Caste-ing Aside Catholics and Mormons

by J.B. Cash

24 December 2004

Two recent events have illustrated the pernicious effects of the caste system (anti-white athletic discrimination) on two of the most popular religious academic institutions in the country.

Notre Dame and BYU (Brigham Young University) are the two colleges most closely representative of their respective religions. As well-known religion-affiliated universities they are, in many ways, the standard bearers for American Catholicism and Mormonism. Attack those institutions and you attack those religions. And attack they are now under, courtesy of the athletic caste system instituted at both schools.

Both Notre Dame and BYU are football powerhouses with proud traditions. Notre Dame may be the most famous of college football schools. The Fighting Irish football team has a proud history that includes the second most victories all time, most National Championships, and most Heisman Trophy winners. They are famous in legend (Knute Rocke, the Four Horseman, George "The Gipper" Gipp, and in song "Cheer, Cheer, for old Notre Dame," maybe the most popular of college fight songs.)

BYU has less of an illustrious history but has been a perennial champion in the sparsely populated region where it plays (the Rocky Mountain West) and has won a National Championship. BYU has always closely linked athletic achievement to its unique religious philosophy.

Both schools have long prided themselves as being successful in sports. They have done this while producing student athletes with good academic scores. Their goal is to represent their respective religions in a favorable light, while staying true to their core beliefs. Unfortunately, the caste system which forces a twisted multi-culturalism on its participants has launched attacks on both schools with devastating effect.

Modern activist government has destroyed nearly all public and private colleges through a broad-based assault on core moral values, ranging from socialist economic philosophy to pro-diversity racial preferences. Only a few religious institutions have managed to hold off this attack, mainly by clinging to the rapidly disappearing right of the "separation of church and state" as expressed in the U.S. Constitution.

However the caste system may be able to succeed where activist government and leftist media have not. Infiltrating schools through the once innocent route of intercollegiate sports is the same immoral, evil, and destructive idea pursued in pretty much every other quarter by all those groups that would ruin everything that was once good about America.

At Notre Dame a controversy has erupted over the recent firing of their head coach Tyrone Willingham. Willingham, hired three years ago, has led Notre Dame through a few lackluster seasons which were totally unacceptable by the school's high standards.

Willingham, who is black, was hired in a rush by the Notre Dame leaders after losing their first candidate, George O'Leary, because of false information on his resume (he claimed a degree from twenty years ago that he did not have). O'Leary, a Catholic Irishman, would have been a perfect fit for the Fighting Irish, not to mention a better coach. Willingham, the last second replacement, was an effective PR band-aid because, as a minority, he would receive unrelenting praise from the media, serving to offset the bad press generated by the O'Leary miscue.

The problem of course is that Notre Dame would have to deal with an inferior coach, totally unsuited to the Notre Dame environment. ND did that for three years then pulled the trigger. This unfortunately caused all of the usual race complainers to come out of the woodwork: the Black Coaches Association, the Notre Dame Black Alumni Association, the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and so on ad nauseum. Also, the media, which worship all thing minority, severely criticized the Notre Dame leadership for firing a black head coach. It also did not help Notre Dame that several other schools got rid of their affirmative-action coaching disasters at the same time.

This PR disaster followed a recent media generated race rant by an illustrious former Notre Dame football player, Paul Horning, who linked Notre Dame's recent football woes, not to their crappy coach, but to a perceived lack of black players on the football team.

This was due, said Horning, to the high academic standards at Notre Dame, which would leave the low-IQ thugs that regularly populate football teams to go to other more "ignorant friendly" schools. Horning was suitably roasted for the unforgivable sin of speaking the truth about blacks and IQ but not for his suggestion that Notre Dame needs more black football players. (This issue was covered in a previous column, see this column's Archives for "Boo, Boo, for ole' Notre Dame.")

So according to the media Notre Dame had enough blacks at head coach but not enough on the field. Now, Notre Dame does not have a black head coach and will probably get blacker on the field in an attempt to soothe the race police. All of this is especially galling due to the fact that Notre Dame is a CATHOLIC institution. Why doesn't a Catholic institution feature CATHOLICS on its football team? Does playing Catholics embarrass them? Are Catholics poor football players?

As a matter of fact a good argument can be made that Catholic football players are the BEST players. Why? Because Catholic High School football teams regularly beat up on their public school opponents, many of whom are made up of all-black players. What happens in the summer between 12th grade and freshman year in college is a mystery. But for some reason all those great white Catholic high school players that have been running and catching the ball for four years and beating the pants off their black rivals suddenly lose all their skills. They somehow degrade to the point where they are only good enough to play at Div II schools, and never, ever, at a big-time university like Notre Dame. It has been a long time since a white wide receiver, running back, or defensive back, starred at ND.

Few blacks are Catholic and therefore it would not be unusual for a Catholic university to have few of them in their lineup. However Notre Dame has a mostly black starting 22, which means the pinnacle of Catholicism in America intentionally ignores its own congregation.

One can understand urban public universities having a tendency to ignore white Catholic players, but Notre Dame? This type of self-hate is understandable among secular institutions that have made white racial hate part of their curriculum but it is really depressing to see a church-based school fall prey to that kind of anti-white agenda.

Suffice to say neither Notre Dame, Catholicism, nor America is better off for this cowardly surrender of core principles. One would hope that Catholics, who have made a principled stand on controversial public issues like abortion and homosexuality, would find the character to stand against the caste system.

As disappointing as it is seeing a major symbol of Catholicism cave in on an issue of religious loyalty it is even more disheartening to see what is happening at Brigham Young University. BYU, which is run by the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), has institutionalized a culture that is reminiscent of ancient white society circa 1955. Students at BYU sign a pledge to abstain from the use of tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and pre-marital sex while they are students at the school. This type of "sacrifice" was considered normal behavior before the destruction of classic white culture over the last 50 years.

To be able to have a student body that would follow this regimen you have to have nearly all Mormons as students. A few conservatively raised kids from rural backgrounds could fit the bill but the one demographic that will absolutely be unable to honor that type of code is urban black males. Tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and pre-marital sex practically describe their lifestyle although you would have to add criminal behavior. So what does lily-white BYU do in its attempt to serve the Gods of diversity? They go out and recruit a bunch of inner-city hoodlums to play football for them.

This would seem a poor idea, kind of like placing some wolves in amongst your sheep. And what happens? Just what any rational person would expect to happen. Four of those caste-system players drugged, then gang-raped, a white girl. It is also most ironic that BYU would fall prey to this sort of thing. It was not long ago (1978) that the Mormon religion taught that dark-skinned people were descended from Satan. Now a short time later it is apparently OK to bring them to your university, treat them like princes, and offer a pretty white virgin as a sacrifice.

It is truly frightening that the caste system could wreak this kind of havoc. It is in the process of ruining the main universities of two major Christian religions. Those religions profess to hold to an ideology that hearkens back to the classic virtues of white/Euro civilization. Instead they are tossing that aside to try and win football games. It is hoped that those men and women who lead these universities, the ones of true religious conviction, turn to the books that have inspired them to build their respective churches and from there find the divine guidance to end the madness that might someday destroy them.



Mr. Cash writes for Caste Sports.

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