Understanding Anti-Semitism, Part II of II

by Mark Farrell

2 December 2004

For those who have not read Part I of this article, several years ago, I had a run-in with a colleague who asked me why some people (myself included -- see Part I, for more on that) disliked some, if not all, Jews. Shortly thereafter, I decided to put together a video on DVD that would adequately describe the many reasons in an objective manner. My own understanding of this question -- better deemed, "The Question" -- was answered many years prior to this due to my inquisitive nature.

After much work, I've finally been able to present an answer, and I feel the answer is intellectually invigorating, and might even get people to think for themselves. I can now share this answer in an objective manner, allowing information from various sides of the debate. For it is not simply the "Radical Right" who dislike certain ideas emanating from some Jewish groups, but also the "Militant Left," some atheists, paleo-conservatives, neo-liberals, some Christians, some moderates, and others. Moreover, there is even a small segment of Jews who are also critical of some issues with respect to essentially Jewish mainstream groups. Why do these various groups dislike certain aspects of Jews? What ideas do some non-Jews have, or share in common, that put them at odds with Jews en masse? My quest for an answer is best expressed in my newest video:

"Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews?"

To be fair with the matter at hand, I decided to begin my video with a condemnation of the many caricatures and stereotypes of Jews. I suppose some may not like this approach, since they might feel that all Jews look alike and are incapable of only wrong, a matter with which I disagree. For those people, you might be better off viewing "The Eternal Jew," a rather crude movie about Jews from WWII-era Germany, rather than my video. While "The Eternal Jew" did actually contain some factual information of general interest, it also probably scared off any person who did not already dislike Jews in the first few minutes by odiously suggesting that Jews are roughly equivalent to vermin -- rats, in particular.

In today's modern-America, it must be recognized that society itself has become inundated with counter-propaganda to the extent that any fair and balanced criticism of Jews has become perceived as simply anti-Jewish propaganda, which is far from the truth. Consequently, I felt it was wiser to exhibit a firmer grasp of reality, and recognized that such a portrayal in the old German movie is not only wrong but also counter-productive to the interests of accurately understanding the matter and explaining it to the uninformed. Further, by expressing the truth in such a manner as I do, it "might" also be accepted in the land of book-burning, Canada, as well as other areas that actively suppress knowledge -- areas such as Australia, England, Germany, and, to an ever-greater degree by the day, even America. Thought-control is seemingly embraced in these areas by not allowing alternative viewpoints; for there is probably some fear of the truth being exposed and, thereby, causing political disempowerment of the established elitists, whose sycophantic ways, funded by plutocrats with agendas of their own, are dependent on things remaining in their existing order.

Overall, I feel that my video may help to smooth race-relations by showing that not all Jews necessarily think or look alike, by showing that some Jewish groups do deserve criticism, and by demonstrating that some Jews can even be critical of other Jews. I hope this video will help lead to a better understanding of the dilemma facing many people who have not adequately researched these matters. I believe you'll discover that this video is a thoughtful analysis of the existing views that many feel, but do not always express adequately or outright.

And now for the crux of the matter -- what, exactly, does my video show?

It begins with some crude video clips from WWII-era Germany, as well as some equally crude video clips from Arabia today. Also, many rare and obscure pictures are shown -- most with a rostrum-camera effect (panning and zooming over the pictures to bring them to "life"). In a straight-forward manner, it shows that hateful propaganda does exist and condemns this blind hatred. Nevertheless, as the video points out, the question usually asked is "if" a person bears malevolence towards Jews and seldom focuses on "why." From there, the video is broken into chapters. The following is a synopsis of just about everything the 1-hour and 40-minute DVD, with scene selection, has to offer:

1.) The Jewish Look: This shows how Jews are perceived as looking, showing their reported racial characteristics. While all perceived characteristics are shown, it is also pointed out that some Jews don't necessarily "look Jewish" (such as Alicia Silverstone), just as some non-Jews might also exhibit similar characteristics as Jews.

2.) The Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. A small symbol is shown on most pre-packaged food products to signify it is Kosher. Jews say that it doesn't mean anything and that people who argue otherwise are part of a bizarre right-wing conspiracy, whereas many non-Jews feel it's an actual, extra food tax they have to pay, for which they shouldn't.

3.) What Does the Term "Anti-Semitism" Really Mean? A look at the semantics of the term, and how some Jews have said that they use the term to their advantage.

4.) The Jewish Political Action Committees: Jew-PACs. Some non-Jewish Americans perceive that some Jewish-run PACs work against America's interests.

5.) Washington: A Jewish Closed-Shop? It has been argued that Washington represents Jewish interests more than any other. Dozens of George "W" Bush's Jewish appointees are noted, which some may find surprising considering their small percentage of America's population (2 percent). Surprisingly, despite W's support of Jews, behind his back there are still some Jews who ridicule him and suggest that he is their puppet, and they suggest that they control him with strings.

6.) The "Jewish Media Barons." It is often argued that Jews strongly influence the media. See what some non-Jews have to say about this, as well as some Jews, including a rabbi, that suggest thereong Jewish influence over the media through the concerted efforts of some.

7.) The Names of the "Jewish Media Barons." Dr. William Pierce and others of the National Alliance wrote a paper called, "Who Controls the Media." This focuses on that topic. (This is based on an older copy of this item, and may not be as current as the paper recently re-released by Mr. Kevin Strom, though I may update this at a later date.)

