Book Review: Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma

by Apollonian

6 October 2004

To Alex at VNN, patriots and revisionistics: Candid Analysis of Judaism/Talmudism by an Honest Christian Book Review: Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma, by T. W. Pike (Apollonian, Sep 04) I. Ted Pike and the Style of his Book, Israel...

Judaism/Talmudism--the two are essentially the same--is surely a wonder and curse of the world, for behold and just look at the power of the Jews, those ruthless victors of World War II (WWII)--they now positively bestride the world as absolute masters, rulers, dictators. What are we gentiles to make of this race of overlords?--but further and most, what are we to make of their invincible, in its way, culture/mentality/"religion"? Theodore Winston Pike, author of Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma, 1984, Big Sky Press, 346 pages, offers an analysis of the Judaic, hence Talmudic, religion, and he does this brilliantly with reference to history and religious sources, in excellent detail, with copious and careful notation and citation, with yet further a considerable appendix section containing extended text extracts--nothing is left merely to imagination.

One isn't asked to merely take Pike's word. There are solid premises and facts presented for the readers' conclusions. Judaism is a force of nature, counter-balance to a prior excess--the Spenglerian "decline" following upsurge of cultural prosperity and success which has now created too many weaklings who otherwise would have perished, who now MUST perish, Jews enforcing things conclusively. Pike's exposition is economic and brief, well and expressively written--he gets to and makes his points incisively and illustratively.

Pike is excellent scholar, generally, especially Biblical, but also as it concerns Judaic sources, like the Talmud, the various "encyclopedias," and the Zohar, the main text for "Kabbalah"--outright Judaic-style mysticism, akin to voodoo and mumbo-jumbo-style superstition for the especially hysterical and dumber Jews. Indeed, exposition of outright Judaic sources is one great strength of Pike's work, quotes straight fm the proverbial horses' "mouth." Pike does however indulge in discussion of such as the Biblical "rapture" which supposedly precedes the Armageddon scenario which he much takes with literal seriousness. But this literalism is easily skipped over with little lost for essential exposition, only a slight annoyance for the more rationalistic stickler.

There's one serious problem for Pike's analysis, I'd say: he doesn't seem to grasp the connection with "central" banking--the essence of the Judaic power within the larger SUBJECTIVISM and fraud culture--MAMMONISM--substance of the Judaic religion, Talmudism. For banking is the "cashing-in" by which the larger Judaism, its induced deception and "setting-up" for circumstances and foundation, is made to pay the actual dividends. Judaism is thus understood very much as mere elaboration of original ancient Babylonian banking frauds and con-artists who now colonize the world. Fractional-reserve (f-r) money and banking (m & b), like the present-day Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed"), is that one essential specific by which the general Judaism actually rules and governs for practical effects. Hence the f-r fraud is built upon the larger elaboration known as Judaism and Talmudism.

Another problem of Pike's is he takes the Judaic self-history, as fm the Old Testament, too seriously as if it's actually true. Nowadays we know the "kings" David and Solomon, for examples, are surely purest fiction. Archaeologically, the only proof we have for any actual Judaic state or civilization goes back only to the 3rd century BC at earliest--again, a minor inconvenience for the rationalistic reader.

Pike does excellent job of analyzing according to rationalist framework--though his conclusion at the end of his work utterly fails as it simply dissolves into a "back to the Bible"-style palavering. But such failure is well compensated for the excellent facts he presents for necessary premises by which we can conclude for ourselves. Pike thus well complements the social psychologist Kevin MacDonald (Culture of Critique) who has examined the Jews from his own strictly scientific perspective. Pike compares things according to religion demonstrating the stark contrast between Christianity and Judaism.

II. Jews and Their Religion

Otherwise Jews are originally a bunch of Babylonian con-artists and traitors who opened the proverbial gates to the Persian king, Cyrus the Great, who then in fact may well have awarded some of them some real estate out in Palestine--from which, indeed, some of those Jews of Babylon may have actually previously derived but for which derivation proof is now too elusive and conjectural. Yahweh is actually the typical Middle Eastern war-God, like Marduk, which the Jews transformed and sublimated into an invincible mental device/obsession/psychosis by which absolute narcissism--the "chosen people"--renders the Jews the ultimate conquerors by means of a Godly and glorified attack-dog.

