Anthropology and Nature of Countermeasures: Sympathy for the Christians

by Apollonian

29 October 2004

As we look at the Judaic problem we must admit it's something, a genuine puzzle, that exists within circumstances which can be truly complex and difficult for any honest person. For one thing Judaism is a disease of opportunity -- it couldn't thrive without a larger gentile culture in Spenglerian decline. Judaism doesn't cause the HUBRIS of a people, race, or nation which then allows the Jews to take advantage. The countermeasures taken against Judaism should be in sympathy with the traditional Christian attempt as original counter and opposition to the original Judaic enemy/disease. Christians shouldn't be reviled or treated with contempt but rather with reason, respect, and patience. Nationalist rationalists should acknowledge the considerable difficulty in facing the Judaic problem.

And note Judaism itself is composed of at least two things: (1) a religious component, especially for the dimmer, working-class kind, and (2) the gross outright fraud element, especially of the topmost contingent which takes advantage of the lower-level sort and uses them as cadre -- like the bolshevik henchmen and enforcers of the old Soviet Russia. When things are working best for the Jews, the topmost and the lower-level Jews cooperate in running the fractional-reserve money and banking fraud, taking advantage of the goyim-gentile populations.

An additional complication is these Jews, topmost and lower-level, both must cooperate with a traitor element among the gentiles, best understood as "Pelagians." These Pelagians assist in defrauding and misleading their own people especially by means of the "good-evil" delusion/fallacy.

Thus it is well said that Jews are a nation/conspiracy "within a nation." In simplest terms the religious component is certainly best epitomized as institutionalized SUBJECTIVISM. Thus the Talmud takes precedence over the Torah -- which the Talmud professes to be based upon. The Talmud itself is composed of the (1) Mishnah which is supposedly the first "interpretation"/discussion of the Torah, and (2) the Gemara which came later and is the interpretation of the "interpretation" -- that is, of the Mishnah. Thus we see Judaism, the religious manifestation/institutionalization of subjectivism and complexity for its own sake.

In any case we can well conclude to the absolute infernal and insidious nature of the Talmudists and their religion -- they are so clever, infernally so, at twisting logic and then so totally dominating the hubristic goyim/gentiles, the nadir of Spenglerian "Decline of the West." Even the finest reason is liable to frustration against this infernal Talmudic religion. Thus the nationalist rationalists should acknowledge the depth and severity of the problem they face even with their exalted reason against the infernal mysticism and profound irrationalism of the Judaic enemy -- they're insane, but what a sublime insanity, an insanity which is so infernally effective and successful, especially under the right circumstances. Only utmost reason has possibility of survival or success against such determined and fanatically hysterical Judaic enemies.

Note historically it was deemed necessary in the ancient time for the institutionalizing of a religion, Christianity, to counteract this infernal Talmudist anti-reason and inhumanity. Random reason by itself wasn't enough. Nowadays, the traditional Christianity seems to find itself out of its depth in the face of modern Judaism with its Pelagian component/supplement. Nationalist rationalists must not blame the victims of this sublime and infernal Judaic insanity, the Christians, who are only able to resort to their own counter-religion, as it's the best they can manage to do.

Hence if Christianity is to be understood as integral part of the people's defense against the Judaic fraud/disease, people will have to see it for what it was designed as -- a kind of anti-irrationality, inasmuch as it is anti-Judaism. Thus Christianity is the religious version of reason and objectivity -- as counter to the Judaic antithesis of anti-reason and subjectivism.

But the point is that presently Christianity and Christians must be dealt with by means of sympathy and patience on the part of rationalists, racialists, and nationalists -- we need all the help we can get. Christians so much and so often lack complete confidence in purest reason as they're left to themselves. Rather Christians are typically the meeker and sociable sort, looking to each other and so urgently NEEDING LEADERSHIP -- very much indeed like the flock looking for a shepard. Christians should be given credit as they at least understand they're necessarily anti-Judaic. Christians are too often the pitiable victims of the infernal Judaic/Pelagian conspiracy of subjectivist subversion and fraud -- nationalists must understand with patience.

CONCLUSION: Thus Christianity should not be reviled, and Christians should be treated with sympathy and patience as they're constantly instructed and reminded of the rationalist/objectivistic necessities in defense against their Judaic and Pelagian enemies. Christians deserve credit for attempting to resist the dread Judaic/Pelagian enemy of civilization. Christianity is not mere version/variant of Judaism -- it is intended as absolute religious opponent, antithesis, and counter to the dread and vile religious Judaism. And as Christians need and appreciate the true objectivistic leadership and encouragement against the Judaic/Pelagian subjectivism and insanity, they should be credited and respected: they do the best they can as they understand anti-semitism is obedience to God. Death to the Fed.


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