Birdman Essay Fails for Inductive Logic, Culture, and Fraud-Complex

by Birdman

13 September 2004

I note Birdman's essay, "Case Against the Jews" referenced fm 10 Sep. VNN Readers' Letters section -- my comment is that his essay, though promising for all the details, yet fails for several reasons: 1) Birdman fails to draw the necessary, inductive conclusion regarding large cultural issue and war btwn OBJECTIVITY vs. SUBJECTIVITY parallelling the West vs. the jews.

2) Birdman fails to accurately describe relation btwn cultural fraud and conflict in general, then specifically the banking issue, the relation of practical/existential to the larger abstract.

3) Birdman fails for the "final solution" -- for Jews are already mixed-race. Remedy, for one thing, is to see history/reality as determined and cyclic -- as in Spengler's Decline of the West.

Birdman's essay is an instructive failure, though he makes some excellent points and provides outstanding bibliography. Birdman starts off with a long list of quotations, then a "prologue" and really seems to have problem stating a thesis; his conclusion then is an utter failure which isn't helped by a yet additional "epilog" which is quite defective for yet other reasons.

But I believe I can rescue Birdman's essential essay by concluding properly fm the excellent points he makes in his essay's section 3, this by making use of the proper INDUCTIVE LOGIC. The Jews are simply master culture-warriors making use of SUBJECTIVISM, thence moralism founded upon the "good-evil" fallacy, capitalizing upon human inferiority/guilt complex.

Thus Jews take over and strategically corrupt a once-successful culture by means of moralistic blandishment, selling the "good-evil" fallacy, transforming the culture fm real prosperity to MAMMONISM -- as we can observe they've done to the West by means, specifically, of the moralism of Rousseau/Voltaire/Kant.

But the Spenglerian "decline" isn't caused by the Jews -- they just do the most effective, efficient job, taking over after cultural apogee. Thus the Jews are always and necessarily led and dominated by the fractional-reserve bankers/frauds, though they may not all know or acknowledge it, some even dissenting. For the Jews entail, like every other society, leaders and followers. Thus the cultural relation of abstract to practical/existential -- Jews are by far, for practical purposes, politically most powerful because of their banking connection/weapon/instrument. And, again, the large abstract cultural/psychologic basis exploited by Jews is the subjectivist/moralistic motif by which "useful idiots" and weaklings produced by the heretofore successful culture of gentiles in or during the immediately preceding Spenglerian cyclic "upsurge" are seduced.

Birdman misunderstands Judaic religion and its very ESSENCE of subjectivism: Jews don't worship God -- they believe God worships them; that they are the "apple of the eye" of God, according to the "Song of Songs" -- with God actually wanting to have sex with them collectivistically! - the Jews being thought of as a female entity (also invoked in Book of Hosea). Subjectivism renders narcissism and vice-versa. Thus God is the Jew's "attack-dog" whenever the Jews need -- as long as Jews keep their part of the "covenant." God exists for the Jews, not the other way around. Further, Jews do not worship according to Torah, they follow the Talmud. They don't worship God, but rather the rabbis, and SUBJECTIVIST word/interpretation/"midrash" thereof. Such then is the IDENTITY of Judaism with Subjectivism -- no subjectivism/moralism, hey no Jews -- it wouldn't make sense, and there'd be no need.

Jews are already race-mixed and always have been; more of it won't change things -- in fact, it would just make things worse. Don't doubt the inferiority-complex borne of Judaic race-mixing is large part of the cause of their power-mad, control-freak's insanity in the first place. Further, note Judaic subjectivism/moralism is cyclic, always marking the Spenglerian "decline." As I noted for Alex, even if Jews were totally "disappeared" another cycle of history would produce merely another version of the "chosen people" with their invincible God allowing and bidding them to dominate through subjectivism and moralism.

CONCLUSION: Thus Birdman must learn to draw necessary inductive conclusion and deduce as indicated: Jews are result of process, the cycle of history and the Spenglerian "decline." Our only hope and proper resort is to re-establish an objective basis for things cultural and politic. To solve the present problem we must remove the strength of the Jews which is that fetid and fatal Pelagian moralism which afflicts a corrupted populace enmired in a culture in mammonist "decline." Objectivity and rule-of-law requires anti-Pelagian cultural motif vigorously effected and enforced. Thus we relate with our Christian volk and work for all the necessaries: election-reform, jury nullification, border-control, legalization of freedom and drugs-medicine, etc. The Pelagians must be exposed.


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