Inductive Logic and How It Will Work For us Patriots As the "Worm Will Turn"

by Apollonian

9 October 2004

Intro: What is it that makes us human? -- would it be human thought -- thinking? Well, that is one definition of humanity -- the "rational creature," which comes down to us from at least the time of the Greeks. Now, what is the basis of human thought? The answer would have to be INDUCTIVE LOGIC, a fancy name for GENERALIZATION. Induction works like this: with repeated sense perceptions, we generalize, we abstract. Thus we move from sense perception to CONCEPTS, or as they're also known and called, "universals" -- Plato called them "forms," and "ideas." Another neat-sounding synonym is "abstractions."

Thesis: The point I want to make is that inductive logic will work for us patriots and against the Jews who are the worst violators and manipulators of such induction, as I'll point out below. For never doubt Jews hate Christians for good reason, and at least for Jews, there's nothing more non-Jew than a true Christian, never doubt. Aligning ourselves as patriots with Christians will pay dividends. Such prudent "politics" doesn't mean we patriots necessarily identify perfectly with all Christians -- all we need do is be REASONABLE, that's all. I recommend Averroism, perfect reason and objectivity -- translated so our Christian compatriots can understand.

Getting back to the process of induction, as we see a particular horse has four feet, and then as we perceive another horse with four feet, and so on -- thus we conclude INDUCTIVELY: hey, horses got four feet. Thus by induction, again, we move from sense perception to concepts (or again, "universals") by means of INDUCTION. Some animals can do this basic kind of induction too, as a dog which knows its owner and anticipates certain basic things. The difference, of course, is animals don't generalize about this process of generalization. Animals do some basic generalization -- but they don't know they do it. Hey, a lot of humans don't know what they're doing either. The point is, again, humans are self-conscious, and they have the potential to understand what they're doing, however inperfectly.

Induction is both fundamental and necessary, and it PRECEDES DEDUCTION, as deduction requires "major premises," generalizations, from which to work (in order to "deduce" FROM).

Further, we note the TRUTH of abstractions, or concepts is in how and whether these abstractions/concepts are "verified" in reality by means of sense-perception ("science") which we assume is OBJECTIVE. And objectivity is a necessary -- axiomatic -- assumption, why? Because if not, then the alternative is anything goes, and nothing makes any sense (subjectivism), also known as "reduction to the absurd."

And now we're enabled to see and know certain things -- like how so many poor folk, especially gentiles, allow themselves to be brainwashed into thinking the holohoax is the truth -- CONSTANT REPETITION which MIMICS the process of induction. Thus as holohoax is repeated over and again, the poor victims and addicts of the Jew-TV actually begin to think it's true. I myself thought the holohoax was true well into my thirties; only then did I begin to marvel at the perfidious ingenuity of the Jew who so brilliantly mimics that human process, induction.

Since then I've always marveled at the Jews' religious insistence upon the creation of reality (subjectivism) by means of this religious mimicking of the process of induction. It's why the Jew is so well known to lie repeatedly and persistently, even after he knows he's been found out -- most of them really don't know any better -- it's simply the only thing they know how to do, not knowing the difference between lies and reality, not understanding the Greek concept of objectivity. Most of those poor psychotic Judaic monstrosities don't even know they do it -- but that's because they don't realize the profound perversion of their own religion which they revere from childhood. In a profound way, Jews are truly most pitiable creatures -- who seriously believe they create reality -- and that their "God," "Yahweh," or whoever, will do it for them as dutiful servant, bound to them by "covenant."

Thus we see how induction is deliberately faked -- and how humans are conned, fooled, "psyched," and trained, programmed, indoctrinated. Proper "education," by contrast, makes the process, induction, fully clear for our conscious minds to grasp and understand. Thus we see how so many things are "induced" upon the unwary -- it all comes down to that basic little thing, INDUCTIVE LOGIC -- and HOW it is treated, or not.

We see also how inductive logic is PREVENTED -- as regarding the 9-11 massacre. For inductive logic is one of those "stubborn things" -- like the facts (sense perceptions) which inductive logic works with. For note again, inductive logic is a process, while facts and sense-perceptions are the actual substance such that the inductive process, inductive logic, works with.

