Recipe for Disaster: Nonwhite Troops in (Non)action

by Bill Anderson

24 December 2004

Hey, White man, quick question, what's the fastest way to lose a war? Answer: Entrusting people of mud with the defense of your country. It used to be common knowledge among Whites that muds and nogs couldn't fight. Blacks were known to be lazy, unwilling to take care of their weapons or dig foxholes, afraid of the dark and distrustful of one another but, of course, this truth has been dropped down the memory hole in recent years, and many, perhaps most, Whites have swallowed whole the myth of the Commando of Color. Let's explode that myth right here.

Failures in every other facet of life, blacks and browns also, unsurprisingly, make poor soldiers, though one would be unable to discover this by basing one's knowledge of the nog in uniform on what the average Amerikwan viewer sees on his televitz. Instead we have to consult the history books, especially those written before the current trend of rewriting the past with a jewish slant, to get the facts. And when one takes a look at the performance of muds in combat situations it quickly becomes clear that when it comes to soldiering, niggers make good monkeys.

The Boogies Be Buggin' Out: Korea

When the all-black 24th Regimental Combat Team went up against the North Koreans in 1950, the results were somewhat less then stellar. While U.S. and South Korean forces struggled to hold the Pusan Perimeter, entire platoons and companies of the 24th "bounced" and had to be rounded up at regimental or division headquarters. The 1961 Army history of the Korean War describes the troops of the 24th as "frightened and demoralized," panicky and needing two officers per platoon: "One must command and the other must drive." Sounds like our nogs, all right. It also said they "ran away from the enemy," "withdrew without a fight," and "threw down their weapons."

Major General William B. Kean, commander of the 25th Division, the 24th Regiment's parent unit, said that in just 90 days in Korea the 24th had proved it was unreliable in combat and a hindrance to the division. With "soldiers" like these guys, who needs gooks? Even before the war, the niggers of the 24th were behaving like, well, niggers. After World War II, the regiment was assigned to garrison duty in Japan where the little angels of diversity got into all sorts of trouble. "They were great on parade; they won all the baseball championships, all the basketball championships," General Becton said, "They screwed anything they could find away from home. They were dealing narcotics. That's a failure of leadership. The 24th had people who should not have been leaders – cowards really."

So, what did the niggers of the 24th do about the disgraceful and cowardly performance they'd put in? Easy, they did what niggers everywhere do when they screw up: They celebrated it. Before the advent of gangsta rap, the 24th sang the "The Bugout Boogie," a line from which went like this: "When them Chinese mortars begin to thud, the Old Deuce-Four begin to bug..." Indeed. Sheeeit, it ain't OutKast, but what do you want, cracka?

The rate of black troops suffering frostbite casualties was also many times higher than that of White soldiers, not only in the 24th, but in every Army unit in which they were present. It be hard to stay warm when you be cool with yo saggin'-ass pants, know whu'm sayin'?

The 24th managed to recapture the town of Yech'on from its starving, exhausted North Korean defenders on July 20, 1950, but when the communists attacked on Sept. 1 the battalion fell apart. Straggling reached epidemic proportions, and White officers, often wounded, were abandoned at their positions with the few black troops who chose to fight. On the night of Nov. 25, 1950, it was déjà vu all over again when two battalions of the 24th went to pieces while being attacked by the Chinese Communists. After that, the Army mercifully disbanded this monkey house of a regiment, transferring the worthless niggers to new regiments in pursuit of the policy of White genocide called integration. Do you remember when we used to win wars? We used to have an all-White army, too. After integration, it's been one defeat after another.

There has recently been an effort by jews and their court historians to clean up the historical record of the 24th Regiment. A book has been written and undeserved medals have been awarded including, incredibly, two Medals of Honor, the Army's highest award for valor. Of course, the abysmal record of the 24th needs some explaining, so the authors of Black Soldier, White Army just blame Whitey, as always. That's right, the boolies couldn't fight because of White racism. Do you ever get tired of this, White man?

