Zundel's Martyrdom -- It Ain't Good Enough

by Apollonian

30 July 2004

The Role of Pelagianism In Spenglerian "Decline of West": The Christian Debacle of WWII and Zundel's Present Quandary

I note fm Z-gram of yesterday, 29 July, Zundel (Z) declares he's "martyr." And this is the problem with our culture: Z, an honest man and victim no less than anyone else of the hubristic, Pelagianistic culture, can only think to being a martyr, for we patriots and revisionistics need more, much more. We need some serious, real LEADERSHIP, not more martyrs. Specifically, we need leadership against the dread and horrific mammonist Pharisaic dictatorship (as Mammon always threatens to turn into the communist Stalinist form), including the hubristic moralism, Pelagianism, which enables, founds, and underlies this putrid Pharisaic fascism.

And what kind of leadership is needed? Well, we ought to take note of the fact World War II (WWII) was such a disaster for Christianity, white folk, and the West. Who won WWII? -- only two: communist world government (including their Pelagian suckalongs/cadre component) and Jews; that's it. (Of course Stalin strategically "expended" ("purged") a few Jews along the way of consolidation.) White folk were crushed horribly as was Christianity. So what happened? -- what's the problem? -- and the answer is simple: PELAGIANISM, that's what happened.

[Pelagianism: The theological doctrine propounded by Pelagius, a British monk, and condemned as heresy by the Roman Catholic Church in A.D. 416. It denied original sin and affirmed the ability of humans to be righteous by the exercise of free will.]

Pelagianism was and is the disease (fraud/heresy) which infiltrated and corrupted Christianity and destroyed its effectiveness from within. Hence the weakness of Christianity led to the weakness of the West in general. Thus the magnificent German nation was beset by the "Christians" of USA (and others) and horribly murdered. Yes, one honest observation is that foul, brutal, and miserable fact: GERMANY WAS MURDERED during WWII, pure and simple. And as all Christians are honest they must arrive and face that disgusting fact that Germany was so assassinated. For WWI was more fair and balanced among the various contending forces. No rational being can contend that Germany ever had even the slightest, remote chance to survive in the slaughter which took place in WWII -- it was set up to be knocked down, crushed, destroyed, and nearly totally exterminated.

And the conclusive historical parallel is the Roman warfare with Carthage which took place over three wars; the decisive episode being the second Punic war (about 222 BC), the one with Hannibal. After the second, the Romans were effectively supreme and secure. The third war against Carthage was merely the "coup de grace," a totally one-sided action by the Romans who simply "mopped-up" the already tremendously weakened Carthage -- it was not an even contest, rather a cruel and ruthless execution by the Romans. Such was WWII against the Germans, a filthy, murderous, genocidal execution.

And again, the point is that such a horrific episode in Western culture as the WWII murder of Germany, surely the very NADIR in the "decline of the West," could only have occurred as result of a madness/insanity -- the mental disease/delusion of Pelagianism. And thus we see how the Pharisaic (Ph-ic)/Judaic/Pelagian powers worked, managed, manipulated, and conspired. The Christian component was UNDERCUT, hamstrung, and stabbed-in-the-back. Pelagianism then is the definitive HUBRIS of the Christian element, so much otherwise the strength and substance of Western culture.

Thus we see today Pelagianism continues to rage, compounded now to the gross monstrosity of "hate-crime" by which Z is persecuted for telling the truth and holding an opinion. Note this isn't simply a matter of Christianity -- which is also directly and explicitly threatened -- rather, it is absolute question of reason and human existence. For humans only exist by means of truth and knowledge of reality, and humans are only human as they freely express opinion and respect one another's rights. Thus humanity requires rights under social contract in accord with human nature, reason. Thus humanity holds and expresses opinion and speaks truth -- there's no other way. "Hate-crime" thence is anti-human as it is anti-rational as it is anti-OBJECTIVE. Why? -- simply because hatred is by nature SUBJECTIVISTIC and anyone could say someone hates him/her -- for any reason whatsoever.

Thus the insane Jews claim "hate" from Z as he tells the truth -- and who is to deny? For the truth indicts murderers who now claim hatred is caused by truth -- OBVIOUSLY -- could it be any other way?

Thus "hate-crime" is very essence of fascism as fascism by definition rests upon SUBJECTIVE law.

And what justifies subjectivism? -- historically, only "MORALITY," and thus we see this in present form of Pelagianism suffered by Christians and manipulated and exploited so brilliantly by Ph-ics and Jews.

Historically we plainly observe the advent of such murderous Pelagianism, in its latest styling, as it infiltrated in the original secular guise from J.J. Rousseau and Immanuel Kant. The other tell-tale signs of the culminating murder of Germany and continuing assault against white race, Christianity and Western culture are also present and plainly evident, concurrent with Kantian-Pelagianism: (1) the rise of the Judaic power from "emancipation" following French Revolution/Napoleon; (2) rise of statism/socialism/fascism from Hegel/Marx; (3) and the rise of the decisive power of fractional-reserve money and banking (f-r m & b) fraud, especially in America.

Thus it is Z could do so much to help himself and people by not merely acceding to "martyrdom" out of a kind of self-pitying and unChristian despair. Z should rather take initiative to denounce the Pelagianism which absolutely dominates the culture and even the "movement" which claims to oppose it and to champion a hero like Z, establishment "revisionism" as pretended by such as Willis Carto and Walter Mueller. But Z is a modest and humble man who can't be too much blamed; he doesn't see the Pelagianism which clouds the minds of so many of his fellow Christians, manipulated by topmost Ph-ic masterminds -- Z suffers fm such Pelagianism himself, poor soul.

CONCLUSION: Thus the Spenglerian "decline of the West" continues, and we see the problem isn't necessarily the primary fault of the Jews -- who need something to work with before they can be successful -- like the mental debility of their victims the gentiles and Christians who then let their guard down. For the Pharisees who control and manipulate the Pelagians (and the rest of the dumber Jews) only take advantage of the poor "Christians" willing to FOOL THEMSELVES in their moralistic hubris and smugness -- like Z himself who merely stops at "martyrdom" and doesn't see the larger, more essential crux to the moralistic/subjectivist problem, specifically the curse, heresy/fraud/hoax of Pelagianism. So we remaining soldiers of volk and culture must look, see, and learn: proper obedience to God and nature requires honesty against smugness and Pelagian moralistic HUBRIS. Humanity requires rights and social contract, but these require not only reason, but also the COURAGE to act accordingly.


* Combat-scholar/theologian-of-giftedness, Christian-patriot

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