Thus God actually worships the Jews, as Pike demonstrates fm the Jews' own literature--a notion which too many gentiles overlook--even perhaps too many of the working-class type Jews. For God is literally understood as "in-love" with the Jews like a male obsessed with a female-type entity which the Jews collectivistically are compared with--as in the Books of Hosea and Ezekiel and the Psalms, especially the Song of Songs, of which it is said some rabbis hold is expression of God actually desiring to have sex with the Judaic collectivistic female-styled entity--so much are Jews thus held ABOVE the rest of humanity, as Pike points out over and over. It cannot be too greatly emphasized the great and radical difference btwn Judaism and Christianity, and the supposed and pretended "Judeo-Christianity" is far too greatly overblown--they are absolute opposites, not variants/versions, though the Jews literally and formally hold and consider Christianity a "heresy."

Warfare of the Jews is only now sublimated by means of "morality" and the delusion of "good-evil" induced upon hubristic weaklings and suckers who are then conveniently exploited. Jews no longer do any actual fighting--except for the expendable, lower level, working-class types--they're rather the financiers and oligarchal masterminds nowadays. Jews rather encourage the gentiles to fight each other for the sake of "moral" "good-evil"--as witness presently Bush prosecuting warfare against Islamic "terrorism."

Thus Judaism-Talmudism is first, last, and unquestionably most A WAR-STRATEGY/PROGRAM, mentality, and philosophy of life: "perpetual war for perpetual..."--Judaic rulership and hegemony--"what's 'good' for Jews", admirably sublime, and frustratingly effective and successful regarding us gentiles. "By means of deception shalt thou do war." For note the Jews were heavily affected by the original Persian Zoroastrian dualism as well as being much the source of "gnosticism" which so affected early Christianity. Hence as we Westerners and gentiles suffer fm the Spenglerian "Decline of the West," Judaism naturally thrives as the ANTITHESIS, the subjectivist counter to and opposite of Western ideal of OBJECTIVITY, Judaic fraud contrasted to the prior Western honesty and integrity as virtues which built the original Western civilization and constituted the prior Spenglerian cyclic upsurge. Judaic "intelligence" and "morality"--gross fraud, narcissism, and pretension--now supplant the previous Western straightforwardness and honest, upright simplicity.

Note Judaism is NOT THE CAUSE of the Spenglerian "decline" as of the gentile "West"; rather it is just the disease-of-opportunity, so to speak, which feasts upon the dead body, like maggots upon the corpse. For first the corrupt, satiated, and perverted gentiles must not merely give-up, but actually REJECT, their own culture of OBJECTIVITY--which provided them all their success in the first place--before the Jews could ever possibly have had any effect. The gentiles thus must first voluntarily abandon their original cultural virtues of objectivity and honesty. The corrupted gentiles thus indulge in the "morality" of pretended "good-evil" fallacy/fraud--REJECTING DETERMINISM/OBJECTIVITY which accounted for all their success, prosperity, and original happiness in the first place. "Morality" of "good-evil" is strictly a narcissist perversion of hubris-afflicted and -affected gentiles who too much enjoy the "prosperity" of their forbears who had to fight and struggle for the cuture's original success--thus the Jew-affected "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" (Gibbon), and the present Spenglerian Decline of the West.

III. History Psychology and Anthropology

Thus the Spenglerian "decline" is directly caused by the "good-evil" moral fraud, indulgence and hubris voluntarily assumed in mad delusion by the gentiles, as of Rousseau/Voltaire and ESPECIALLY Immanuel Kant for the present, modern age, Kant a con-artist supremely popular for the modern age. Note the original Roman farmer-soldiers, for example, fought merely to survive out of racialist loyalty to their families--they had no need of idiotic Kantian-type "good-evil." And observe such simple and honest racialist loyalty--racism--is held as "evil" by the narcissists/"moralists"/subjectivists of present-day Spenglerian "decline" in thematic mammonist/imperialist hubris--enforced by "hate-crime" subjectivism. And thus observe hubristic gentiles, the corrupted spawn of empire and mammon, are additionally and concurrently persuaded, along with "hate-crime," it is "good" to submit to and endorse the f-r m & b fraud so handily and cheerfully provided by their eager Jew-"friends." Check The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G.E. Griffin for definitive and most readable exposition upon f-r and the Fed.