8.) The "Jewish Media Barons" -- Promoters of Deviant Behavior? Some feel that Jews in the media defy typical morality for their own reasons. See the atypical arguments.

9.) Accusations of the "Jewish Media Barons" Working to Rewrite History. During the Soviet Union's purges, 40 million or more Russians were murdered. Some feel that Jews were largely at fault and that Jews work to suppress this historical knowledge through cohesive efforts.

10.) Holocaust Propaganda through the eyes of the Jewish Media Barons. There have been claims that Jews have been using some propaganda regarding the Holocaust in an effort to generate sympathy. What are such claims based on? Have any Jews ever agreed with such thoughts?

11.) The Jewish Media Barons, Free Speech, and American Debauchery. While Jewish groups such as the ADL often claim to support Free Speech -- by recently giving pornographer Hugh Heffner their "Torch of Freedom" award -- it is argued by some that this is not always the case.

12.) "The International Jew." Henry Ford once published a four-volume set of books called, "The International Jew." What arguments are presented by some to suggest that Jews have an inordinate amount of control over national and international finance and trade?

13.) The Jewish Integrationists or Segregationists? Surprisingly, in the past, Jews have often been at the forefront of pro-black organizations. Did they simply want to help blacks? See what a rabbi had to say about the reasoning for such.

14.) Jews and Slavery. Some blacks perceive Jews as having been strongly involved in the slave trade.

15.) The Jews' Modern-Day Gentile Women Slaves. Many Eastern European women are duped into going to Israel in an effort to make money from a job, only to discover that the "job" is forced-prostitution.

16.) Jews and Abortions. Some feel that Jews are behind modern pro-abortion efforts.

17.) The Jews and Modern Art. It has been suggested by some in the past that Jews were behind the "modern art" movement, just as some today may believe this.

18.) Jewish Ritual Slaughter. This might be a bit shocking to some. Jews typically say that the kosher-method of slaughter is kinder than other methods. Watch recent footage of kosher slaughter and decide for yourself.

19.) Judaism and Judeo-Christianity. Some people have suggested that Judaism is vehemently anti-Gentile. See actual excerpts from the Babylonian Talmud and the Jewish Encyclopedia, and what they really have to say, ad verbum.

20.) Jewish Influence in Other Religions. It has been argued by some that Jews are the driving-force behind today's occultism. Is there any basis to such talk?

21.) Jewish Pro-Immigration Efforts. Are Jews behind pro-immigration efforts, which are biased against non-Jewish Europeans, as some claim?

21.) Zionism: A Jewish Plot to Control the World? It is believed by some that Zionism is an effort to gain world control.

22.) The Jews and the Mideast Wars. Some prominent individuals (a congressman, senator, and general) have proposed that some Israel-first, neo-conservative Jews are behind the current war in Iraq.

23.) Jewish Treachery. Pollard and other Jews are said to have engaged in treacherous/treasonous behavior.

24.) Jewish Terrorism. Some feel that Jews are a driving force behind terrorism. See what incidents are cited to substantiate this argument.

25.) Jews and Germany. Why do some feel that the WWII-era Germans disliked Jews and why the Germans subsequently created such vicious propaganda?

As you can see, this video covers an extremely wide-range of topics. My purpose here is not to prove or disprove any of them, which would be impossible considering the short time given to each topic. Indeed, any topic cited here could easily have a movie about it. Obviously, some topics certainly do have movies about them -- but only from the atypical standpoint -- and have no balance. Other videos dealing with these matters, at best, merely focus on rejects from the Jerry Springer Show, who have both a twisted ideology and crude disposition, to suggest a counter-viewpoint.

Simply stated, my point with making the video is to get any viewer interested so that he might better pursue answers to these topics on his own accord, consequently causing him to research the topics with all available information to better explain the many ideas outlined. It is thus hoped that better conclusions may be attained from a truly objective and enlightened standpoint, not merely the suppression of information that is increasingly becoming more prevalent. For I feel that it is not enough to merely present one side of an argument. Nevertheless, in today's world, certain arguments are denied the curious, such as the "why" issue contained herein, and most the ideas expressed in this video.

This movie will be too much for some. And it may not be enough for others. It is made more for the uninformed. Some people will undoubtedly try to suppress this video due to its controversial topical nature, and others may encourage it for the same. But, regardless of where you stand on these issues, it will be a magnet of controversy due to its fair and balanced coverage -- something that has not been done before -- of the controversial topical matter at hand.v I have already sent out several dozen free copies to individuals who I thought would find this video of interest.

For the first 50 people who e-mail me - m.f@zoomtown.com - with unique e-mail/IP names (requesting copies only for themselves, not others), I will send 1 free copy of the DVD to each person per address, with the hope that some might review it.

Any E-MAIL received with an ATTACHMENT will be DELETED, unopened.

The free copy will only come in an unlabeled CD case to save in marketing and shipping costs. Allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery of a free copy. Write "Free DVD" in subject line if you'd like to try and be one of the first 50 people to receive a free copy. I'm sure these will go fast.

Also, this DVD will probably not play on a computer's DVD player; it will most likely play only on a standalone DVD player hooked up to a TV.

If you're not one of the first 50 responses to this, you can purchase this DVD directly from me for $18.00 (or buy in bulk with 5 or more copies at $11.00 each). Any copies purchased will obviously receive priority, typically taking 1 week or less after the order is received.

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