Racism: Innate or Learned?

by Anon Ymous

19 September 2004

Is racism innate, or is it learned? I've come to believe that racism is just an application of common sense, or a refusal not to willfully blind yourself in the interests of political correctness to facts that are right in front of your face.

Moving back to the city after living in a small mountain town in southern Colorado for a year, I realized I had forgotten what I learned about urban life from my prior time in the East Bay in the late 90's. For example, I had forgotten what I knew of the reality of race in the city, and the uselessness of conventional wisdom on race as dictated by academia and the media --and, lets face it, by the police. Yeah, the 1st Amendment's great and all, but everyone knows that the expression of anything resembling the truth about blacks and jews, except anonymously on the Internet, will result in you being sued, surveilled, and probably jailed.

I personally have no impulse to career suicide, nor do I suffer any desire to be martyred for dissent on an issue as trivial as the official line on blacks/jews, which nobody with any sense buys in any case, so I'll have to confine myself to the writing of this anonymous opinion, apropos of an incident which occurred last weekend:

On Sunday I got up and ran errands on my bike for a while: laundry, supermarket, mail bills, &c. I brought my laptop with an 802.11b card so I could go to my neighborhood coffee shop with the free wireless and flirt with the girls (oh those college girls!), surf some news sites, and work on a new website project for a few hours. Unfortunately when I got to the shop I realized I had left my bike U-lock in my apartment.

Oh darn -- it was such a hassle to ride back home and get it, I irresponsibly decided to just lean the bike against a parking meter on the sidewalk where it was visible from the shop windows. Why not, after all? It was 9:30 am on Sunday morning -- don't bike thieves take weekends off?

So you can see where this is going. I chose a table near the window, sat down in a chair facing the street, and began browsing the web, editing my site, and making a list of projects, future and current, that required my attention, all the while keeping an eye on my bike leaning against the meter. In 20 minutes a bunch of white college kids walked by and glanced at it -- not, I think, with any intention of stealing it, but simply with concern for the insecurity of a nice bike left unlocked on the street.

The next time I glanced up there was a thin, homeless looking black dude hitting the college kids up for change in front of the meter. Even from the window across the street I could see the guy didn't have many teeth left, though he had to have only been in his 30's. The college kids stepped around him and as he turned to keep begging from them . . . gee, wouldcha looky that! A free bike to steal!

I saw the whole thing. I watched his face literally light up with a mmm mmm mmm my lucky day free watermelon expression. There was no calculation of the ethics of the situation, or even of the practical difficulty of the likelihood of the owner of an unlocked bike being nearby. In an instant the black dude just grabbed it like a pigeon after a bread crust.

"Fuck this" I thought. No crack-smoking street nigger is getting my 300-dollar road bike just because I was a little forgetful this morning. I stood up, marched to the coffee shop door and sprinted across the street in full on undercover cop mode.

I might be white, but I played sports too, and I'm 6 feet tall and pretty fast -- and unlike older niggers, who sit around all day smoking crack and drinking, even now in my early 30's I still keep in shape by running in the mornings and working out when I have time.

I hit the gap between the cars on the other side of the street and slammed into my own bike that the black was rapidly wheeling away. It was funny how unequal the conflict went down. He stumbled a bit, let go of the bike, and dropped the cup of change in his other hand. (Think urban panhandlers are just good guys down on their luck -- wrong!)

Then the nigger started whining at me about how he was "just looking" at it, and tried some "Oh, is this yo' bike?" crap, but I was already gone, wheeling the bike back across the street. I put it squarely in front of the coffee shop window this time and went back inside.

The funny thing was, when I got back in the shop it was me who felt guilty. The girls in the store avoided eye contact reproachfully while I sat back down --and on reflection I feel they were absolutely right. The whole ugly scene was entirely my fault -- I don't hold that black responsible for one second. I was like the camper who leaves food around the campsite at Yosemite and ends up confronting a bear. It's not the bears' fault.

On reflection, one thing stands out pretty plainly, and it's disturbing -- I felt nothing, no anger whatever towards the black, as I would towards a person who had done some injury to me. And for his part, the toothless nigger appeared not in the least embarrassed or chastened to have been caught red handed in public in the act of stealing with crowds of people looking on. He appeared to feel as completely justified in attempting to take my bike as an ant would feel about invading your picnic -- the whole idea is absurd -- an ant has no choice or conscious free will. Put another way, there is no right or wrong for an animal.

"We never got the 40 acres and the mule!" screamed the demagogue Al Sharpton on NPR this morning, "So we gonna ride this donkey all the way!" meaning blacks are counting on the Democratic candidate over the Republican to increase the welfare subsidies they already get.

Never got nothing from the man, huh? Oh yeah? In my mind the urban black underclass did much better than 40 acres in the rural south. I don't have time to investigate every thing that pisses me off about my city, but what the hell are those government housing authority buildings I pass every morning on my way to work, within a 20 minute walk of the financial district, always ghostly quiet in the morning but swarming with gangs and drug dealing scum at night?

If that land was used for white housing it would be profitable multi-million dollar apartment buildings or condo developments, housing brokers, analysts, database administrators, programmers, lawyers, paralegals, teachers, writers, web designers, grad students, and graphic artists -- profitable for the landlord, well maintained, and suitable for the tenants -- but as it is this "public housing" is an outrageous eyesore and a completely subsidized and intentional disaster area, an animal filled ghetto --like a species of human Superfund site at the center of my city.

