Gee, Wasn't World War II Such Fun -- When "Good" Won?

by Apollonian

3 October 2004

I've always tried to see the Jew-problem scientifically: Jews are what happens to white people when God or nature decides hey, u know, there's just too many white people. Thus we see the Spenglerian cycle of history in action. Thus we suffer "decline" administered by our dear little Jew-Jews.

It's as if white folk were so successful from the Renaissance era - colonizing the world, expanding in population, etc. Thus there came to be just TOO MANY white people, u see -- at least to judge from events, for what happened? Why did white folk in US and Britain so cheerfully go to war against Germans? Hey, they all thought it was so much fun -- too many white people. So by golly the suckers decided they'd fight for "good" against "evil," by golly, by gosh. And when everything is said and done, we see the divine and "profound" "meaning," such as it is, of the great WWII "victory": it was unquestionably a victory for Jews and communism. People fight for nothing; people fight -- because that's what people do at least as much as thinking, sex, eating, or anything else. People love to fight, despite what they may say. And what do we fight for? -- hey, we fight for "good" and against "evil," what else? -- why not?

We just gotta admit, the Jews are the experts and masters of such fraud. When objective reality and rule-of-law isn't good enough -- Jews give us "morality." And note how Jews make such brilliant use of the gentile, Immanuel Kant.

When I observe our mysterious colleague's letter from your 30 September readers' letters section, subtitled "Pelagianism," I note the illogic in defending Pelagianism -- and then denouncing alleged "Christian guilt." Then we observe the last paragraph in which the writer extols "heroism." Thus we see our race has even yet to run its course through our tragic period of hubris -- as our colleague doesn't want or care about freedom or victory -- no, rather it's hubristic self-glorification and heroism. Rather than opposing the Jews, our colleague wants to EMULATE THEM in hubris and "heroism." For note, like God, colleague wants to exert "free will" and change reality -- and be "heroic" - especially in the hubristic/narcissist sense.

CONCLUSION: Once again, the key to our great struggle in this Spenglerian historical cylce is Western Objectivity vs. Jewish Subjectivity. Another way of saying determinism vs. the hubris of "free will" and "heroic" narcissism. How do people block from their poor mentalities the obvious clash and conflict between "hate-crime" subjectivism and Constitutional rule-of-law? Hubris is ever the human problem, and life is tragic, as the Greeks taught. Thus we gotta weather the present Spenglerian "decline" of the West and wait till all the "good" people kill each other off and die out. Meantime we can do the little things, advocate election reform, states' rights, jury-nullification, legalization of drugs, medicine, and freedom, etc. Thus once again the Jew is opposed by the Christian -- strict reason being too difficult for the masses -- and the traitor-dupe is not the Christian, but rather the hubristic, narcissistic Pelagian "good-evil" moralist.


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