A 22-Year Veteran Congressman Exposes Israel's Lobby

by Mark Farrell

23 September 2004

Rep. Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out -- Again -- on DVD

Not too long ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Paul Findley, a former U.S. Congressman who served America for 22 years on Capitol Hill. He is, in my opinion, one of America's greatest politicians to have ever existed. In the history books of the future, he most assuredly will be written about with great esteem. He has been one of the few voices of reason during America's current predicament, the Iraq War, which may quickly expand to WWIII in the Mid-East.

In case you're not familiar with Rep. Findley or his politics, let me tell you about this maverick. He was a politician who undauntedly squared off with the hundreds of political action committees that put Israel's best interests ahead of America's. It is not something easily done. Those who are familiar with this matter must realize the eventual consequences with taking such a course.

Findley's refusal to follow America's unwritten Israel-first policy goes a long way in my book.

There have been others who have opposed America's Israel-first policy. In recent times, we've seen Sen. Ernst Hollings, Congressman James Moran, Gen. Anthony Zinni and even third-party presidential candidate Ralph Nader. What sets Rep. Findley apart from these other courageous and patriotic men is that he made more than quick, passing comments about Israel's virtual dictatorship over America's Congress.

While Findley unquestionably promoted America's best interests -- and possibly Israel's interests too if the two happened to coincide -- he did not promote Israel's interests over America's. Consequently, he became known as Israel's "number one enemy." And the Israel-first lobby sent money from every state in the union to get Findley out of office. They succeeded with that.

Rep. Findley was not so easy to forget.

Some time after he was unseated, he sat down and wrote a book that everyone in America should read: They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby. It sold hundreds of thousands of copies and, more recently, was again updated and re-published in 2003. In this well-documented book, he explains, as only a Congressman could, how Washington is truly run.

While Rep. Findley's book is truly remarkable with respect to the amount of research involved, I've always thought that there is a problem with it: Not everyone has time to sit down and read. As Findley himself told me, "My book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, but I can't prove that many of them have actually read it." I thought it would be a good idea to have him share his own experiences in Washington -- and the dangers that we face as a result of Israel's influence -- on video.

It was with that thought in mind that I wrote to Findley some time back about my idea to make a short documentary, with him as the key figure, exposing Israel's lobby.

It was a bright sunny day when I met Rep. Findley for the filming session.

Talking with Findley, I was extremely impressed with his keen intellect and his ability to recall all the dirty, little details of how Israel manipulates America's Congress. Without question, the man is a genius. He is certainly many mental levels above most the typical pro-Israel drones who occupy Capitol Hill.

The interview with Findley went extremely well.

He told everything you might expect -- and perhaps a bit more -- about how the Israeli lobbyists influence America's Congress.

He spoke about the USS Liberty -- what should have been considered an Act of War -- when Israel torpedoed, bombed, machine-gunned, and napalmed an American ship, murdering 34 of them and injuring close to 200.

He told of the strong-armed tactics, as well as the cajoling, that Israel uses to get its way on Capitol Hill. Findley went into detail about all the sordid facts that every American needs to know.

It was an honor to interview him, and one that I -- and hopefully all the Israel-firsters out there -- will not soon forget.

Working with several hours of footage, I put highlights of the interview on the DVD. I also used some video overlay of various things related to it while Findley was speaking. I show video clips from Jenin, Deir Yassin, and other areas where America's Israel-first policy has caused people considerable hardship, not to mention the harm to the U.S.'s image worldwide.

I'm selling the DVDs of the Findley interview for $18.00 each, postpaid. It's menu-guided, with scene selection. It's roughly an hour long. It is available in DVD format for a home entertainment center (DVD+R), for a computer's DVD player (type DVD-R, providing you have the software to play it), and on a standard videocassette if need be. You can order it by writing to me at the following address with a money order:

Mark Farrell
P.O. Box 141243
Cincinnati, OH 45250-1243

If you put the video on TV -- such as PBS or the Cable-Access Network -- I'll refund the cost of one video (with proof on your part). I'd like to see the message get out there: America-first, not Israel-first.

I think this documentary is something that could help inform America about the true reason why over 1,000 of our servicemen have died in combat in Iraq: to serve Israel's interests and no other.


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