Can niggers even read? I used to believe in the progressive power of technology. I mean, I was a true believer -- there was no economic problem, no social ill, no practical problem that couldn't be solved or improved by a computer program or a database or a nifty new dot com.

The DMV and the post office suck? Lets get them on the web! The public school system is a disaster? Hook it up to the web and let them use the universities and libraries where all the knowledge is! Need an MBA or preparation for the LSAT? Internet based multimedia distance learning! You get the idea -- basic 90's rah rah dot com happy talk.

But lets face it, niggers can't even read. What difference does it make if the words are in a book or on a computer screen? If a nigger can't eat it, drink it, fuck it, or smoke it, then what good is it to him? These disgusting monkeys who live in the projects and get in knife fights over six packs outside the convenience store are suddenly going to start getting IT jobs on Monster.com and booking flights to Atlanta on Travelocity? It's such a joke. To sewer creatures in the hood, does it make any difference that they're living in an age of knowledge, opportunity, and ideas? Hell no.

Every week I look at my paycheck and I see there's a lot less money in it than what it says I earned. Where does that money go? One place it surely goes is forcing me to subsidize the same housing projects full of drug dealing, nigger scum that menace me when I walk past to get home to my working class neighborhood. The other day some angry looking blacks hanging out on the corner near that project threw something at me when I rode by on my bike. I wouldn't even care, but what pisses me off is I'm paying for them to live there! I pay for that "public housing" when I go to work at my boring network/database "consulting" job (meaning corporation X doesn't have to pay me benefits). How did middle class whites ever allow this state of affairs to happen?

It's not as though that land would go to waste or sit empty if it weren't wasted on niggers. I live in a high-tech city, generally regarded as a world capital of the knowledge economy, on the cutting edge of ideas in science and tech, medicine, the arts, music, literature, and even politics. Housing prices here routinely make headlines across the country. I've worked full time since I was 20 yet the ownership of a modest, working class home here remains simply out of reach for me.

But you know the story. You probably live it yourself. My dot com IPO ship never came in. The payments on my student loans I took out to finance my engineering degree, which knowledge I mostly never even used in the Clinton sham and fraud economy, eat up most of my living. Plus, I bought into that nonsense they put out a few years ago about the glories and opportunities of the "Freelance Nation" -- Let me tell you something, being out there in the economy all alone ain't that glorious.

Plus the divorce "to find herself" -- which in practice meant Pilates and one dumb backpacking trip to Ecuador and a few other third world shitholes -- by the woman I'd been counting on to be my social foundation, was a financial and emotional disaster. Now noticeably balding and 30+ I'm supposed to hit the singles bars and craigslist?

Plus I had a 25 thousand dollar medical bill from an uninsured knee injury while skiing a few years ago. Good sucker that I am, I paid it in full. How many niggers have ever paid a five figure medical bill without insurance? I bet the answer is zero. No niggers have ever done that -- but they incur such bills all the time when they shoot each other or get run over, driving up insurance rates and medical costs for everyone else.

I've often thought -- why bother? Why don't I just move to place like Ohio or Nevada where I could own a palace (and stock up on assault weapons)? Yet there it is, free "public housing," a total mockery of everything I believe about merit and opportunity, acres of land in my city used for the storage of human garbage, just lousy with niggers and drug dealing, dope smoking, drunken scum.

And I'm not even just talking about the streets. Anyone who slaves in corporate America knows there's nothing more sacred, nothing more untouchable, nothing more unmentionable than the holy "black professionals." Of course we're all equal and equally competent, so it doesn't matter if the blacks delete whole databases full of important shit that they're not even supposed to access -- it doesn't matter if they're too dumb to learn even MS Word, basic email, or how to print documents -- they can tie up the help desk all day with issues that any 4-year-old white child could figure out intuitively, that's OK too. They can even plug their computers into their asses, that's just fine, because they are an asset to the firm just like the rest of us and therefore will be compensated exactly the same.

And no matter how much we stick to this ideology, no matter how far backwards we bend over for them, when they leave or get fired or throw a tantrum and refuse to show up anymore, the blacks will still sue the firm for employment discrimination, and they will still pocket a 6 figure settlement -- the part, that is, that they don't have to share with their racketeering lawyers.

Did you know there's a whole shakedown industry of black law firms that exist solely for the purpose of suing the financial industry for employment discrimination? What if a firm decided that they can't responsibly deal with the cost of black employees anymore and simply stopped hiring them? I bet they'd really get sued then! Jesse would organize a boycott, a sit in, and then big shakedown in some penthouse conference suite.

New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer professes to be really concerned with the costs borne by mutual fund investors -- maybe he should take a close look at the black "employment discrimination" racket. Don't hold your breath, though, for that hate jew to do anything about any real crimes.

It's often said in conservative commentary that welfare is slavery, but does it ever occur to conservatives that the reverse is also true, that slavery was welfare? Had they been left to fend for themselves in the African jungle, what would have been the fate of America's blacks? Certainly the plight of the slave was misery and humiliation, but at least a slave could take pride in his work, unlike the modern black underclass which, as far as I can tell, does no work whatsoever.

I watch these gorillas hanging out on the corner, buying beer in the corner package store and dealing drugs. The blacks can't even be bothered to walk mile down the street to buy from a nice grocery store where the clerks don't cower behind bullet proof plastic and prison bars. And I pray . . .

I pray fervently for the day when the US welfare state system collapses. Remember when the Germans danced on the Berlin Wall as they tore it down? I dream that someday that day will come for the US welfare state, and I'll dance on the ruined walls of the government Housing Authority blocks!


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