Muds in the Breach: The Fall of France

Oh, how the jews and their neocon allies love to belittle the French soldier, impugning his courage and skill at arms every chance they get. Their favorite example is, of course, the 1940 German invasion of France and the low countries, where the French supposedly botched the defense of their country through their own incompetence. Mocking the (White) French "surrender monkeys" is a favorite neocon trick, just as they avoid mention of the monkeys in man pants that were actually greatly responsible for the French defeat. For when we consult the record it quickly becomes clear that it was not Jean's fault for the collapse of the French defenses, it was Ahmed's and Dikembe's.

The Germans mounted their main armored thrust through the wooded Ardennes forest, punching through the sector and closing the ports on the English channel before the French and British could react. General Andre Corap's Ninth French Army was tasked with defending the Ardennes sector and, to the right of Ninth Army, General Charles Huntziger's Second French Army was stationed from Sedan to the Maginot Line. From Ronald E. Powaski's Lighting War: Blitzkrieg in the West: 1940, comes this little nugget: "The quality of soldiers in Corap's, as well as Huntziger's armies also left much to be desired. The two generals commanded mostly "B" divisions, which were made up of territorials from North Africa, Indochina and Madagascar, as well as by "crocodiles" – older family men from France…The African troops, in particular, suffered severely from the harsh winter conditions during the Phony War."

And so, when this Rainbow Coalition la Française came up against the steely-eyed troops of the Wehrmacht, supported by Stuka dive-bombers and commanded by legendary leaders such as Heinz Guderian, Erwin Rommel and Erich von Manstein, the result was total defeat for France and a never-ending barrage of jewish slurs for 60 years and counting.

This wasn't the first time nigger troops had failed the people of France. When the Germans unleashed gas warfare on the Western Front during World War I more than two decades earlier, black Senegalese troops in the French trenches saw the clouds coming and ran like jackrabbits for the rear where, in true nigger style, they proceeded to gang rape the French nurses. Times may change, but the nigger stays the same.

Singapore Sling: Two Wongs Don't Make a White

Those who wish to denigrate the White soldier look no further than the fall of the British base at Singapore in 1942 to the Japanese. Semitically correct "history" books, citing the memoirs of jew puppet Winston Churchill, will often include something like this: "In 1942, 100,000 British soldiers surrendered Singapore to 33,000 Japanese." Jews and race traitors just love to cite this statistic and imply that the 100,000 "British" who surrendered to a force of yellow men 1/3 their number were all Whites, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The actual order of battle for the defenders of Malaya showed that "British" forces consisted of two full divisions of Indian troops, local Malayan colonial forces and the Australian 8th Division. The British 18th Division and more Indians later arrived as reinforcements. Considering that a British Army division contained about 18,000 men, the actual number of White soldiers was probably only slightly greater than their Japanese attackers.

But what about all those dinks and doogas, didn't they fight? Sometimes they did, but often they broke and scattered. The Japanese, regardless of race, made a first-class soldier and felt nothing but scorn for the non-White races that served under the Union Jack. Whenever they could, they concentrated their forces against the Indians and Malayans to break the line. And so, blessed by naval and air superiority, shorter supply lines and racial homogeneity, the Japanese inflicted the greatest defeat in the history of the British Empire.

Dying for Diversity: The Crater

OK, Bill, you might be saying at this point, I get what you're saying so far, but what about the Civil War? I mean, black troops really kicked ass there, didn't they? Come on, I saw how tough Denzel and Morgan Freeman when they stormed the fort in that movie.

Oh, yeah, they sure looked good in Glory, no doubt about it, but let's see how real nogs performed in actual combat. In particular, we'll take a look at the Battle of the Crater in 1864, because this disastrous action also illustrates how the folly of the notion of the black "soldier" can mean death for his White allies as well.

