History, Throbbing and Pulsating: Thus We Make It Work -- FOR US!

by Apollonian

3 October 2004

Thanks much for the inspirational and reassuring essays of cyclic-inspired historian, Mr. Stojgniev O'Donnell -- Alex/VNN thus demonstrate outstanding appreciation of history and scholarship. What I'd like to do here is to show how we can MAP OUT a future and A PLAN by means of the excellent observations of history by good Mr. O'Donnell. Thus we can emulate the American founders discussing serious details. Note then that all we need is just a little room, just a small spot from which to work -- like Archimedes who only wanted a "place to stand" by which to lever the world. And hey, we've got that "place" -- we only need now a will, as it were, to move and act -- it's all eminently do-able. We just gotta get going, sometime -- continuing to dither only invites disaster.

So first we observe the metaphysics: HISTORY IS CYCLIC, and we're in Spenglerian "decline." Hence, as O'Donnell wisely counsels, we ought not worry about Jew-Jews too much -- they're puke, mere disease of opportunity, who only indicate the hubristic "decline" as they run the frauds and scams of the degenerate MAMMON (cheap hedonist/"materialist") culture, beginning with that fundamental, all-pervading, and most intensive SUBJECTIVITY. The practical CRUX is the fractional-reserve ("Fed") banking instrument -- everything Jew-Jew hangs on that, and it's why u'll notice Greenspan, the top Jew-Jew, keeps a close eye on what he calls "consumer confidence," otherwise known as the "sucker-quotient."

For the Fed "creates money" by means of "inflation." Hence the big Jew-banks "loan" so-called "funds" they don't have and which DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST -- until such funds are magically "created" as emitted then by the US treasury, for example, which prints up new and more dollars as "demand deposits" -- is that incredible? Now u see why Jews think they're like God. The newly inflated money dilutes what already exists in the real economy and acts as a tax upon the people whose wealth is appropriated -- such is the nearly miraculous nature of INFLATION. Check G.E. Griffin's Creature From Jekyll Island for fullest exposition.

Everything about those Jews stinks -- because everything about them is such putrid subjectivistic fraud. Regarding Jew-Jews, never forget this equation which is always perfectly accurate: Subjectivism/Narcissism/Sadism. Don't believe me? -- check out the Talmud and Zohar -- see Ted Pike's Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma. For it is LITERALLY TRUE: Jews think God WORSHIPS THEM; I kid u not the slightest.

Jews are notable for one thing: they're COLLECTIVISTIC, and that's what gives them the "advantage" over the goyim in the degenerate mammon culture in Spenglerian "decline." Thus the goyim are encouraged to be 1) "individualistic" and 2) "moral" -- hence perfect victims for their nation-within-the-nation conspiracy called Jew-Jews. "Individualist moralists" -- does that remind u of the most idiotic hubristic narcissism? Again, note the above "equation," subjectivism/narcissism/sadism, and observe this fundamental conclusion: THEY'RE INSANE -- but the amazing thing is this insanity WORKS! -- in the degenerate mammonist culture, Thus it's no wonder JEWS RULE in such ORGANIZED INSANITY. Think of depleted uranium weapons -- is this sadistic insanity? -- for if not, I don't know what is.

Thus such organizied insanity is yet so ordered and logical in its way regarding their political program: "PERPETUAL WAR...." And thus we anticipate such logic moving inexorably as mammon TURNS TO OUTRIGHT STALINISM. Ask urself if the "Patriot Act is the overthrow of our Constitution or not. And note this Stalinism was perfectly willing, as during the thirties of the last century om the "purges," to strategically sacrifice a few Jew-Jews for diversionary and motivational purposes. Observe the compensatory orgy of killing the kikes carried out in Germany after World War II. Check the work of James Baque, Other Losses, and Crimes and Mercies.

The Pelagian element. Now then we must observe the real strength of the Jews -- aside fm their single minded insanity, as it is an ORDERED, consistent, intense, and integral insanity, a thorough-going SUBJECTIVISM, founding all the consequent frauds. That strength of the Jew-Jews, the thing u really gotta fear, is the PELAGIAN ELEMENT among the goyim/gentiles, the puke who so willingly do the actual dirty work. For observe just as the Romans were the actual executioners of Christ, so the "greatest generation" of pukeballs, scum, prostitutes, and murderers were the producers/proletarians/foot-soldiers for the murder of Germany during WWII. Thus was Christianity subverted fm within, rendered "of no effect," and transformed to Pelagianism -- a fact gentiles are only dimly beginning to become aware of at this very moment in history, and the reason why the Jew-Jews must seriously consider the outrightly Stalinist SUPPRESSION OF THE INTERNET.

So what do we "true Christians" do? -- it's simple: we do what the founders did during the original American Revolution: we systematically DECENTRALIZE and de-activate the putrid empire. THE JUGULAR, as it is the essence of their strength, is the Fed which gives them all their practical, earthly power. So how then do we proceed? I suggest the simplest thing is to do something consistent, easily done, and easily understood by all and any: we work to restore election of US Senators by means of state legislatures, first among other little things. Some of those other little things then would be popular election of judges -- rather than by appointment by Jew-stooges; thorough-going election-reform in general; emphatic jury-nullification; legalization of drugs, medicine, and freedom; strictest border-control; boycotting the "bonesmen" election as it's so obviously crooked; impeachment of Bush, etc.

CONCLUSION: Thus we emphasize Christianity against Pelagianism, the Pelagians the too-willing dupes of the Pharisaics and Jew-Jews, this as consequential expression of the larger resurgence of cultural OBJECTIVITY against the totally corrupt Subjectivist/narcissist/imperialist/fascist mammonism and "hate-crime." Again, the simple theme, most perfectly understood and epitomized would be objectivity vs. subjectivity, and the expression on mass-scale would be real Christianity against the Pelagian dupes and traitors, suckalongs and henchmen for those truly insane Jews, the disease of our once-thriving culture. Such then is the abstract formulation. The practical activity is such as I described -- the reform of election laws, etc., but all of it co-ordinated integrally in consistent fashion inspired by a clear ideal: Western OBJECTIVITY and rule-of-law against the putrid and insane Judaic "hate-crime" and subjectivism. The NECESSARY practical object, which we must not lose sight of, is to smash and de-activate the Fed, hence the practical power of the kikes. Yes, the kikes will try to foment warfare and economic depression, etc., but rule-of-law and sanctity-of-contract will preserve and EVEN ENHANCE our basic economic strength, never doubt. We leaders must demonstrate confidence to encourage the Christian masses. Thus it is history will "throb and pulsate," so to speak, but we'll maintain control -- AND PREVAIL -- it only needs courage and honesty while Judaic "intelligence" will be exposed for the hubristic and narcissistic insanity it really is.


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