Historically, Jews first infiltrate as they run the f-r banking scam necessary for the wars of imperialist conquest by traitorous gentile leaders in contempt of their own people, now become so hubristic and "moralistic" with "good-evil." Thus Judaic history begins definitively with Cyrus and Babylon. The Old Testament prior to the Persian empire is mere literature, fiction, speculation, and myth. Of course, only the topmost Judaic oligarchs are entirely aware of and familiar with the essential f-r banking fraud--the rest of the Jews collectivistically follow along faithfully and obediently, following the Talmud and rabbis. And again, Pike doesn't speculate about this banking circumstance and detail--it's my own interpolation--but he otherwise well sets the scene for so understanding by means of his otherwise outstanding exposition. It isn't difficult to add the obvious missing pieces of the puzzle, thus the banking scam, to this Judaic hegemony within the Spenglerian "Decline of the West."

Thus as Judaic subjectivity afflicts the people, who've now become so hubristic and narcissistic, hence guilt-ridden with "good-evil," ironic and paradoxical as it may seem, Christianity is the necessary antithesis brought and provided by the proverbial God-the-Son come down fm heaven to rescue the gentile people--originally the Judaic working class--so hopelessly befuddled and beguiled by the Pharisees. For originally the working-class Jews were oppressed by the power-mad and narcissist Pharisees--the point to the New Testament. As the Jews became evermore powerful within the Roman Empire in general, so the gentiles in general were likewise exploited, defrauded, and oppressed, like the original Jew working-class.

Of course the simplest thing is to apply logic to the Judaic problem, but this is too difficult for the mass of common people who are too easily confused, deceived, and led astray by means of the hubris/mammonism given with the otherwise prosperous-seeming cultural circumstances, aside fm the deliberate wiles of the Pharisees. Logic is too well and easily trumped by "morality" of "good-evil" by which expedient "reality" is contrived, subjectivist morality the excuse for outright lying and fraud. Note this self-delusion is the very premise of Immanuel Kant who poses the morality of contriving a reality of virtuous "duty." Thus note: it is virtuous, according to Kant, to induce insanity upon oneself--the indulgence of the hubristic, narcissistic middle-class of the modern age--which then compounded the contrivance of socialist fascism, communism, etc.

Christianity then and therefore is the religious FORM which reason, logic, and objectivity must take for the great masses of gentiles to oppose, alleviate, and counteract Judaic subjectivism/narcissism, "moralism," and insanity of MAMMONISM. Thus the feudal Germans overthrew the corrupt Western Roman Empire and eliminated the Jews from the consequent Holy Roman Empire in the previous cycle of Spenglerian-style history, prior to the modern age. And thus we understand the abiding Judaic hatred of Christianity, especially that not tainted by the hubristic Pelagianism (heresy) by which "good-evil" now pretends to the "virtue" of tolerance of Jews.

Thus Judaism is so accurately seen nowadays as war for the sake of Orwellian war, "perpetual war for perpetual peace"--all upon the "inspiration" of "good-evil," hence subjectivism/fraud--as for example, in the pretended abhorrence of "hate-crime," purest subjectivism. Christianity is the meeker, less pretentious, more honest antidote to such insane self-righteousness, Pharisaism, and narcissism, Christianity seeking peace through reason, objectivity, and determinism--though, obviously, in other words for the humble gentiles and working-class who cannot grasp such formal-type reasoning. Hence Judaism is the mentality/psychology of this war-program which is so perfectly captured and described by Orwell in his masterpiece, 1984: To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again , to draw back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies--all this is indispensably necessary.

So wrote Orwell capturing the essence of Judaism, ultimate mentality of imperialism. Indeed, Orwell's great art consists precisely of the denunciation of Judaism in only other words by means of the denunciation of such doublethink. Judaism is doublethink and vise-versa: the very essence of SUBJECTIVITY. And again Pike doesn't explicitly make such an equation; but he otherwise well provides the necessary expository details for the reader to so draw the indicated and appropriate conclusion. For example, Pike shows how communism grows so naturally fm Judaism as perfectly logical expression and consequence of subjectivism/"moralism"/doublethink and narcissism.

