Yes, Jews Are the Problem -- But THERE'S MORE


12 September 2004

Yes, Indubitably, Jews Are the Problem -- But THERE'S MORE, And We MUST BEGIN TO FACE THE "MORALISTIC" REALITY -- And Christian Consequence(s)

The latest signficant brouhaha fm the news is the Jew/Israeli (AIPAC) spy-scandal; big-deal, says nearly everyone -- tell us something we don't know. So what is the root of the problem? Here's the real facts: the Jews/Pharisees are mere symptom -- like a disease of opportunity which then only attacks an already weakened/injured host, like the typhus bacterium wiping out concentration-camp inmates who've been starving. For this problem regarding Jews/Pharisees has to do with something cultural far more visceral than mere espionage and treason to a foreign nation. What is the cause of treason to culture and race? -- insanity, obviously. And what is the cause of this insanity? -- well gee, aside fm human nature, the only more specific answer would have to be that old problem of HUBRIS (subjectivism) by which smug mammonistic fools, who think they're happy and "prosperous" (and thence "great and good") think they're God with God-like ability to create reality -- to being "MORAL" ("good"). This stupid "moralism" is the specific root of it all, and one has to wonder how it will end. For how is one cured of "moralism"? -- only hard experience, reason, and honesty. We patriots need to learn to work with and make due and proper use of Christianity -- and we can surely do it as long as we understand and make provision for that downside of hubris and Pelagianism (moralist "good vs. evil").

Let's start with Mark Weber's commentary of Sep 1 whence he says, "...regardless of the outcome [concerning latest Jew-spy scandal in question] . . . there will be no fundamental change in US policy regarding Israel...." I agree w. Weber, and so I'm sure, would everyone else who knows anything. So what's the root of this hopelessness -- one might almost say "cynicism"? Weber seems to know something -- could it be that people, ESPECIALLY WHITE FOLK, are ADDICTED to "morality" (the fallacy of "good-evil") -- and against the facts of objective reality? Next, let's consider the excellent analysis of one James Petras, of in his column of 31 Aug., who writes in commentary upon the scandal:

Nothing captures the power and pervasive and corrosive influence of the US-Zionist apparatus on US politics as much as the absolute silence of both major candidates faced with a high-level security lapse and potentially damaging spy investigation. [Kerry/Kohn] . . . refuses to expose the Zionist Pentagon's "security failures" despite national security being at the center of his campaign. The reason is very clear: Kerry is tied to the AIPEC-Israel-US [sic] Zionist political machine and he is willing to sacrifice US security for the Zionist vote even when faced with the issue of Israeli espionage in a time of war. The Republicans went one step further -- sending their top politicos to an AIPEC [sic] political extravaganza organized in New York two days after AIPEC was cited by the FBI as the Israeli intermediary. . . . The explanation is the unprecedented and unique political situation that exists in the US today -- the extraordinary power that a small, economically dependent state exercises over a global imperial state via its wealthy organized political-religious agents.

One might say the Jews are traitors, but that's NOT THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM, for first, we already knew it, and second, the Jews only do what they see is obvious, indicated action; they're not the primary traitors. The PRIMARY TRAITORS are the idiots among white folk addicted to "morality" ("good-evil"); the Jews only then administer and capitalize -- if they didn't someone else among the white folks surely would -- Jews just do it best of all, truth be told. And anyone who too much complains about these Jews is really only jealous and isn't helping white folk. White folk in general are only helped when WHITE FOLKS are properly and accurately denounced for their hubris and their PRIMARY TREASON. And this treason consists of hubris and of the idiot's addiction to "morality" ("good-evil") by which Jews then persuade a people to betray themselves, family, race, ancestors, and cuture.

The end of this idiot's hubris and moralistic delusion is total desolation with accompanying weariness for life -- think of the poor Germans as they looked upon the devastation of Dresden all bombed out just after WWII -- this is precisely what we face right now.

Now consider the HUBRIS of those so-called "patriots" of today who pretend Christianity is the cause of treason to and destruction of white culture and civilization -- those creatures need to get smart, seriously smart, and they ought to do this fairly soon, I submit. For the fact is Christianity abhors hubris, consistent with the Greek founders of our original culture, and the hubris (subjectivism) the Jews take advantage of is not Christianity at all but rather the subjectivism and moralism of the "good-evil" delusion. Christianity was the REACTION AGAINST Pharisaic hubris, institution, and glorification thereof. The real traitors among white folk ARE NOT Christians, but rather the moralistic PELAGIANS -- pretending to Christianity -- who preach this "good-evil" and thus serve as such willing and useful dupes and idiots for the Jews/Pharisees.

CONCLUSION: So observe the Jews and their great self-confidence and -assurance as they must sit and look with such great satisfaction upon the idiot, hubristic white folk, those who do, so satisfied in their mammonist "prosperity," the Pelagians, and THE FOOLS among such white people who denounce Christianity, these fools thinking they're accomplishing anything. For Christianity, properly understood, could help against the Pelagian hubris which the Jews take advantage of. Denouncing Christianity is pointless -- a stupid waste of time. What makes far greater sense is to appreciate Christianity for the anti-Pelagian/Pharisaic tool it really could be -- and was actually designed for -- which could so well lend unity for the general abstract motif of OBJECTIVITY (and rule-of-law) against the Judaic/Pharisaic Subjectivism (hubris) and moralism which obviously underlies "hate-crime" fascism seeking to enforce the mammonist empire and "perpetual war for perpetual peace" -- as in Iraq presently, somewhere else quite soon. Denouncing Christianity is simply counterproductive beating one's head against the wall -- no wonder the Jews are so confident. Upholding Christianity, especially understoood as anti-Pelagianism/Pharisaism, is most effective anti-semitism and obedience to God, and it's hubris to KEEP IGNORING such simple fact(s). With the abstract motif understood (objectivity symbolized with Christianity) we patriots can then get on to the necessary details like election reform, jury-nullification, border-control and eviction of non-white races fm the nation etc., but first we need to do first things, and we shouldn't waste too much more time -- do u think?


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