Remember Christians Are "The People" And Christianity is Means to End

by Apollonian

9 October 2004

Below copied comments by editor Alex fm VNN Readers Ltrs, Oct 4, are noteworthy and deserving of further analytical comments. First I present editor's comments in full.

Ed. Note: The truth, of course, is that God condemns to sempiternal perdition all men who believe in the Dude Who Came Back for improper use of His gift of reason.

Exactly. I have long been puzzled by the Christian attitude that what really gets a man into Heaven is passing a Theology exam. If you answer the exam questions right, you're in; if not, you're in everlasting hell-fires. (I personally don't think that this was exactly and literally what Christ meant; at least I hope he had a nobler vision and understanding of religion.) This very thing also puzzled old Ben Franklin. Franklin said, in his own words, "According to Scripture, Jesus Christ will ask me what I have done with my life, not what I believed (and Franklin here quoted a verse from the book of Revelation)." Ed. Note: I just say what I say to tweak the Christians. I don't believe in things that don't exist. Christians grow angry, because that's what Christians do. Stupid and humorless folk can't stand rational questions, obvious observations -- they're abject in their mental mud, and can't stand anything clean. "Those who can, do. Those who can't, moralize." Christianity is a means by which the left half the bell curve is used by sharpers of the right. I won't waste a second of my time trying to persuade fools who think the laws of the universe are somehow suspended because some jew scribbled it in a book of lies. Hey, Christian: have you ever, personally, known of anybody who came back from the dead?

I read a good book on these idiots, with the wonderful title,
Don't Call Me Brother by Austin Miles. He got mixed up with the Assemblies of God nitwits, basically found their leaders a bunch of sex-crazed scammers. He came from the circus, literally ran away to join it, and became a famous ringmaster. His conclusion: carnies are 100x more moral and reliable than the jesus jumpers. My conclusion: If you believe in Jesus, you'll fall for anything.

Protocols contains the truth about what jews really believe; the Bible just has what they want
you to believe. There's force, and there's make believe. Morality only has power to the extent you can get others to buy into your system. Force, by contrast, works absolutely. When you kill someone, that man is dead. This is why the jews murdered Mr. Long, and just possibly Mr. Kennedy.

There's force and make-believe, and if you sign up with Jesus, you're on the side of make-believe. Religionists are the most likely to go sideways in the clutch, too, because always at the back of their mind, leaping to the front under pressure, is the idea that, after all, God wanted it that way -- no matter what that way turns out to be.

God is always on the side of giving in, because always at the back of the religious man's mind, leaping to the front when things grow difficult, is the idea that he's encountering the resistance because he's fighting God's will. God does and explains everything! He's upside and down at the same time. He wants this -- or that. It doesn't make a difference. The idea that God wanted it that way is always there to kick in and justify natural laziness, cowardice, fatigue whenver the Christian grows weary. God's a comforting excuse that never abandons you in times of trouble, even if He created them!

The religious man is religious in no small measure because it lets him escape responsibility for his actions. The religious man will claim the opposite, that only he is bound by moral convictions and commandments, but o ho! you just see how he observes these in practice! For every Flanders, a dozen philanderers.

There are no gods, there are only men struggling. Their decisions, character, and will alone determine the outcome. The christians -- these aren't men, these are adult children. I guarantee you at this very moment there are two people in Florida, living in adjacent houses. One of them thanks Jeboo for sparing her house from the hurricane. The other one thanking Jesus for destroying her house, because it was a needed lesson, and or course, "everything happens for a reason."

The man who believes that "everything happens for a reason" is a dangerous fool. He is very likely to lack brains, character and imagination. Jebooism is a way to mulct, pacify and entertain the lower classes, no one intelligent really believes it, has always been my suspicion, although I know that many intelligent men pretend to believe it because they think it sets a good example.

For those who write and tell me to take it easy on the Christians, don't bother. They've shown by their behavior how they are to be treated. They send their sons off to die for Israel, even while the ADL rips any reference to their religion off the tiniest plaque in the jerkest water. So, they are to be reviled and scorned and maltreated -- and they get off on it! The religionists should be treated like the conservatives: they both like being whipped, so whip them. They should learn to fear us Aryans the way they fear jews.

* * *

Response of observer more sympathetic to Christians: We ought to remember the Christians are our people; they're who we come from. The important thing to remember about Christianity is that IT OPPOSES PHARISAISM, and can thus rightly be thought of as objectivity versus the Pharisaic subjectivity, foundation of fraud, tyranny, and injustice. Christianity is the people's attempt to be reasonable against the Pharisaic insanity. Hence Christianity is a perspective which can well be utilized by the wise against the Pharisaic enemy.

Alex's denunciation of Christianity tends to a too-facile denunciation of people in general -- thus he TOTALLY MISSES THE POINT. Rather we patriots/nationalists ought to be sympathetic with people and Christians -- for Christians are the people, and we ought to accept this fact without unseemly resentment. Our philosophy should be compassion towards the people on premise they "do their best."

"Going to heaven" and "raising from the dead," are all optional and inessential to Christianity properly understood which is, again, ANTI-PHARISAISM and rejection of "midrash" -- Pharisaic "interpretation" of the original law, this perversion of law done for the benefit of the Pharisees in contempt of the people.

Note the problem for all/any people are the frauds, the subjectivists, who strive to take advantage of them. The Pharisaists demonstrate themselves the most successful frauds in history. As Christianity is intituted in opposition to this system of Pharisaic fraud/subjectivism, we should be happy to relate with it. WE MERELY NEED TAKE CONTROL OF IT, Christianity, TO MAKE IT SERVE OUR LEGITIMATE PURPOSES -- thus we give it a rationalist understanding. As we're wise and competent we'll naturally succeed.

"Christianity is a means by which the left half of Bell curve is used . . . ." -- well, such is always the danger, and removing Christianity won't change things. The point is people need leadership, and Christianity is what the people rely on, a condition of existence we simply need to work with. Complaining about "religionists" is useless -- people will only leave one religion to go to another. Most people are followers and always have been.

" being whipped"? -- this is hasty, bitter conclusion. Fearing the Aryans? -- yes, absolutely, but don't forget most Aryans are religionistic too. Besides even rationalists are "religionistic" as they and we are creatures of habit. The large problem is in avoiding "stupidity," especially excessive stupidity, as we're reminded by the comedian, Gallagher.

CONCLUSION: My own simplified analysis is that we can only do our best to calculate our position in the Spenglerian cyclic activity. The Jews/Pharisees/Pelagians are in a desperate position as the PARASITES THREATEN TO KILL THE HOST. It really looks like we face a tremendous economic downturn ahead -- a "meltdown." Hence the Jews are going to attempt a huge terrorist event in their desperation and insanity, foisted as much upon Bush, their current dupe, as in collusion with him. Note this terrorist event will be used to upstage and anticipate the economic downturn as attempt to blame the terrorists and absolve the Pharisaic/Pelagian oligarchs. Our patriot course is far wiser to sympathize and relate with the Christian victims. For our anti-Pharisaic soldiers will come fm them, Christians, who will look to us for leadership.


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