Most Promising Cultural-Political Program for Success: "Responsible" Anti-Semitism and Overthrow of the Pelagian-Pharisaic Conspiracy

by Apollonian

12 September 2004

Thanks for Max Hadden's (on VNN) interesting and provoking essay of 26 July, "Heads Jews Win...." Mr. Hadden once again inspires with his creditable efforts toward an alternative analysis of present cultural situation and trends and what then to do. We simply need something, to begin with, compelling and informative, to convey to all potential allies and enemies of our enemies, the Jews/Pharisees (Ph-ees) and their Pelagian collaborators behind the oligarchal one-world Judaic-communist conspiracy. And we can well begin with the exposure of the Pelagian heretical element subverting the tottering Christian-Western remnant of culture and civilization. Focusing upon the Pelagian element will most truly illuminate the large Ph-ic conspiracy.

I. The Problem: So again, what's happening of course in general is the (Greek) HUBRISTIC degeneration of our culture, more specifically, the Spenglerian "Decline of the West" -- the Ph-ic disease then feeds upon the former healthy entity's weakness and rottenness. The decline has taken place as we see the destruction of the Christian-rationalist, especially as the Pelagian heretical element has so well succeeded -- EVEN IN DISGUISING ITS VERY EXISTENCE AND PRESENCE! Objective rule-of-law is now given way to "hate-crime" subjectivism and Ph-ic fascism. Thus without rule-of-law the rational humanity must die. No rule-of-law means no contract (or SOCIAL-contract), no economy, starvation, disease, and death.

And again the Pelagians are those cheery/smug people featuring the TOTALLY SUBJECTIVISTIC fallacy of "good-evil" and "good-works," this moment of history, for the last couple centuries, now at least the third time for such an outbreak of gross delusion, after the first during the ancient Roman era of St. Augustine around 400 A.D., then Martin Luther who rebutted Erasmus in the sixteenth century.

The present raging Pelagianism can be traced back to the "revolutionary" Immanuel Kant, inspired by the outrightly irrationalist Rousseau. Thus the ascendant middle classes accelerated the indulgence in irrationality and gross hubris as they pretended to a new secular-styled "moral goodness/virtue." Such "morality" soon manifested itself in socialism/statism/fascism applied politically and legally and has now degenerated further to "hate-crime." Concurrently with the rise of Kantian moralism and the secular Pelagianism was the rise of the Judaic-Pelagian ruler cadre of which Jews are so prominent for their mastery and absolute dominance.

Under Pelagian morality (in only secular guise) mammonistic hedonism threatens to turn to outright communist dictatorship as in form of the looming United Nations (UN) one-world tyranny as so perfectly described by George Orwell in 1984. Thus we face the reality of "perpetual war for perpetual peace." And the Ph-ic art is in preserving enough of the host so as not to kill the parasite (or too many of them, anyway) -- such is the only limitation for the ruler-conspirators, slave-management as done now by means of the alien "immigration"/invasion.

Note there are practical problems to be treated: for example, the 9-11 strike was so blatantly criminal, treasonable, and brutal, the Pelagian-Ph-ic conspirators had to quickly distract and divert the people by means of yet another outrage, the war in Iraq. Such perfidy gets by only as the nominally Christian people remain so fundamentally confused by primary means of the Pelagian heresy featuring subjectivism and especially the "good-evil" fallacy. Thus according to such heretical "morality," it is "good" to ignore the facts of reality as the blatant Judaic ascendancy for tyranny and rulership, including all their genocidal crimes of murder--as of the white Russians, the Ukrainians, and the Germans, among the others. Telling the truth is "anti-semitic" and "hateful," thus politically and legally forbidden. Objectivity and reason are outlawed on the excuse/pretext of "morality" (Pelagianism).