While Lee and Grant's armies were deadlocked in a trench system near the town of Petersburg, Va., some White troops from Pennsylvania, miners in civilian life, tunneled under the Confederate lines, laid an explosive charge and blew a huge hole in Lee's defenses. Ambrose Burnside's corps, three White divisions and one black, were tasked with exploiting the breach. The blacks had received special tactical training in storming fortifications (clear a trench = one banana, bayonet a dummy Reb = one watermelon, and so on), but at the last minute the Union Army sent in only the White boys, who had received no specialized training and were decimated from earlier fighting in the Wilderness battles. The result was a fiasco, and Lee's veterans were able to seal the breach and inflict 4,000 casualties on Burnside's corps. When Burnside threw in the nigger division it made no headway, either. An enormous opportunity for the Union was squandered.

How was this allowed to happen? Why, for no other reason than the 1860s version of political correctness. According to James McPherson's Battle Cry of Freedom, when General Grant was called to testify before the Committee on the Conduct of the War, he said if the attack failed "it would then be said … that we were shoving these people (sic) ahead to get killed because we did not care anything about them. But that could not be said if we put white troops in front."

Thousands of White soldiers had to die so Abe Lincoln's government could keep on pretending niggers were human. Think about that next time you hear "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Oh, by the way, the attack on Fort Wagner that was depicted so movingly in the propaganda flick Glory? It failed.

"I's scared of de ghosts, Mista Chan!"

What about the supposed fear blacks have of the dark and things supernatural? Surely that can't be true, not anymore. Right? Well, let's consult My War Gone By, I Miss It So, by Anthony Loyd, a British correspondent who covered the recent Balkan wars. Loyd writes about his time with American troops in 1996: "A recce troop of U.S. soldiers had been tasked to secure the site of a mass grave…yet on the first night of their task, when the time came to send a foot patrol out in to the trees, a tall black trooper from Mississippi refused to get out of his Humvee. He said he could hear voices coming from the bottom of the bank where the work of the investigators had scraped away the topsoil to uncover the first bones. His mama had told him all about that stuff back in Mississippi, he told the staff sergeant…there was no weapon in their arsenal big enough to deal with what he heard going down at the bottom of the bank."

Remember, this was in 1996, and here we have a nog "trooper" scared of ghosts! The staff sergeant caved and let the black coward stay in his Humvee while the White soldiers went into the trees, where, to my knowledge, nobody was jumped by the Boogie Man.

Next Time "Singapore" Will Be For Us

So, what does all this dry history have to teach us today? Well, for one thing, don't join ZOG's Army, White man, unless you want to be sent to your death by the same sepia-toned buffoons who have demonstrated their incompetence throughout recorded military history. I took my Army training at Fort Benning, Ga., where I had the displeasure of being under the charge of two black "drill sergeants," who put me and the rest of my 85-percent White platoon through endless smoke sessions, racial harassment and petty bullshit. One went so far as to plant "racist" material on a kid from New York and hurl abuse at him in front of the entire company for it. And while the rest of the company, under White drill sergeants, was learning rifle marksmanship, fieldcraft and Army lore we were on our faces pushing Georgia so the niggers could show us "dey be de master now, cracka."

And once your training's done, you might find yourself in battle with "comrades" like Sergeant Hasan K. Akbar who will be waiting to roll a grenade into your tent, and at the end of a long supply line depending on nigger cowards and ZOG zeroes like Jessica Lynch to come through with your bullets and bandages.

But the most important lesson for us does not apply to current events, it concerns the near future, when the balloon goes up right here and the time comes to take our country back. We'll have to strike hard, fight smart and deliver the killing blows where ZOG will be weakest: Its mud troops. So don't shoot until you see the yellow of their eyes. If anything, the blacks and browns are even softer and less disciplined today than they were in the past, and comprise the system's Achilles' heel. If you destroy a unit, the line goes, when the line goes, the battle is lost and, with enough battles lost, ZOG's war is lost. And we will have won our freedom.


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