Book Review: Crossing the Rubicon

Reviewed by Apollonian

31 December 2004

[Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire At the End of The Age of Oil, by Michael C. Ruppert, (New Society Publishers, 2004)]

I. Introduction:

Michael Ruppert's new book on 9-11, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire At the End of The Age of Oil, is now out -- and it's absolutely stupendous, crushing, devastating. If the world ran on facts, Bush would be finished. Ruppert's book, though not without minor flaws, is nothing less than a tour de force, presenting the definitive story on 9-11. Its great significance is that Bush, Cheney, et al. must now prove they are innocent. Truly, we live in dangerous times.

What Ruppert does in Rubicon for the 9-11 issue is similar to what all the scholars put together over the last forty years have done for us regarding the original "Warren Report" on the Kennedy Assassination -- Ruppert has totally, definitively, and brilliantly debunked, exposed, and effectively trashed the establishment line and lies -- including especially the recent Congressional "9-11 Commission Report." For example, Ruppert simply takes Richard Clarke's work, Against All Enemies, quite questionable in itself yet much ballyhooed by the establishment, and uses it to show the discrepancies in the various accounts, especially regarding timelines. And you don't at all have to take Ruppert's word, both above-quoted works are already published "bestsellers."

Ruppert demonstrates definitively that among intelligence agencies, everyone knew Bin Laden was the CIA's boy. In fact, the Bin Laden/CIA work was so blatant and obvious that THAT itself was taken as virtual permission/invitation for these "intelligence"-connected people -- from all over, not just the US -- to speculate on the stock-market with the notorious "put options," etc. -- this is the real significance of the infamous stock-market speculation. And of course the hijackers were deliberately protected by FBI and everyone in the know -- who were actually legion.

And don't forget something we've really known all along -- the hijacked planes themselves were surely fitted with remote-control technology which was originally designed for the very purpose of PREVENTING exactly what happened, the horrific damage/crashing into strategic targets. The 270 degree turn-dive into the virtually empty wing of the Pentagon could only have been done with such remote-control means. Not even experienced top-flight pilots would have attempted to execute such an amazing maneuver -- requiring, don't forget, the plane to finally level-out just feet above the ground.

BUT HERE'S WHAT'S ESSENTIALLY NEW from Ruppert -- the "wargames" drills which were deliberately run on the day of 9-11 in order to subvert the otherwise amazingly strong defenses which would otherwise have easily prevented the attacks. It's now known there were at least 5 different "drills" going on -- the only POSSIBLE purpose of which was to distract, divert, and subvert American defenses. The "commission report," essentially a criminal-cover-up, presently acknowledges only one, in a footnote. Consider -- not only was there a drill to divert planes/jets for possible attack from Russia, but AT THE SAME TIME, there was another drill regarding internal hijackings for purposes of crashing such planes as actually happened. Having both drills at the same time is absolutely unconscionable by any stretch of the imagination, for any reason or any purpose.

Note what was just written -- a "drill" FOR HIJACKING and crashing into buildings/targets(!) -- do you remember the negroid "national security advisor" stating no one would have anticipated such use of "passenger aircraft as missile weapons"? Now we know more of why it was so critical for Bushy-wushy to suppress "investigations."

Thus one drill had the effect of diverting planes northward from the beginning, and another provided CONFUSION at the same time regarding whether actual hijackings were real or fake. And there were yet other "drills." On top of it all, there were yet planes which still very much might have made a difference, at least for the last attack on the Pentagon -- but these were mysteriously and unaccountably diverted out over the Atlantic ocean. Ruppert also exposes the administration-media cover-up of Cheney as the "maestro" coordinating all the "drills" to see to it enough damage was done.

When Sen. Leahy started getting "belligerent" about Ashcroft not showing up to answer questions, he (or his office) got a letter with extremely virulent anthrax in it -- after that he, Leahy, changed his tune dramatically, and Congress passed all the police-state "Patriot I" legislation without even reading the bill. The anthrax, of course, could only have come from the CIA -- verified by the type of strain used. Ruppert also demonstrates how the establishment Jews-media consistently aped the administration line, foiled, restrained, and threatened its own reporters and investigators, and attacked such as Ruppert himself with savage ferocity.