Such Judaic ascendancy and rulership is most convenient to the topmost Ph-ic conspirators as the Jews form most reliable (as they're so anti-rational/anti-objectivistic) cadre--and indeed there is a failsafe measure involved. For if it so requires, this Jew cadre can be used as distraction as necessary, and a few of these Jews might even be "expended" and sacrificed at an appropriate and expedient moment (as when Stalin liquidated the original Jew-bolshevik commissar cadre). For example, as the insane Jews are so obnoxious (consciously and knowingly so) for their persecution of Ernst Zundel (Z), hatred of Israel might well be used as means for elevating an alternative tyranny, the UN, equally top-heavy with Judaic cadre, to rule and oppress the captive peoples. You don't like Jews? -- well here, have some more Jews as ur rulers fm the UN. It's good cop-bad cop, Israel vs. the UN. Thus the "good-evil" fallacy within the Pelagian "heresy" confuses and distracts the nominally Christian folk, especially the poor dupes of the "greatest generation" (gg).

SO THE QUESTION REGARDING ANOTHER TERRORIST-STRIKE is answered: terrorism is the only thIng the present conspirators know how to do, basically, as it is integral essence of their "MORALITY," the morality of PELAGIANISM by which the gg is intimidated and extorted. Simply the presence and existence of the "al qaeda" hoax in minds of such as the TV-mentalities serves as precedent for FURTHER TERRORISM and strikes.

Hence the obvious course of action to take is to ARREST the activity of these Pelagian-Ph-ic conspirators: to re-institute a serious, real, and meaningful rule-of-law, OBJECTIVITY, as existed before the present Pelagian regime of "heresy," delusion, fraud, hoax, subjectivism, fascism, and "hate-crime" began its successful course of encroachment, usurpation, and as now outright tyranny. So what existed before subjectivistic statism/fascism built upon heretical moralism and fallacy? -- the US Constitution of course. Note in that enlightenment time of perfection of SOCIAL CONTRACT the natural law of Aristotle, Hobbes, and Locke was the rule. Humans were seen as sinners (egoistic), this only mediated by reason, the only morality consistent with simplest objective reason. The self-righteous, moralistic fascism of the monarch -- in economics, then known as "mercantilism," and basis thereto -- was despised.

II. The Program: Thus it is the "heretical" disease of the mentality which must first of all be mastered and eliminated -- an honest effort need merely be enacted. We must simply reject the Pelagian-Pharisaic fraud/delusion of subjectivism and moralism which, for example, today renders the monstrosity of fascist (SUBJECTIVIST) "hate-crime." Elimination of the basic foundation for the mental disease, the hubris of subjectivism and moralism (Pelagianism), must form the beginning approach to cultural renewal and cure. Thus the original true and honest Christianity can be recovered. Regarding practical political/legal measures the program needs only, to begin, simplest consistency with this Christian honesty: (1) honest elections, no electronic voting without strict paper trail; (2) election reform of US Senate by means of state legislatures as originally; (3) Boycott of the Bonesmen presidential election conspirators; (4) immediate impeachment of Bush and all the other criminal conspirators.

CONCLUSION: Thus we keep things simple for all peoples including our own white folk: lose the fatuous, hubristic pretension to (heretical) "good-evil" Pelagianism, regaining the original honest Christianity and anti-Pharisaism ("anti-semitism"). The Jews are owed nothing but the contempt and righteous hatred they deserve. Note then the problem is in removing the present fascism which favors and enthrones the Jews, Pelagians, and Pharisees; hence the obvious solution -- against Mr. Hadden's proposed "National Socialism" which necessitates such elaborate special pleading -- is simple: REMOVE the fascist statism and the subjectivistic Pelagianist moralism, so presently putrid and disgusting, which underlies and supports this present oppressive Pharisaic fascism. It doesn't take rocket-science to be simple and honest, thus unpretentious. The ideal to keep in mind is rights according to rational social contract: we have the right to be anti-semitic, to hate the Jews, and to so speak and express our hatred. Anti-semitism, hence respect for the objective reality, truth, and justice, is the most virtuous obedience to God and reason.


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