Letter to jew Gottfried

30 August 2004

Dear Mr. Gottfried,

You and Fred Reed deserve credit for at least addressing the anti-Semites who dog you so. No doubt it was enervating to receive all that crank email insisting that the Jews are behind our cultural melt-down. You and Reed seem to place a great deal of emphasis on weight of numbers as your argument, but a quick look will show what a red herring the numbers argument really is.

When the British ruled India in the 19th century, they ruled a sub-continent of some 300 million people with an army of soldiers and civil servants of what, some 200,000 men. That's a ratio of over 1000-1 of ruled to rulers! Yet I suppose the story of British rule of India is a myth, since the numbers offered are so lopsided.

I weigh just a little over 200 lbs. My Cadillac has an empty weight of over 5000 lbs. I thus weigh a mere 4% of my car's weight and can't even muster 1% of its horsepower. I suppose the next time a cop pulls me over for speeding, I can say "But officer, this car is so vastly heavier and more powerful than me. How in the world could I possibly control it? Do I really deserve this ticket?" If he lets me off the hook, I will honor you and Reed by naming it the "Reed-Gottfried defense"

The individual AIDS viruses in one infected human body, I would guess, don't even weigh 1 gram by the time they dispatch their victim. So maybe Thabo Mbeki was on to something when he said publicly that the HIV virus couldn't possibly cause AIDS.

Maybe you would accuse me of spurious reasoning for using my above mentioned British rule of India argument, since the English had all the guns. But if the pen is mightier than the sword, how much more powerful than the pen is the cathode ray tube? Do you believe the networks that supply the ammunition to all those tubes are controlled by self-hating Presbyterians? Mormons? Quakers?

I'm sure that you would object that the vast majority of American Jews don't live in Hollywood or New York, and thus bear no blame for the sewer that popular culture hath become. Fair enough. The next question is: What is it about Jewish culture that creates the Dershowitzes & Wolfowitzes, Spielbergs & Spellings and other riff-raff that leads our nation, and all other western nations, into the abyss?

Could it possibly be due to the fact that as a minority culture living amidst majorities for at least 2,000 years, the Jews require a low-intensity antagonistic relationship with their gentile hosts in order to preserve their separateness amongst an otherwise tolerant gentile community that, over time, would absorb the Jews among them due to mere strength of numbers? Perhaps the truth is that if anti-Semitism didn't exist, it would be necessary for the JEWS to create it!

The reason that I am telling you this is that if any Jew can understand the "anti-Semitic" argument, it's you. If you can't understand anti-Semitism, then no Jew can. What is anti-Semitism, after all, but normal human reaction to Jewish behavior? And who is better equipped to study Jewish behavior than you?

This letter to you can be understood to be a last gasp, if you will, to get you and your kind to understand and cross the vast gap that exist betwixt us twain. Your ancestors have created it, therefore your people must surmount it. Otherwise your family's trauma at the hand of the Nazis may be revisited on you in your lifetime.

Not a threat, or even a promise, but just a warning.

It's the least I could do.

Chris Conole

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