Here's a tidbit Ruppert includes for us: did you know there was a "flight 23" out of Newark which was likely part of the plot? A heroic Air Traffic Controller gave an alert on his own initiative -- disregarding Cheney's insistence upon continuing the "drills" -- and because of it flight 23 was grounded. Six men didn't want to get off the plane, but then disappeared among the crowd departing the airport. Later, "Al Qaeda material" was allegedly found in the baggage.

So the point is Ruppert does yeoman's work, especially notable, another feat of the Internet trumping the Jew-infested and dominated establishment traitors and criminals. And yes, Ruppert is confused regarding the Jew-question/issue -- which is probably why our public library actually has the book for us mere citizens -- but at least he is pretty uncompromising towards Israel whose MOSSAD knew everything, along most probably with the British MI6. Ruppert includes a good, smashing, though short chapter on Israel.

II. The Book

Crossing the Rubicon is 594 pages of text with 3 appendices and numerous endnotes, excellently referenced and researched. Rubicon is divided into four major sections. As Ruppert began his professional career a well-trained Police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department, he breaks the book into four sections of 150 pages: Motive, Means, Opportunity, and "Empire and Decline."

Ruppert's Introduction gives a brief biography and description of his method. Ruppert as policeman learned to absolutely detest drugs virtually as a religion. Ruppert is practical-minded and details-oriented; his book is stylistically a basic police officer's investigation rendition and criminal prosecutor's explanation of facts to a jury of citizens. The story is a tale of gross criminal conspiracy on part of corporate oligarchs, monopolists, politicians, judges, and a culture of perverse, habitual, and routine corruption.

Ruppert frames his general conspiracy theory on a simple theme: oil. Unfortunately there is not a single word upon the Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") conspiracy, a serious but minor flaw as Ruppert does indeed consistently finger the conspirators of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Further, Ruppert is consistently and pointedly critical of Israel, though he remains ignorant of the Jew-problem in general, indeed even quite solicitous of Jews. In fact, Jews are instrumental in the production of Ruppert's book: one is the book's publisher; another is Ruppert's agent. Thus as he's practical-minded, Ruppert is somewhat narrow and limited in his vision. Ruppert prefers to be matter-of-fact. There is a distinct Henny-Penny "sky-is-falling" quality regarding Ruppert's insistent world-is-running-out-of-oil hysteria.

"Motive" emphasizes the centrality of the oil as basis of the present civilization and economy; reserves are dwindling, so the oligarchs have panicked. Ruppert calls this oil-conspiracy theme of his, "Peak Oil." Bush and Cheney are chief conspirators, naturally, as they're so closely associated with the oil oligarchy.

Next is drugs. Ruppert delivers his exposition masterfully with copious and cogent details, a sub-conspiracy within a larger plot. Chapter six introduces Brzezinski's 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard which well substantiates Ruppert's theory regarding "Peak Oil." Ruppert, even given his somewhat narrow vision, is an excellent scholar and journalist, and he makes brilliant use of Brzezinski's numerous admissions. Another startling and vivid description is rendered by Ruppert's outstanding exposition of the Russian economic meltdown of 1998 -- it was all mere execution of Brzezinski's predictions.

The rest of the section on Motive consists of details describing and connecting the CIA, instrument of Wall Street oligarchs, with such as Pakistan's secret service, an outright CIA-clone, and their (Pakistani) intimate sponsorship and guidance of the "Taliban" rulers of Afganistan, including especially Osama Bin Laden who did work for the CIA in both Chechnya and Kosovo -- aside from the Saudi connections to Bush and such as the infamous Carlyle Group of oligarchs and conspirators. Thus Ruppert lays his groundwork linking the Wall Street oligarchs, banks, and money-launderers with terrorists and various criminals. Most notable is the matter-of-fact and routine intimacy and familiarity of all these people Ruppert describes. The horrific conspiracy is something that otherwise might well have been predicted. The only reason there was any 9-11 came as a shock was and is the conspiratorial mass media -- owned, controlled, and operated by the very same corrupt Wall Street oligarchs Ruppert describes.

"Means" tells how the large oligarchal conspiracy, "Peak Oil," operates in specific terms, and its relation to the 9-11 conspiracy. It discusses the infamous, "Promis" software, which I found fairly boring and repetitive. So the conspirators make optimum use of computers, as if we didn't know. But Ruppert gives some interesting details.