Thus inductive logic implicates George W. Bush and his cohorts -- even though those pathetic Jew-affected creatures don't want to admit it. For everything points to Bush's culpability: think again -- no interceptor jets for the Pentagon strike NEARLY AN HOUR AFTER the WTC hits, when even an idiot had to know something was going on. And the morons, Bush and co., still continue to think they're gonna get away with it all. Then again, I guess that's what such fools must necessarily think they're gonna do -- as we observe them continuing along pretending to run for office in an election everyone knows is rigged with "black box ballots." Victims of the Jews -- victims of their crazy world of organized insanity -- observe how it all comes about almost by means of a sublime SCIENCE.

But don't doubt the Jew-Jews themselves are going to have their inevitable comeuppance, by the exact same token, for they're in with Bush all the way, and then some. It really looks like the Jews will try to make Bush take the fall, like Nixon. But there's quite possibly much more to this gross, putrid Bush-Jew drama before it's entirely over.

All the other facts regarding 9-11 fall in with the obvious inductive logic. Indeed, note this inductive logic is so well understood as science, even apart from the pure formal logical science of Aristotle's, that even in ancient times, those magnificent Romans came up with a fundamental principle of criminal investigation which has ever since stood all tests: "CUI BONO" (who benefits)? Thus such inductive logic is so well understood as a PRACTICAL, APPLIED SCIENCE, as in simplest police work.

We as mere honest humans know that not only facts, but inductive logic is one of those "stubborn" things -- and the proverbial "worm" has got to "turn" sometime, somehow, in some way, for some people, somewhere -- "it's gonna happen," comrades -- something's got to give. Consider it this way: observe the horrific 9-11. Attention cannot remain on that problem, so now we're distracted by the Iraq mess. So the distraction is successful -- but now COMPOUNDED in all awful actuality. Thus it is absolutely impossible another DISTRACTION/DIVERSION of horrific nature will not occur -- this is insured by the coming economic catastrophe. Thus the Christians will depend upon us rationalistic sort to keep level heads for them through the coming travails. Rule-of-law and sanctity-of-contract will save our economy, no matter the damage the Jews will do.

CONCLUSION: And so this is what I'm working up to regarding the utility and practicality of simplest, merest Christianity: for it is sufficient for us simply to identify as non-Jews when the excrement finally hits the fan, as it will within weeks -- not even months now. For there is an economic crisis on the horizon as the dollar is due to collapse. Yes, Christians are the most disgusting creatures -- of an "almost human nature," indeed -- but at least they're not Jews, and that's saying a lot right there, believe me. Never forget these Jews, the enemies of God, reality, truth, objectivity, humanity, reason, rule-of-law -- the ultimate monsters of existence WHO THINK GOD WORSHIPS THEM, who seriously think it's acceptable for their religion that they are so favored by God it is conceivable God wants to have sex with them (check the "Song of Songs" in book of Psalms, I believe), Jews understood collectively as a female-styled entity with whom God is hopelessly enamored, so much are Jews to be considered above and apart from humanity -- all this according to their putrid "religion." Again, the point is that we let inductive logic work for us naturally as we relate with non-Jews, hence as tolerators of Christians, humble and disgusting as they (and we, never forget) so often are. Thus as the Christians have confidence in us they will accept and appreciate our rationalistic-style leadership -- and they will see our point as to the critical necessity of the removal of the Jews/Pelagians, Pelagians the suckalong accomplices/cohorts in fraud/tyranny/imperialism. As rationalists we're fractionally small minority against a mob of Judaic-Pelagian suckalongs to the topmost Pharisaics and oligarchs. In between are the Christians, who must be sympathetically treated by us, for who else serve as "the people"? -- the people whom we must not forsake in cynicism, despair, or contempt. For to forsake the Christians, all of them, would be gross and inexcusable hubris on our part. Again, a minimal tolerance for Christians on our part will do us well and well earn dividends. Thanks for your attention.


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