Christian Anti-Semitism Best Orients and Unites Patriots

by Apollonian

17 November 2004

The recent Christian controversy for VNN does distinct good for the purpose of Patriot psychologic/political/cultural orientation: Christianity must be understood as anti-Semitic, and if it isn't then it isn't proper Christianity. Patriots must be pointedly Christian-sympathetic. Thus the patriot cause entails reason, Christianity, and Constitution, and the necessary movement-spirit is substantiated. We patriots know best now what we're for and what we're against in general and we're provided then best for any further substantial details.

The definitive immediate political target is then removal/elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed"), the main weapon/instrument of the Jews/Pelagians, and all political measures must be oriented towards this definitive end. In general, patriots work towards the de-activation and demise of the large central, imperial/oligarchal, national government in favor of "states rights." Thus patriot movements generate themselves naturally fm the individuals. For example, Christian student organizations, radical and anti-semitic, must work for control of the student governments and newspapers.

And the monstrosity of the Jew/Pelagian enemy is surely well captured and epitomized by means of the DEPLETED URANIUM depiction by which the world is poisoned and contaminated.

CONCLUSION: Thus our patriot movement is best organized, inspired, and lead by a rationalist, anti-semitic Christian motif/ideal which best energizes all possible assets, working against all the necessary targets. Remaining tasks are now mere details of most simplified calculation, and VNN as intellectual forum for this patriot formation is well vindicated. Death to the Fed.


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