Kant: Preceptor and Con-Artist of Subjectivism and "Morality"

by Apollonian

7 October 2004

Thanks to Tim of VNN 5 Oct Readers' letters section regarding St. Immanuel (Kant). Kant, as I've noted in earlier essays (check VNN archives), was really a brilliant guy who has taken the perverted middle class, which arose in the West even before French Revolution, for a great ride -- it continues through this very day, with Kant as the patron saint of public school philosophy departments throughout the world. In Kant culminates the resurgent Platonism/irrationalism begun with Descartes and continuing through Rousseau and Hume. Many people seem so impressed -- really intimidated -- by Kant's formidable vocabulary, bombast, and overblown humbug. Kant really deserves to be ranked with Aristophanes, the great Greek comedian. The problem is that Kant is tool of the Jews, a rationalizer of "morality" of "good-evil," which then is used to found the Judeo-Pelagian fraud culture in subjectivism. Embracing Kantian subjectivist metaphysics, one is open for any fraud, the Pharisaics being the ultimate masters.

Note that with industrialization the West begins a great population explosion, and thence a vast creation of suckers and weaklings who will later embrace the politics of socialism/statism, all of it founded and justified upon such Kantian "morality." Kant was made for these fools/weaklings who in their inferiority complex dream of being "moral." "Morality" is the great God of these poor suckers who imagine they've advanced beyond the more conventional, prosaic Christianity and "faith." For here and now, so the suckers are persuaded, there's a real "morality" founded in Kantian "reason." Of course Kant's "morality" of "duty" is just a product of an absurdist string of non-sequiturs styled in bombast: (a) "noumenal world" (fantasy, "let's pretend"), (b) "good will," (c) "categorical imperative" (obsession), (d) "duty" -- all of it suffering the obvious fallacy of question-begging at each and every step -- a perfect system for morons who are set to kill otherwise productive, thinking human beings.

All these morons need to think is they're being "moral," and they'll be persuaded to do anything. Thus the Pharisaists/Judaics/Pelagians rule as they have, beginning with Napoleon -- this era defined by the secularist-styled fascism, especially socialism. And note the rise of Jews perfectly parallels this historic rise of moralism, especially Kantian-styled in "reason," along with socialism and neo-mercantilism.

Thus history is cyclic, and note all philosophy is categorized between Plato and Aristotle, subjectivism and objectivity. Kant, like Descartes is simply under the Platonic heading -- but as he's most impressive for his blather and appalling, bombastic terminology, he's considered "definitive." Suckers are so impressed by "style." So the Spenglerian cycle and decline naturally entails both: (a) Kant the con-artist, and (b) the excess population of suckers created by the triumph of Western reason from the High Middle Age (roughly 1050 AD) and the re-introduction of Aristotle to the West. The high point was the U.S. Constitution, rule-of-law, and individual freedom which has steadily degenerated from that time -- or shortly after it, surely with the "morality" of freeing the slaves and American Civil War.

Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason" is merely another contrived, Plato-inspired, separation of logic from sense perception -- false dichotomy. Aristotelians understand the two can't be separated as abstractions of reason/logic are necessarily founded and derived fm sense perception by means of induction, this sense perception understood necessarily as axiomatic (unprovable) basis for the "truth" then rendered for subsequent abstraction/reason.

Same goes for cause-effect, a necessary product of INDUCTIVE LOGIC, the basic human operation of mind -- generalization -- based upon what Tim calls "correlation." Again, Inductive logic is the basic human operation -- no deductive logic can take place without first the induction/generalization which gives us those major premises in the first place. Thus the nominalist David Hume, another great crack-brain/con-artist, pretended he'd refuted reason by means of rejection of inductive logic as foundation. Samuel Johnson, as recorded by James Boswell, was not impressed. J.J. Rousseau was the era's great Pelagian, along with his buddy Voltaire, and Immanuel Kant then synthesizes and epitomizes all of them with his "definitive" system. After Kant came further reductions to ever-greater absurdity, Hegel, and Marx -- though Marx seems to have genuinely hated the oligarchal mercantilists whom he mistakenly called "capitalists," thinking these were true advocates of freedom of market and individual liberty, including property rights.

Objectivity, as Aristotle pointed out, is a necessary ASSUMPTION/axiom -- the alternative is absolute chaos, literally. Subjectivism is anything-goes, and as the clever Pelagians/Pharisaics manage to organize and intimidate the masses weaklings by means of "morality," they enforce a political regime in the Spenglerian "Decline of the West," typically styled as socialism. The next great socialist vision is the "one-world" of the United Nations (UN). (Check James Perloff's Shadows of Power, among other excellent works.)

Observe in order to found the fraud culture defined by the ultimate fraud of fractional-reserve money and banking (f-r m & b), the "Fed" -- which gives them all their real, practical power -- the Jew-masters must begin with that AXIOMATIC subjectivism and insist upon the dichotomy then between reason/abstraction and sense perception. "Morality" is the excuse/pretext by which the subjectivists, led always by Jews/Pharisees and their Pelagian cohorts among the gentiles, ENFORCE their regime of subjectivity and thence fraud featuring their thematic and crucial money-creating machine, the f-r Fed. The holohoax is a supplementary fraud meant to buttress the regime of morality and pretended Judaic suffering.

CONCLUSION: Thus do we organize history and culture/philosophy according to the thematic Spenglerian "Decline of the West" cyclic model. The "decline" begins as always by means of hubris, the gentile inheritors and inferiors squandering the legacy of their brave forbears by means of "morality" and narcissist delusion, specifically and predominantly as presented in the formidable, intimidating style of Kant -- actually and really just a rehash of Platonic subjectivism and "good." The necessary counteraction for us patriots and white racialist-nationalists is to embrace OBJECTIVITY, and to do this, for one thing among others, by means of the STYLE of the original anti-Pharisaic, anti-Pelagian CHRISTIANITY, a potent weapon as proven from history. Never forget the emphatic denunciation of subjectivity in Gosp. of JOHN 8:44, and the profession of objectivity in MARK ch. 12 and MATT. ch. 22:34-40. Don't forget the American founders were Christians though their epochal and revolutionary instrument was that magnificent mechanism featuring the unquestionable rule-of-law and Constitutional Republic. Meantime, note we can only do the obligatory small things, firstly according to my own recommendation, reform of election laws, Senators by state legislatures as originally. Then there are the others, like jury-nullification, legalization of drugs, medicine, and freedom, boycotting the Bonesmen (Bush and Kerry/Kohn), and impeachment of Bush, etc. Thanks for all your attention.


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