" trotted out on telavivision, but that does not somehow reduce the need for experts in general. Because of the plethora of misinformation and disinformation pouring from the idiot box, it doesn't take very much ability for laymen to write circles around the "experts" by posting a well- or even half-assed researched essay online. Just like the coin that was never put in the hand, the mass media folks aren't the goddamn experts in the first place. But that doesn't somehow make everyone an expert or even a potential expert, nor does it somehow make the process of writing essays the best means for one to become an expert at something. Essays are simply written words expressing ideas, but if one doesn't have the proper facts, truths, and ideas in the first place then what the hell will they write about that's worth significance or importance? I believe it was Herr Dr. Goebbels who said that if you become ill, you go to a physician, if your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic, and if you're having problems with the Jews, you need a National Socialist.

As the former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky once said, when you're playing against a really good chess player even though they're beating you, eventually you figure out the game. They will not be a few moves ahead of you forever. If you have the mental capacity to outwit them you will eventually win. But when are we going to learn? A few years ago, I heard someone say that of the 17000 folks employed by the United Nations building in Jew York, 10000 of them are Jews. Who ever hears this? Or that every single U.S. Congress man or woman must have a Jewish aide or assistant, usually provided by AIPAC, and they're scared to death if they refuse to hire a Jew that they'd be charged with "anti-Semitism" and their career would be over. All the while Americans are unaware that the Jews have spies in their senator or representative's office who will look for blackmail opportunities and push Israel's agenda. The Jews made a beeline to the television industry and were the first heads of all of the major television networks in order to CONTROL INFORMATION, like Jewish influence at the U.N. and the U.S. Congress, as well as provide other White race destroying programs such as those on MTV.

If your solution to our race's problems is abolish the Federal Reserve, or vote Libertarian, or anyone but Bush, or let's all become Christians (meaning not Judeo-Christians but CI or something)... then you don't have a solution. It makes more sense to suggest that we all become Jews. If you can't beat'em, join'em. The problem with Christianity, or any religion, is that beliefs are subject to change based on a variety of things including interpretations of meaning, or a prophecy by some god's representative here on Earth. One problem that Christianity has is the egalitarian dogma (again, debatable) and its arrogance of exclusivity. Jesus is the ONLY WAY period. This quickly leads to accusations of "heretic" and innocent people being burned as witches. All of the major problems in White societies everywhere are caused by the inherent destructiveness in the genetic make-up of the Jews; consequently, only addressing this root cause of the problem, the Jewish race among us, will we solve it. Jews are the disease, National Socialism is the cure.

If our government doesn't speak for White people, but in fact places the Jews on a pedastal, then who does? As I believe it was H. L. Mencken who once said that if you don't teach your children who they are, meaning teach them to be racially aware, then when they grow up and leave you it's like mailing a letter with no destination address on it. Any organization that is openly pro-White is worth joining. There is strength in numbers and courage in unity. The National Alliance is really National Socialism, but personally I recommend the National Socialist Movement which is beginning to take off. www.nsm88.com Eventually, one will be left standing as the strongest as leaders emerge and unite. What's happening here is the reverse of what happened in NS Germany; they started with strong leaders who pushed the proper ideology, while we have the proper ideology but no great leaders.

Happy Halloween! And this Halloween, let me suggest that you don't be fooled by Jewish tricks, read Mein Kampf, you'll be in for a real treat.


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