Fight the System!

by J.B. Cash

17 November 2004

Survival of the caste system that discriminates against white athletes at certain positions and in certain sports is dependent upon the great mass of white males that eagerly supports and protects the system. At first glance it would seem odd that a group would display such animosity to people most like itself, however this is a common occurrence in Western society. Whites are the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of programs such as affirmative action and diversity/multiculturalism.

No matter what your view on such programs, it is clear what the end result of them is: replacement or substitution of white people (especially men) for those of other races. Employment is a zero sum game. You only choose one person per job position. If you openly profess to hire people that are non-white then you are excluding whites from those positions. You may say: "Oh well, they can find a job elsewhere" or "We're making up for past discrimination when white men got all the jobs," but no matter, it is still a plan that explicitly professes to replace white people.

One could speak at length about white self-hate, self-loathing, and guilt, a Christian-charity mentality, all of which drives this phenomenon in society, and make no mistake it IS a phenomenon, because never before in the history of the human species have the members of a group/tribe/culture been so convinced that they are inherently evil and deserve to be second-class citizen and should favor other people over themselves and their children.

Even the most primitive human tribes found in the unexplored frontiers of the planet will always believe that they are in some way the "best" and will generally fight to the death to try and prove it. Contrast that with modern day white society which regularly sells out the future of its children by institutionalizing anti-white ethics. Or websites that preach white people should be exterminated (that are run by white people!!). Or the white people in academia who insist on the destruction of white culture.

It is not the purpose of Caste Football to address these issues at length. Suffice to say we disagree with the anti-white mentality. It is our purpose to celebrate white athletic achievement, to call for fairness for white athletes, and to point out through examples the negative consequences of the large-scale non-white presence in modern sports, the result of unfairly excluding white athletes.

Our viewpoint is usually considered racist. This is a standard response when any group of white people wishes to openly celebrate some aspect of white culture. For those that consider our views racist I would refer them to a google search on "black + sports," which comes up with a host of sites dedicated to "black only" sport sites. A similar search for "white + sports" turns up no hits on sports sites from a white perspective. Ours is the only website that follows and highlights players of European descent and cheers their achievements.

There are many reasons many white sports fan recoil from discussions of racial issues in sports and the unfairness directed at white athletes. Let us look at some of them.

In my experience with this issue I find the biggest reason white men refuse to discuss, or reject to the point of anger, the concept of an anti-white caste system in sports is because the media have completely ignored the issue. If the media don't talk about it, does it exist? Sport events are heavily driven media events. The days of casual coverage of sporting events is long gone. Even the most mundane sports event receives many times the media coverage of more important news events. Media coverage is controlled by a few powerful groups (except for the Internet) and the media have their own biases. I will let you assume what they are since so many people have differing opinions on this, but we can all agree that news coverage is slanted to support an agenda no matter what that agenda is.

The major media are where most people get information about the world. The media ignore racial issues in sports for several reasons. One, race issues are controversial. Many, many, sports writers and announcers have been fired, flat-out fired, out of work and unable to find further employment, merely due to mentioning an issue involving race. Sometimes it is totally innocuous. Take the example of Howard Cosell. Cosell was essentially a media shill for Muhammad Ali. He helped Ali rise to prominence and his establishment support allowed a radical figure to be embraced by the mainstream. Ali really owed his fame to Cosell. What did Cosell get in return? Well Ali constantly insulted him and made fun of him, even to the point of pulling off his toupee. This did not dissuade Cosell, he continued to be an unabashed supporter of Ali and black issues in general.

One day during a Monday Night Football game Cosell made an innocent remark, referring to a small black Redskins receiver as "a little monkey." Cosell meant it as a term of endearment. Yet the remark was seized upon by certain influential members of the black community and used to skewer Cosell as a racist! He was nearly fired and had to offer a series of humbling apologies. Thus the most powerful man in sports at the time, a lifelong supporter of black athletes, was nearly brought down by a rather innocent remark.