Thus Pike analyzes and shows us Judaism for its brilliant, such as it is, original essence, this in strictest religious terms: it is the negation/manipulation of the original law of Moses, the most sublime possible war strategy/program. Thus all and any imperialism is always a form of subjectivism, hence Judaism. For as the Torah is "interpreted" ("midrash") it is transformed by the Pharisees, the preceptors of modern Judaism, to the VERY OPPOSITE of the original Torah, as expedient--all of it meant for the exclusive benefit of the Pharisees/rabbis--this in the guise of being "good for Jews." Thus Talmudism is not worship of God as it is service to the Pharisees/rabbis.

Hence Judaism is the betrayal by rabbis/Pharisees of the Jews--but which then is rationalized as being pretext for the Jews' corresponding betrayal of the goyim/gentiles whom they've now infiltrated, led by the Pharisees, Jews fully intending to exploit and parasitize. Thus the Jews in general "honestly" pretend they aren't liars to and betrayers of the gentiles--any more than the topmost Pharisees are the betrayers of the Jews themselves. Such is the insane perfidy of Judaism for all concerned. Such is the inhumanity, unreality and absurdity of subjectivism--such is the essence of insanity, now nearly formally organized and so perfectly successful in the mammonist culture in Spenglerian "decline."

Thus we see the elaborate contrivance, rationalization, and fraud of Talmudism as it is so intricate, complex, manifold--it is only as it can only be so guardedly understood by a relative few who are so intensively schooled, trained, instructed, guided, programmed, and cultivated fm childhood. Thus Judaism is so exclusivistic with only today a few million "faithful" even though it precedes for its origin both Christianity and Islam with billions. Judaism is not mere religion--it is veritable conspiracy, a self-induced hystericism and war-program founded in and upon narcissism--only a few, consciously understanding themselves a small, "elect," minority, could possibly sustain such infernal though successful madness.


Thus Theodore W. Pike in his Israel... presents the basic facts and details by which the honest reader can well inductively conclude regarding the sublime perversion, corruption, and consequences of Judaism. As Judaism is subjectivism it is a sublime form of insanity--BUT IT WORKS, as confirmed in history. Thus INSANITY IS MADE TO PAY by the infernally ingenious Jews and Pharisees. By such Judaism the excess weaklings among the gentiles are divided up to fight and exterminate each other, actually a perfectly naturalistic kind of safety-valve function for the human, animal biosphere. The Jews have only to worry about the excessive parasite killing the host--and when that begins to happen, the Judaic working-class types will be sacrificed, yet another "safety-valve" for the topmost Pharisees. A thriving Judaism is the mark and sign of a larger gentile culture in "decline," the rejection of objectivistic honesty in favor of narcissist "morality" founded upon "good-evil" hubris and inferiority-complex exploited by supremely ruthless psychologists/manipulators, the Jews and their masterminds, the topmost Pharisees who specifically make use of that sublime fraud, f-r m & b, the "Fed," crux to the large fraud-complex/culture-in-decline.

Pike thus shows the Talmud the subjectivist perversion of the Torah. Thus the Talmudic "midrash" (interpretation) founds and guides the communist murderers funded by the f-r bankers who bribe the corrupted gentiles in the interest of empire of "good-evil"--narcissism feeding mammon--mindless, short-term hedonism. Thus the great historical cycle runs as the host becomes perverted, "declines" and degenerates in tolerance of Jews who continue till the parasites kill the host, hence maintaining the balance of nature not unlike the balance among the other forms of animal life. Thus the Greeks are vindicated as tragedy maintains its rule and effect, Christianity and Judaism the opposite antitheses of the deterministic Spenglerian cycle(s) of history and culture.

Finally, Ted Pike and his Israel... renders the Spenglerian drama compellingly in strictest and most exact Biblical terms and thus shows the relation of Judaism with its anti-thesis, Christianity. We are thus privileged to a majestic overview put in artistic-religious terms and translated additionally to a nearly perfect, though not exhaustive, secular-rationalism. If we conclude wisely, we gentiles will grasp the imperative to regain our Western ideal of objectivistic rule-of-law and true Christian determinism in rejection of "good-evil" moralism, fallacy and fraud, Pelagianism, narcissism, heresy, "hate-crime," subjectivism, and insanity. Why not just eject the insane Judaic parasites and their subjectivist culture of "good-evil" narcissism as we endorse and return to our native reason, objectivity, and rule-of-law?


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