SIMPLICITY -- It Really Works

by Apollonian

24 September 2004

Alex keeps telling me to "keep it simple," okay, so here I'll demonstrate simplicity and how it really can and does work for us. Thus we make OBJECTIVITY work for us against subjectivity, the basis for the great fraud complex we're fighting.

Observe the greatest practical, down-to-earth fraud is the fractional-reserve money and banking (f-r m & b) scam, also known as the "Fed." It's an incredibly powerful tool, the Fed, as it literally creates money out of nothing. (Read The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G.E. Griffin -- he's a Bircher, check their book svc fm Actually what the Fed does is to "inflate" thereby sucking the value out of the money that already exists, diluting it. This, then, is the practical key to everything political, legal, and military. The Fed is why the Jews/Pelagians are so absolutely all-powerful, invincible, and dominant. And the only way ultimately to overthrow the oligarchs of the "money-power" is to attack this Fed directly -- this was the great issue in American history, first btwn Jefferson and Hamilton, and then later btwn Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay.

But now the question is how to act in political manner so as to be able to politically un-do this Fed monster, and this is the tough part as it's truly a cultural struggle, and it has to do with the abstract issue of objective vs. subjective. For this abstract problem we're going to have to make heavy use of art. For it is of utmost difficulty -- if not total impossibility -- to get people to agree on such abstract problems, even to agreeing upon the basic terms. Hence we must make use of RELIGION.

Now I want to demonstrate a little as to how this is to be understood and then accomplished.

So let me begin by emphasizing the extreme subjectivistic nature of the Judaic religion, and I'll suffice with Christianity by emphasizing it is best and most understood as ANTI-JUDAISM, and leave it at that for the present. The greatest mistake is to think of Christianity as mere version/variant of such putrid Judaism. Christianity is anti-Judaism.

So let's consider Judaism: it is the very religion of subjectivism and FRAUD; it is the religion of fraud by and for frauds, and is actually a mentality/psychology of hystericism and warfare. Judaism is warfare sublimated -- a kind of "psy-op." Thus the Jews -- but especially their leaders -- practice warfare by emphasis on SUBJECTIVITY as cultural/psychologic weapon. Specifically, this subjectivity is always smuggled in by the guise of "moralism" and more specifically still, by means of "good-evil."

And I want to emphasize this analysis is meant in perfect scientific spirit -- I'm not trying to even insinuate anything like serious "good-evil." For such "good-evil" obviously is totally SUBJECTIVE -- this is the secret of the Jews foisted upon the excess population of gentiles. Indeed, such "good-evil" fallacy/fraud/delusion is integral tool/instrument of Judaism by which the weaklings are influenced, intimidated, and manipulated. Thus following the perfect and strictest scientific inspiration, we merely understand the perfectly determined universe according to absolute cause-effect. Thus we observe the cyclic nature of all things physical, and note how Aristotle, greatest of all philosophers, pointed out the circular motion of the universe. Further, additionally, and next, we consider the great historian Oswald Spengler and his cyclic theory of history as he exposits in his master-work, Decline of the West. And note Spengler isn't the only great historian emphasizing such cyclic nature. Thus we only now need consider the growth, the waxing and waning of population(s), and we can conclude to the observation that when there gets to be too many white people, God, so to speak, inflicts Judaism upon such target population in the way of "culling back the flock," so to speak.

Thus we understand Judaism not as "evil," rather more like a disease -- a disease necessary for the large cosmic governance of things, so to speak.

The next large abstract principle to consider is that of "HUBRIS." For when a population becomes too successful, its people suffer such hubris, consisting of a gross over-confidence, among other descriptive details omitted here for the present. And such hubris consists of the white Christians becoming "moralistic," pretending to "good-evil," and thus tolerating a horriffic disease to grow up among them - Judaism.

Thus it is Jews are historically and traditionally basically and essentially the people of fraud, and specifically of that f-r m & b instrument, like the present-day Fed which is their great practical weapon.

Thus it is we see the absolute correlation of the abstract subjectivism and fraud with the practical fraud of f-r m & b -- the tools and culture of the Jews.

Hence all we need do is observe of the amazing Judaic religion, religion of subjectivism: (1) Note the Jews don't worship God so much as they consider God worships them, the "chosen people," the "apple of God's eye." With whom God "signs" a contract/"covenant" promising to kill anyone who gets in the Jews' way. Judaism is a brilliant religion of warfare. (2) Note the Jews pretend to follow the "Torah," but actually only as "interpreted" by the rabbis by means of the TALMUD, the way of "midrash" (interpretation).

CONCLUSION: Thus I've established the nexus btwn subjectivism, fraud, Judaism, and the specific fraud of fractional-reserve banking, like the Fed, showing how the Jews dominate so crushingly in the Spenglerian Decline of the West, as the formerly so successful white Christians suffer hubris and now practice the fatal "morality" of "good-evil" as fm Immanuel Kant, especially, hence the fatal toleration of Jews, a disease working fm within. The only thing left is to point out the internal treason of the "Pelagian" element of the host white population which cooperates with and assists the Jews.

The Pelagians are simply the practitioners of the heresy and fallacy of "good-evil," known fm the time of St Augustine and Martin Luther. And now the large nexus is complete: subjectivism, moralism, specifically Pelagianism, Judaism, and the Fed. It only requires inductive logic and courage to put the elements together to see the operative conspiracy presently working against us. And the solution is return to OBJECTIVITY and anti-semitic Christianity which abhors such Pelagianism, holding it as the heresy as fm the time of St. Augustine. Objectivity then leads obviously to rule-of-law and the instant elimination of "hate-crime" and the upholding of the virtue of anti-semitism, most virtuous obedience to God. Suckers gotta stop pretending tolerance of Jews is "good." The only proper virtue is HONESTY and thence loyalty to race and culture: OBJECTIVITY.


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