Many incidents of this type followed. The Jimmy "the Greek" Synder controversy, the Al Campanis controversy, the Rush Limbaugh controversy, the Paul Horning controversy, and many others.

The message has not been lost on the current members of the sports media. They know any comment no matter how innocent, perhaps even supportive, can get them kicked out of their cushy jobs. And there is always a crop of ex-jocks and recent college grads ready to preach the party line if they misstep. Thus today's media has been conditioned to respond in a manner that avoids those possible problems.

How do they do it? Unrelenting praise for black athletes and severe critique or passive coverage for white ones. It is a no-lose situation for them. Whites never complain when the white star is ripped or given faint praise, and white fans support the ridiculously effusive praise of black athletes.

Media brainwashing has been very effective. White fans generally pick up on this and learn to hate white players. I have known white athletes that should have been immensely popular with the local fans but were despised because the media constantly attacked them. Bill Schroeder was run out of Detroit by this treatment and Bill Laimbeer labored under this strain his whole career. One would figure that a lone white player in a sea of black players would garner some support from the majority white fan base but surprisingly this is not so. Besides media propaganda the biggest reason for white fans not wanting to deal with the caste system reality is a desire for the "sports arena" to be free from the problems that plague the rest of our lives. Pick up a newspaper. War going badly, economy going badly, more murders in local inner city, crime up, jails full, white people still racist, the politician you support hardly better then the other guy.

Who needs the grief? Life is full of personal negatives without sharing the problems of the world. So men have turned to the sports page to escape. Thus when a racial issue comes up many white sports fans don't want to deal with it. Sports are the place to get away from that. They think: "Please don't tell me that sports have the same problems (maybe even worse) than the real world! It is my place to escape!" Therefore most sports fans try to ignore anti-white racism. Bring it up to them and you will get angry responses. "You're just a racist" or "that's not true, black athletes are just superior ัend of story." Anything to make you stop trying to get them to deal with the fact that sports is infected with the same ills as the rest of society.

Many white fans put up an invisible wall between the real world and the sports world. During a recent discussion with a fan about the caste system, he scoffed at my assertion that professional sports teams would discriminate against whites because sports teams are multi-million dollar corporations and would not want to lose money by playing less talented non-whites. I replied that GE and Ford had recently lost law suits to white workers who claimed they were unfairly discriminated against by the companies for hiring much less qualified non-white applicants, and the courts agreed. He then replied that that was different ั GE and Ford were multi-billion dollar corporations not sports teams. So he was effectively blind to the fact that he could on one hand, deny the caste system on economic grounds, then deny that sports was economically driven.

The "purity of sports" is a grand myth that still lingers deep in the heart of Americans. The theory goes that sports are a "special" type of business and in some way morally above other regular for-profit companies.

This ties in to the belief that sports is separate from the troubles of the world due to a set of rigid rules unaffected by the kinds of "cheating" that goes on in real life. In real life politicians are crooked, cops can be criminals, judges can be bribed, but in sports coaches are scrupulously honest, referees are strictly impartial, and officials only interested in the integrity of the game.

Years of scandals has refused to dent this belief among many fans because, quite frankly they do not want to believe otherwise. Thus tell them their cherished games are guilty of the same anti-white bias expressed by the media, government, and private industry, and they angrily deny it. And accuse you of being a racist for even bringing it up!

Thus the road to true justice for the white athlete will be long and arduous. Those that fight it will be ignored and ridiculed.

However, as with any cause that is morally right but publicly unpopular it is all about fighting the good fight. In fact it is essential that the fight be waged by somebody. Only when there are no dissenters to injustice can it triumph. So Caste Football will continue to fight this fight. Please help us. Visit the site, post comments so others know there are people of like mind. Send us articles of interest from your local papers and websites. Whenever possible speak out about the site to others. Tell them that is an attractive, well-designed site, that provides interesting and provocative information and commentary found nowhere else. We thank you for your support.

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