A Bold Proposal: Christianity -- Ideal Anti-Judaic Weapon -- Must Be Wrested From Pelagians!

by Apollonian

23 September 2004

How can patriots rescue our culture, people, and nation fm the Judaic-affected Decline of the West (see work of that title by Oswald Spengler)? Well, if such rescue can be done, it must be done by means of OBJECTIVE rule-of-law overthrowing Judaic fraud, subjectivism, and "hate crime." But purest reason is too difficult for so many of the volk. Thus Christianity must be made to work to SYMBOLIZE such objectivity, uniting our people, and this can well be done. For Christianity is the ideal weapon to be used against the enemies of our people, and the way to do this is to understand Christianity is not only anti-semitic, but especially anti-Pelagian. For the Pelagians are the real traitors and dupes among the gentiles who sell out Christianity and the volk in collusion with the Jews.

Presently Christianity is not sufficiently or properly understood as anti-semitic by far too many otherwise good people. Indeed Christianity is horribly misunderstood by far too many as being actually what it is against, yet another thing, Pelagianism, a gross heresy and fallacy entailing the delusion of "good-evil." Thus we see Christianity has actually been hijacked by the Pelagians, and that is why the Jews are allowed to run riot over and through the proper domain of the Christian volk and their inheritors. Hence we patriots must take control and understand Christianity for our purpose of revolution against the Judaic/Pelagian oppressor.

Yet another problem is Christianity is held in such low repute by admirers of German National Socialism and Adolf Hitler. But people must realize Hitler and the nazis were deliberately subsidized by the West for the purpose of beginning World War II, especially against the bolsheviks, and this is attested by the work of Antony C. Sutton (Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler), among others. Hitler, the nazis, and Germany were deliberately set-up in order to be knocked down, this for the purpose of building the United Nations (UN). Thus Hitler and the nazis, otherwise excellent folks, to be sure, have become such a great distraction and diversion fm Christianity for far too many among many of our most patriotic.

Note Christ was killed by the Pharisees and scribes of the Sanhedrin, charged with blasphemy, the Romans acting as enforcers and executioners. (Get that -- God charged with blasphemy by these kikes.) Christ objected to the perversion of the law "interpreted" (subjectivist "midrash") by the Pharisees in their hyporcrisy, and he demonstrated the law in accord with nature (and the "natural law" of the Greeks and Romans). Christ thus preached man created by God in an OBJECTIVE universe, humans properly acting in accord with each other by means of justice. The Pharisees preach God enamored of "the chosen people," the "apple" of God's eye, for whom God works according to "covenant" as attack-dog against anyone the Pharisees don't like -- narcissism in accord with subjectivism.

Observe the Jews are foremost utmost frauds, masters and controllers of the fraud culture founded upon subjectivism/moralism ("good-evil"), steered and controlled by the fractional-reserve money and banking (f-r m & b, the Fed) instrument/scam. Observe the Jews are so few in numbers compared with Christians and Musselmen -- who both came after the Jews -- why is this? Thus the Jews are necessarily so few as a criminal gang must be fewer as the enterprise wouldn't pay as well otherwise.

Thus the Jews are demonstrated so unmistakably as the fraud-masters they really are, but note they couldn't originate their enterprise without the prior HUBRIS of the host-suckers they take advantage of, a hubris borne of the culture's previous success and prosperity, the leaders of the people now become corrupt and perverse. And further, the Jews need the willing assistance of traitors and dupes among the gentiles -- like the Pelagians who believe they're so virtuous, "moral," and "good" in tolerating and abetting the Judaic disease among the volk.

Thus the fraud culture/complex (Judaic/Pelagian) is plotted, identified, and mapped, along with the perpetrators (Jews and Pelagians) and their hysterical mentality guided by their thoroughly perverse narcissistic/subjectivist religion (but not "evil" -- merely oriented in negative mode fm the host they prey upon, nature's way of eliminating the excess weaklings). Christianity is thus seen not as mere variant/version of such Judaic disease, but rather the antithesis/antidote, the reaction and solution. What happened historically was the success of Christianity in driving out Judaism through the medieval age led simply to hubris and perversion and the rise of Pelagianism which took over fm within, displacing the real essence of the Western culture (honesty, objectivity, loyalty, and rule-of-law) leading to the present fraud culture controlled and steered by f-r m & b, and the Judaic psychotics of the present-day.

CONCLUSION: We patriots must reclaim the essence of Christian objectivity, anti-semitism, and anti-Pelagianism by which the obnoxious Jews have been allowed back to infiltrate and infect the once vibrant, thriving culture and volk, now perverted and diseased with Pelagian/Judaic subjectivism and moralist "good-evil" delusion/fallacy by which fraud presently thrives. Nazi-inspired patriots are right to despise Pelagianism, but they shouldn't and must not mistake the disease for the original virtue, the honest and pure Christianity and anti-semitism which once worked with outstanding success in ridding the culture/society of Judaic insanity, corruption, hypocrisy, narcissism, and fraud. Christianity is the God-given tool by which to symbolize the real cultural value, OBJECTIVITY, and inspire the people against the fraud and corruption. Patriots must take due note and not lose the cultural/historical opportunity.


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