Next chapter Ruppert reports on a man named Vreeland, Delmart Edward Joseph Michael, now "disappeared," a spy-guy, owned by Naval Intelligence, et al., who had information on the 9-11 event before it happened that the US government desperately wanted to suppress. Chapter 12 covers the FBI, which had agents genuinely doing their jobs to protect the US, and which the higher-ups did their best to subvert and silence, making sure to allow the 9-11 disaster to happen. The subverters received promotions from Bush, and the point is well made that -- have you noticed? -- NO ONE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY PROSECUTED OR EVEN REPRIMANDED for the 9-11 disaster. Bush, Cheney, and the "neo-cons" have everything under control.

Next chapter, 13, "Penetration," covers oversight and supervision of the 9-11 conspiracy and how thoroughly and redundantly the "al qaeda" operation was guided by the CIA and masterminds -- so it was so difficult and necessary subsequently to be covered-up, especially with the help of the mass-media. So many people actually knew about the impending 9-11 attack, even in Russia, they were encouraged, by default, to speculate on the stock market. Chapter 17 covers some of the specific efforts the mass media made to intimidate Ruppert himself.

"Opportunity," chapters 18-25, covers the execution of the attacks on 9-11 themselves, especially the timelines, and the immediate cover-up and disinformation efforts whence the perpetrators lied so earnestly and treacherously. Ruppert examines the "players," like New York Mayor Giuliani, and demonstrates their parts in the conspiracy. Ruppert is most effective as he uncovers the "wargames drills" subversion of the plotters. The Air Force generals know exactly what happened, and there was no confusion except, for example, on the part of the lower-level operators in FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration. The Secret Service kept absolute control over all communications, as among the various agencies, and knew everything at all times. The conspiracy was most ruthlessly and deliberately executed -- all for "reasons of state," of course.

"Empire and Decline," is the weakest part of the work wherein Ruppert indulges his sky-is-falling hysteria regarding "Peak Oil." But Ruppert wants to continue his historical analogy with the corrupt Roman emperorship. For 450 solid pages up to this fourth section Ruppert has delivered a lucid, cogent, gripping, and detailed account for conviction of the Bush-Cheney-neocon conspirators.

Yet even here there's some good material: Ruppert speculates upon the sheer insanity and ruthless abandon of the oligarchs who seem to think they can "spin" anything with their corporate mass-media machine. Ruppert does well as he comments upon the horrific damage done to Constitutional freedom. Ominously Ruppert observes upon the systematic murders and elimination of microbiologists throughout the world as if he anticipates a biological attack from the oligarchs upon the world's peoples. Additionally Ruppert observes in some detail the growing economic strength of China and the threat it represents to the US.

One of the most disappointing omissions of Ruppert's work I thought is regarding the obvious deliberate demolition of the WTC towers and the immediate destruction of the evidence. Regarding the Israelis, one thing omitted is the capture of MOSSAD agents armed and carrying explosives in the Mexican Capital building a few weeks after the 9-11 event. It surely seems the Bush-Cheney and neocon conspiracy is logical follow-up to the Clinton regime bombing of Serbia, but Ruppert doesn't connect these events.

Of course, the great and overwhelming virtue of Ruppert's work is in helping us to bring up the necessary subject of solution to the problems and the rehabilitation of our great Constitution and its original system according to original intent. The oligarchal empire run by the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, the Federal, especially national government, is a fetid, disease-ridden, and virulent monster; it must be immediately overthrown, de-activated, and dismantled -- exactly like the French government abruptly ended the Terror of Robespierre. But how then should or would America proceed?

Obviously, we must revert dramatically to "states rights," and election-reform is critically imperative. US Senators should be elected by state legislatures as originally, and this is an outstanding, excellent first step. Congressional Representatives should be chosen by much smaller constituencies no larger than say, five thousand citizens/voters who choose electors, the electors drawing lots from among themselves, for example, to obtain the actual Representatives. Most imperative is return of the ideal of rule-of-law; this will by itself maintain and secure the economic health and provide exemplary inspiration. The Federal Reserve Bank fraud-travesty-conspiracy, historical root of the entire problem, must be abolished immediately.

CONCLUSION: Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon is absolute must reading -- go and get the book by whatever means necessary, soon as possible. Yes, it's even worth spending the money to buy it from a bookstore -- it's far, far better than Mike Moore's "Fahrenheit 9-11," far, far more rewarding, informative, and useful.


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