Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

by J.B. Cash

13 September 2004

Football season is upon us, America's real national religion, and with it the games that support the "caste" system of anti-white discrimination in sports. For nowhere in our sports society is the gap between white and black athletic achievement so significant than in professional and college football. Virtually nowhere at the so-called "play-making" positions is there a white presence. There are no white tailbacks, receivers, or defensive backs that receive national acclaim. Virtually all the touchdowns, receptions, interceptions, long runs, run-backs, and other big-plays are performed by black players. Only the quarterback position is dominated by whites, and the current social forces that rule football are trying to convert that position as well.

One might well ask: What's the big deal? So black players dominate. Aren't we all people? Can't one just put aside race and cheer for whomever it is in the uniform making the plays? The short answer is: NO. Race is important. So important that it is brought up at every turn in American society. There is no way you can get away from it. No matter how you try to brush aside racial considerations and live your life in a "race neutral" manner, you will still have to confront the realities on a daily basis. From where you choose to live, to where you work, to whom you associate with, race is a central factor. You are judged on your race. You ignore this reality at your own risk.

Oddly enough black people understand this. Race is everything to them. Hundreds of special "black-only" groups, schools, and organizations, encourage blacks to practice racial separatism and racial favoritism. When a black person is under some manner of attack they rally to his aid, no matter the circumstances.

For example O.J. Simpson (an ex-football player) spent his life catering to rich, white, corporate America, a veritable Uncle Tom. However, while on trial for the murder of his blond, blue-eyed ex-wife, the primary issue was not about right and wrong but about black and white.

Singer Michael Jackson has tried his whole life to become white, through surgery, skin bleaching, and hair straightening. But after he is accused of a series of child molestation crimes (one of the most heinous of crimes) he is unfailingly supported by the black community, this despite his previous refutation of his race and his obvious mental sickness.

Marion Barry is re-elected mayor of Washington, D.C., even after video captured him smoking crack with a prostitute. When a black criminal dies or is hurt while being arrested by police, the black "community" riots in protest. L.A., Cincinnati, Miami, Benton Harbor, and on and on.

So race matters to blacks. It matters to hispanics too. They have a prominent special interest group called "La Raza" to advance their interests. "La Raza" means "the race." Imagine if a white person started a special interest group called: "The Race" whose goal was to advance the interests of the "white race." Think anyone would object? The goal of La Raza is to "reclaim" from the white invaders the land (the western and southern US) that was supposedly stolen from it's true inhabitants-the hispanics.

So race is important among hispanics and blacks. Only amongst whites however is racial solidarity considered bad or wrong. Only whites are expected to be race neutral. Only whites are supposed to cheer and support other races at the expense of their own people.

And note that in sports it is at the expense of their own people. As the recent Olympics proved there are plenty of fast white sprinters, plenty of great white jumpers, and even plenty of great white basketball players. They only get the stage every four years, though. The rest of the time those great white athletes are relegated to the bench, small college, or another sport. But that is unfair. It is discrimination. Whites should not be expected to support discrimination especially when it is against their "raza".

White kids need role models too. Are white kids supposed to hero-worship only the black athletes that are allowed to be the "superstars?" Will white children always be expected to put up posters of players they neither resemble or can identify with? The role of sports in a child's life (especially boys) is large. Sports heroes are examples to them of what it means to be a man of achievement. The goal of a young man to be a sports hero is unrealistic and idealized, but no matter, it is deep in the soul of a young man to admire and celebrate the physically capable adult male. In other times it was a gladiator, a warrior, a knight, a soldier. Today it is an athlete.

So for role models the white child is provided an endless stream of black men. And look at the quality! It was one thing to grow up and admire Willie Mays and Joe Louis; their public image was identical to their many white counterparts such as Joe Dimaggio and Rocky Marciano. But the black athlete of today? What poorer image could one present to a child? And all the more injurious to white children because the modern black athlete is unchecked in his public personae. It is not enough that he may be an ex-criminal or gang member, that he exudes an image of violence, not to mention ignorance, but he is also openly disdainful, to the point of maliciousness, of whites and white culture. Why does society curse a generation of white youth by forcing them to worship the black men that despise the type of man their father is, and the type of man that they will grow up to be? What cruelty!

Even at the height of segregation and anti-black discrimination in America there was never a white athlete with a public image of virulent anti-black sentiment. And if there were one, one would not have expected the black community to reward him with honors, awards, millions of dollars, and uncritical acclaim. No one would have expected the parents of young black boys to voraciously cheer that man on. They would not have been expected to assist the child in his idol worship of him by buying posters, cards, and memorabilia, so as to implant in the youngsters mind that this person's opinion about his race was correct.

But that is exactly what white fathers do today. They parade in front of their children an endless stream of violent, criminal, anti-social black athletes, and fawn over them, treating them like heroes and expecting their children to do the same. Then, when their children grow up, the fathers are horrified to find that their sons either embrace the black urban ethic that daddy worshipped so much and become "whiggers" or else they turn completely away from them, finding interests that differ completely, such as participation in extreme sports (which are almost all white). Daddy then wonders why his son doesn't want to play catch or watch the big game with him. It's simple Dad, you exhibited cowardice in defense of your people and culture. A child instinctively senses this is wrong and turns away. He wanted a hero, you gave him surrender.

It is never too late to change this seriously misguided direction that major sports has headed in. The first step is to wake up to the fact that it exists. Then it will take men and women of courage to stand against the tide of people and opinion that maintain the status quo. It will take people that insist on fairness in recruiting and player selection. Most importantly it will take a change of heart in average people who must understand that race is important. It is important to our society, our future, and our children. Hopefully the courage to do this still remains amongst the people that conquered and civilized the world. If it does not, the future will be grim, not only for white people but the people of all cultures.



Mr. Cash's columns are archived at CasteFootball, which bills itself "America's only pro-White sports site."

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