Terror of Wives

by William Forrest

19 November 2004

The terror has finally settled over me. No, I do not quake in my boots in fear of ten or twenty camel jockeys who fly airplanes. No, I do not shake with fright that our 150,000 local Muslim maniacs will decide to go on a holy jihad and celebrate their love of Allah by shooting the local rabbi. No, I am not afraid that the rag-head Sikhs who have bought up all the gas stations and small grocery stores in the area will steal my job from behind the cash register. What scares the willikers out of me are the Mormons.

These promiscuous Christians have set up a ranch in El Dorado, Texas, for the sole purpose of being left alone to practice their religion without the government telling them what to do. That is just downright scary.

It has been fully reported in our local Jewspaper, the San Jose Mercury-News, that as many as fifty or maybe even fifty-one or fifty-two of these Later Day Saints of the Church of Jesus Christ have begun building barns and houses in preparation for enjoying life with their numerous wives and children. Of course, the Jews are ever ready to report these facts to the general public so that we can all become afraid of the possibilities. After all, if the government wants to go in and murder them all like they did to the Branch Davidians of Waco, then the Jews want the public to be fully prepared to accept such an event without rising up and hanging any government officials or newspaper reporters.

But why should us Californians care about a couple of dozen Mormons way on over in Texas? Is this something that the local newspapers should warn us about? This is only newsworthy when you understand that it is a teaching of the rabbis that Christians should be given a bad name and slandered at every opportunity. This is why you hear so many outrageous stories about backsliding Christians or nasty Catholic priests in the Media because the Jews who own the Media are always anxious that you learn the worst about Christians with blazing headlines and lead stories filled with hypocritical outrage lasting for weeks and weeks. But when the rabbis rape little girls or sodomize little boys, if it is reported at all it is given a one inch mention lasting one day on page twenty. But when the Jews of the Media have an opportunity to spread rumors and malicious innuendo about any Christians, they jump at the opportunity and do so. In their never-ending assault upon Christian civilization and as a way of promoting Communism, the Jews of the ACLU are clamoring that we must have a strict "separation of church and state" simply by having the state eradicate the church.

This story about the Later Day Saints of El Dorado, Texas, was first reported in that ultimate of Jewspapers, the New York Times. With so august an authority as they, the story was picked up by the Jewish-owned wire services and spread far and wide. So, now even I -- all the way out here in California -- now even I have become terrified of those Texas Mormons so far away. And isn't this the catchword of today - terror? This brainwashing method is being used by our very own elected officials to convince us all that there is something of which to be afraid. And if there is something to be afraid of, then that means that there is more that the government can do to protect us and keep us safe -- just as long as we give up more of our tax dollars and more of our liberties.

And now that the Jews have dredged up these polygamous Mormons as possible threats to our safety and peace, I have finally fallen under the spell of their Psycho-Politics and have become frightened and terrorized. So much so, that everyday at the store where I work, I look at each and every white male who comes into my store very carefully to see if he is a Mormon or not. I don't know what a Mormon looks like but if the Jewspapers say that they are dangerous, then that's good enough for me. I will keep a sharp lookout for them and report any sightings to the local police or I will call the Mormon-Watch hotline at the Homeland Security Division of the White House.

These Mormons must be stopped! Why before you know it, they will be marrying up all the fat women and all the lonely women and all the ugly women who have had the misfortune of not being among the beauties that the Jews-of-the-Media claim that all women should be. If these polygamous Mormons aren't stopped, they just might attract all of the beautiful women who have become disgusted with themselves for being only eye-candy and consumers of Jewish fashions when they could be leading productive and useful lives as mothers and homemakers. Before you know it, these polygamous Mormons will marry up all the women who want to lead lives dedicated to God and to Right Living by abandoning the allurements of Jewish television, movies, fashions, cosmetics, abortions, birth-control, sexual promiscuity, alcohol, drugs, doctors visits, divorce, lust and greed - all the things that make the Jews wealthy. If these Mormons aren't stopped then they will marry ten or twenty wives each and each of these wives will have eight or ten kids each and pretty soon the Mormons will be following the same Biblical commandments that the Jews follow to "go forth and multiply like the sands of the sea". Next we will be swarming with Mormons in the same way that we are now swarming with Jews today. Why there will be Mormons and Jews everywhere! And when all the good and holy women are all married up, when all of the loyal and fine women have been married up, when all of the patriotic and brave women have all been married up, then what will be left for everybody else? Only obnoxious Jewish bitches and even the Jewish men can't stand them!

And so I say, these Mormons must be stopped before it's too late! No matter what they claim about themselves, you can rest assured that it is all lies designed to hide the truth. After all, Mormons are Christians and since there are so many bad Christians advertised in the Jewish Media, then you know that Christians are bad. The Truth, is whatever the Jewish Media says is true. If you can't trust the word of a Jew -- verily the Most Favorite Holy Chosen One of God Almighty, Himself -- then who can you trust?

The Jews wouldn't put it on TV or in the newspapers if it wasn't true, would they? The same people who told us about Moses dividing the Red Sea, Joshua blowing down the walls of Jericho and stopping the sun in the middle of the sky, Daniel in the Lion's Den, and about the Six Million Jews who were gassed with insecticide - these Jews wouldn't lie, would they? Of course not!

So, these polygamous Mormons have got to be rooted out before it's too late. Why, Mormons like the ones in Texas can bring an end to all of the good things that the Jews have given us like glorious wars and credit cards and the National Debt. If these Mormons aren't bombed and burned out immediately, then after they marry up all of the good women, they will begin marrying up all of the Jewish women. After that, what would the whining Jewish men have to complain about?


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